However, since she knew the secret of Amethyst, it was never possible to practice according to the method of Amethyst teaching. After ten days, Amethyst didn’t touch the threshold. Of course, it made Amethyst puzzled. In his opinion, Acacia was really talented. Although the only regret of a child was that she could not speak, it was good that she could hear the sound, which made her regret acceptable. He would recommend Acacia to be a saint.


But now it seems that something is wrong, otherwise, let alone ten days. Even if there is no talent, the child can enter the first floor in seven days, but now he is regarded as very talented and lovesick, but there is no progress at all.
Finally, he had to once again consciously examine the soul of acacia, and of course he got the same knot.
However, it was a wake-up call for lovesickness, and she knew that it would be impossible to go here. Fortunately, she remembered that the former master had told her that evil points were mainly in the heart, but there were many cases of magic, magic and fairy. The difference was that they practiced and then came into being.
Doggett is to absorb the aura of heaven and earth, and heaven and earth are pregnant with aura, but it is also a magic way to absorb the aura of magic. It is more magical to get energy by hook or by crook. This is evil, but in fact, both of them are right in pursuing strong martial arts, and it is heart.
Of course, it is impossible for Tibetan to be so straightforward when he speaks. He speaks in Buddhist, but lovesickness is really not too white. These proverbs were later asked by her to get the answer.
But at this point this is to help her a lot.
Yes, the soul is also a force. Amethyst just attracts the soul. Maybe the person who created this skill is a demon king, so people can get energy from the soul, but in fact, they don’t need to absorb the soul. I just need to absorb the aura of heaven and earth to find a solution. Acacia is very excited to enter the state and feel the aura of heaven and earth.
Don’t say that in this respect, acacia is really wise. One night is a small entrance. Although it is still far from the hope of Ziyue, it has rarely broken through.
I have to say that acacia is still very lucky. Amethyst mainly absorbs people’s souls, but people’s souls are yin energy. Acacia practices this skill during the day, and those words with yang entering the body during the day are afraid of being possessed. The luck lies in that she practices late, gathers energy when it is cloudy in the day, and of course, it is also yin and cold.
Therefore, from then on, Acacia was no longer afraid of the heat, no matter how hot it was, no matter how hot the sun was, she was cool in the car, but it was cool in the Ziyue car about 100 meters away from her, but it was not that cool, but it made people uncomfortable and cold.
Alas, Acacia’s eyes came back from the car, no matter how beautiful they were, and they were too tired to pass by so quickly. Even when I first turned around, my eyes were dark and it took a while to light up again.
Ah, miss, look at the town ahead. The recent sound is always fast, because every day when they are resting, lovesickness will always let her go to Li Chunsheng several times
Acacia cast a glance at the looming tower, which was really uninteresting.
Who doesn’t feel too tired after seeing the scenery all the way, but she’s still a little happy at heart. She should be able to rest for two more days in the town. She can also take a bath and have a good sleep. Although all the way has been done to make the carriage more comfortable, it’s really uncomfortable for the carriage to let Lan Niang and Zhen Er stay with her.
Make way for the road near the town. The closer pedestrians get to the town, the more people there are. Such a large group of motorcades seem crowded and chaotic in this small town.
Entering the town, the curtain of acacia car has been put on, and the noise outside can be heard. However, at this time, the temple people are just fine. No matter who sees the temple people, they feel very quiet, which makes the chaos not last for a long time.
Acacia to the inn Yu Weiyang when the car stopped and came to acacia car call way
Miss, let’s go first. Lan Niang smiled and took her son to the car first. Acacia sighed in the car and slowly probed. Recently, she was afraid to stop and rest, because it always made her feel embarrassed at this time.
It is said that after Purple Moon carried her from the car for a long time, he would come to her car for the first time every time he stopped to hold her car against the protest. Well, she was almost threatened by him. Finally, she could accept this reality with a red face and embarrassment.
Looking at the outstretched hands, acacia glared at someone and smiled, but finally she could reach out and let someone succeed.
At this time, she often prefers to be with Ziyue, and even if Ziyue hugs her, she feels very acceptable. After all, he doesn’t know that he is actually an adult soul.
Well, I’m a kid, I’m a kid, I’m a kid, and I’m not lovesick, and I keep building up in my heart until she finally stops blushing and can face everyone calmly, although she knows that no one will show strange eyes except Blue Niang, and no one will even aim at them, but Blue Niang and her son are ashamed enough.
Acacia struggled from Yu Weiyang’s arms to lean her feet to the ground, which made her feel steadfast and breathe a sigh of relief. When she looked up, she couldn’t help laughing. I didn’t expect to see Longmen Inn here. It’s a coincidence that I don’t know if this Longmen Inn is crouching tiger, hidden dragon.
I can’t help looking forward to this Longmen Inn at the thought of this lovesickness.
Chapter 47 coquettish proprietress
Chopper, please give me a quick hand and feet. The guests are waiting for the food. Before entering this inn door, I have heard the pungent sound of acacia inside. What a coincidence that the corners of my mouth are slightly bent again, boss.
Three girls, be careful. If you break the plate again, I will deduct your salary for a month. Although this sound is pungent, you can feel a trace of charm in it. Is it an illusion to gently sip your lips?
With a hint of doubt, Acacia finally stepped into the inn door with Yu Weiyang and looked up. I couldn’t help but whistle when my eyes lit up.
What a charming and pretty widow lovesickness. I never thought that she might not be a widow at all. I just saw that coquettish appearance and I didn’t know it in my head, so I directly gave people the title of a widow
Yo, a few guest officers are eating or staying in a hotel, pointing to a little girl in gray who looks very timid with one hand. She is very arrogant and scolds the female boss. When she sees the guest, she immediately changes a smiling face. The businessman’s special eye sees that her eyes are immediately fixed on Yu Weiyang’s body, and she takes a glance at acacia, but she doesn’t even look at the guards behind her.
Shi Yiyu Weiyang didn’t have the wife of shop-owner to call him a guard.
Settle people in a Yu Weiyang command and then said to the wife of shop-owner to find us two adjoining rooms first.
Ok, my grandfather has two adjoining rooms.
Acacia didn’t care what they said, but Yu Weiyang always arranged it and wouldn’t ask her for advice, and she didn’t pay attention to it at all. Now she is paying attention to this proprietress, which makes her feel strange.
Almost as soon as she entered the inn door, her eyes were fixed on the boss’s coquettish posture, and she could see at a glance whether it was worth the midsummer. Therefore, her clothes were so thin that she could see the tube top inside. What’s more, the tube top inside was so thin that even the two white balls inside were looming attractive, not to mention the extremely low neckline, which was deliberately or deliberately pulled to tube top. It was even more imaginative. Several guests in this inn building are now running with this woman, and just a few drops of saliva left their mouths.
This woman is very beautiful, with a small mouth, cherry blossoms, red eyes and peach blossoms. The slender eyebrows are still bent at the end of the eyebrows, which is the most confusing word. It is really appropriate to fall on her body, but these are not the key points. Acacia takes a look at her clothes and then pays no attention to her. It is the charm that is not an ordinary coquettish woman. It is from the spirit that emanates from the soul. People with weak will be confused and lose their minds.
A small town proprietress could be so evil. Looking at this woman’s enchanting smiling face, she couldn’t help but smile. It seems that this Longmen Inn is really worth looking forward to. Then she was led by Yu Weiyang hand in hand to the temple Jiangpu and others behind, but she just arrived at the door of this inn.