past master of machination and manoeuvre


Schlieren wind falls
Nonsense, shadow wind yelling can see through the genius scheme so quickly and cheer up those tired and dying beasts and monsters in a short time. The old thing is of course a crafty old scoundrel.
Stop Wen very calmly and shout to the people present. Now we should think about the countermeasures. What’s your good idea?
Shadow wind patted tattooed shoulders and smiled. Who is the reassuring person? Genius had already figured out the countermeasures after the plan failed as early as when I implemented it.
Shadow wind smirked, and the teeth were slightly shining with hope, which was more true than pearls. This countermeasure is that if it is lost, it will never fail. After all, it is a genius’s best trick. This trick is called Tianshuang Chasing the Wind and the Magic Wolf.
What kind of trick is tattooed with golden eyes? What a prestige name!
The trick is that the shadow wind suddenly changes, and even the lines get nervous, that is, we pick up our bags and leave. Let’s go back to the human world and help me get my coat over there.
The white fox fell to the ground.
It’s just running away. Are you trying to take such a prestige name? It’s also called Tianshuang Chasing the Wind, the Wolf tattoo, pointing to picking up things, the wind yelling, the face is red and the lungs are almost exploding.
Do you still have the face to talk about me? It’s really pot calling the kettle black to watch you pick things up faster than yourself and swear at your tattoos and sweat.
Cut the crap and leave the castle peak even if there is no firewood to burn. We are only temporarily retreating. This is a tactic, not an escape. I know that I don’t have a backpack and then I ran to the tree hole to tell the Nangong Sword Lei Shou about the situation.
Lei Shou, the Nangong sword, stayed in the tree hole for nearly four days and finally came. White fox ran over to Lei Shou and asked the leader about your injury.
Lei Shou glanced at the white fox indifferently and said that he had recovered fifty percent, and he could not take drastic action now.
Xiao Feng, have you decided to leave? Nangong Jian asked Ying Feng, carrying a backpack and saying, of course, you can’t pull away and stay to die.
Then help me put Kowloon in Yun Jian and give Xiaoyun Nangong a sword and raise it to the shadow wind.
Master, what do you mean?
Do you want to stay and die? asked Shadow Wind.
Nangong Sword threw the sword in the past and sneered at the body power. I sincerely don’t allow me to escape from this battle, and I also said that I came to the orc tribe to kill the black snake.
Yes, Lei Shou said with a cold smile, thank you. We fought for three days, and then the war belongs to me, and I will never escape.
Since the master doesn’t leave, how can I escape? Wen smiled and put his backpack.
We will always follow the leader to the ends of the earth, and the white fox will express the meaning of the tiger king and firmly say
These guys are crazy, and the shadow wind will know that he can’t change them any more when he sees their eyes shining, so he said that Nangong Sword Kowloon wears Yun Jian to hide his ability to split, and maybe he can spell four thousand beasts and ghosts, and the wind will throw the sword back to Nangong Sword and say,
Wen remembered that Nangong Sword once showed Kowloon’s ability to wear Yun Jian to hide and split in front of himself, and Wan Jian descended from heaven, which was enough to wipe out 10 thousand dead people in the town. Now Wen is excited and said that Master Ying Feng is right.
Shut up, Nangong Jian glared at Wen Wen and suddenly became speechless. Nangong Jian said coldly, that is, my artifact power has eliminated the beast demon army and lifted the current crisis. I will never be happy, and this war will become a pity for me, because it is not by my own strength. Have you forgotten what I said at that time?
I got it with a powerful weapon. Do you want to get your understanding like this? Wen suddenly remembered that Nangong Sword had just spoken when we first met. Wen asked in shame, but Master, if you don’t use the artifact power, we will die here. Protect ourselves and the artifact power should be.
No, the Nangong sword firmly said that the wind blows the Nangong sword robe in the sunlight, and it is like a god. He said coldly that even if I die, I will never go to external power because it is a physical power and I respect my heart.
When the wind stops, we should continue to persuade Wen to say that although Nangong Sword is so powerful, he is actually a die-hard, and he will stick to his persistent beliefs.
After listening to the movie, Tattoo mumbled something, which belongs to their persistent belief, that is, they will continue to walk with this persistent belief if they don’t agree with each other again. This sentence is an explanation of Lei Shou Silver Fox before the movie, but Tattoo didn’t know much about it at that time, but now it seems a little white. Tattoo smiled. I want to follow the master and follow him, and then become stronger. This also belongs to my persistent belief, and I will walk.
Master, I will follow you. Before my life is over, I will never allow anyone to hurt Master Wen. His eyes are bright and his eyes are shining firmly. He said to Nangong Sword.
The shadow wind slapped him in the face. Oh, my God, another die-hard sacrifice.
Since you all say so, genius, if you don’t fight together, am I still your partner?
Chen Yingfeng, you look at the shadow wind and suddenly you can’t speak.
Because genius is your partner, the beast demon genius believes that you will never die so easily. Genius believes that you can’t die and collapse. Therefore, the shadow wind shed tears and shed tears in the air, giving off a little light. The shadow wind trembled with his hands and could not carry his backpack and endure pain and ran to the Woods. The shadow wind figure gradually disappeared from everyone’s sight. His weeping and crying still echoed in the dense forest. I will never forget you in the next session.
Half-ringing in the crowd
From his parting words, I really can’t hear his genius saying that you will never die so easily. Besides, why did he smile as if he were glad that he had escaped? White fox smiled a few times.
Wen’s anger flared up and he cursed that ungrateful bastard for throwing his partner away like this. If I see him again, I’ll beat him to death.
Throw a partner to escape? Nangong Jian clenched his sword in his hand and sneered. In fact, he always believed that we could win this battle alive because he didn’t take Kowloon to Yun Jian, which means that he believed that I could live to give the sword to my brother Nangong Jian myself. Xiao Feng thought to himself that he fled into the Woods to avoid it because he was afraid that he would become a burden if he stayed. Who can blame him for not helping?
The small grain after listening to Chapter 34 War broke out.
Let’s cut the crap and draw up a battle plan now. Lei Shou said indifferently that the cat demon will sneak into the super beast demon team to assassinate them in a while during the war, and the king tiger will attack them from the surface to attract their attention so that the cat demon can carry out the assassination more effectively.
It was the cat demon who changed from a little black cat to a human form.
White fox is responsible for the low-level beast demon troops to take the lead. After the main force is destroyed, those low-level beasts and demons will also be scattered. Although their ability is low, the number is large and difficult. Be careful to deal with Lei Shou’s words to white fox.
It’s the white fox who is timid. The cat demon holds her hand and laughs. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.
Take the lead in the black snake and give me the Nangong sword. Lei Shou said Lei Shou nodded and agreed. Then Nangong sword said to Wen, then you will attack from the surface with the powerful super beast demon and then kill the low-level beast demon troops. At the same time, you should cover the besieged companions.
Know the master Wen shoulder Kowloon Zangetsu knife laughed
You have to figure this out. Lei Shou said coldly to them that the beast demon is very powerful. Don’t hold me back and don’t expect me to save you.
This large-scale battlefield is perfect.
At this time, in the Woods
Oh, shit. Where’s Xiaomiao going? I’m going to pull a shadow, hit my backpack, rummage around, hold my head and shout that I must still be in the field. What should I do? My lovely Miao will be involved in the war.