Although this altar has long been abandoned, the underground space has collapsed a lot, leaving only a space of seven or eight feet. But everyone is the manifestation of the yuan god, but it can be big or small, so you don’t have to worry about this little thing.


"Don’t delay, everyone. The hell is becoming more and more earth. Nowadays, even the spirits of Yuan Shen’s practitioners can be easily dragged in. If powerful people control it, souls like me can be dragged in." Demon way once again told everyone, then stretched out his hand in front of the outline.
Silk threads emerged from his fingertips and merged into the altar. After the altar got these silk threads, it began to rotate slowly. However, after three to five breathing hours, the altar collapsed, and a three-foot black hole in Fiona Fang appeared in front of everyone.
"Go" diabolism jumped in first, followed by the old demon of Montenegro, and other top practitioners did not dare to neglect, and hurriedly narrowed their bodies and filed in.
Said diabolical all after entering the black hole, only feel huā at the moment, appears in a y and n heavy space. There are dark clouds all over the sky here, and a little bit of resentment comes out of the cracked earth and blends into those dark clouds. Ghosts are scattered everywhere on the barren land, and these souls absorb the breath of hell, condense their bodies and form ghosts.
As soon as Yaodao and others came in, the dark clouds overhead began to roll violently, and countless ghosts emerged from them, making a shrill scream and roaring towards Wang Guang and them. At that time y and n wind, ghost laugh.
Everyone is the top existence in the world of practice, where will they care about these small means? A cold hum, Fiona Fang thousands of miles of the earth seemed to be bombed by thunder and fire, the earth cracked, and countless ghosts were instantly scattered. Even the dark clouds that have condensed in the sky for many years have been shattered by this cold hum, and no ghosts have emerged from them.
"This place is a good place. You Taoist friends don’t want chā hands, just watch my tricks." A practitioner jumped out from the crowd. He was all dark, and the resentment around him that could erode the mana of the practitioners seemed to meet his relatives, and he went crazy into him.
The man carried a long banner in his hand. The banner was dark and there were countless souls roaring on it. I saw this man shaking a long banner, and a group of B-not lines visible to the eyes of Lu spread out from the long banner and spread around. In an instant, it spread to Fiona Fang and Wan Li.
Countless y and n souls are entangled by this B-pattern, and are absorbed into long banners in an instant. The long fan fiercely got countless souls and suddenly soared a lot. A burst of biting students came from the long streamer, which was harsh and ugly. Only some practitioners in nòng hurriedly stayed away from the long streamer.
"Haha, there are countless souls here, which is just right for me to cultivate magic weapons here. It seems that it is really right to come here once." The practitioner looked at the magic weapon changes in his hands with satisfaction, and was overjoyed. He practiced shaking the long banners to collect more Y and N souls to increase the magic weapon power.
With this man’s magic weapon, Wang Guang and others don’t need to pay attention to the watery y and n soul of cháo, but only narrowed the body and hid it on the practitioner, leaving only one practitioner to show his body and fly over to the place where the hidden treasure is located under the guidance of diabolism.

Chapter two hundred and fifty-seven Call a bloody giant
Chapter two hundred and fifty-seven Call a bloody giant
Chapter two hundred and fifty-seven
A black light tore the sky and the earth, and endless ghosts flooded toward them like cháo water, wave upon wave, and they didn’t care what the daylights out of them were, let alone whether they were suppressed.
There are more and more Y and N souls in the back. Although the practitioners are extremely powerful, they can’t beat four hands with their fists, and the speed gradually slows down. The demon road hidden in it was not idle when he saw it. He immediately showed his own yuan god and threw out the red water bursts.
The red water bursts into a red Se net in the air, and the net creeps, and all the Y and N souls that come upon it fall into the red water and roll and rise, and they will never leave. In this way, the speed of people rises again.
After flying for more than an hour, a mountain that stretches for thousands of miles appeared in people’s eyes. According to the news from another Yuan detective, Yao Dao knew that the treasure that suppressed the underworld was hidden in the thousands of mountains.
"Ladies and gentlemen, the different treasures are in this mountain peak, and I have no time to search them one by one. Let’s use our own means to completely destroy this mountain range and find the different treasures." Flying over the mountain range, the demon road stopped and said loudly.
"As a matter of course, time can’t be delayed, act quickly, and don’t cause unnecessary changes." Thousands of gods flew out in one fell swoop, and each of them used the occult arts, and called other yuan gods from the ontology. At that time, tens of thousands of yuan gods circled the sky, and the Se streamers tore the Y and N heavy sky and dispersed the dark clouds all over the sky.
Most Yuan gods either use magic weapons or magical powers. At one time, countless brilliant lights fall on thousands of mountains, obliterating peaks and turning the earth, which is really fierce and unusual.
The diabolical way did not summon its own Yuan God, but urged the magic to throw the whole red water burst figure into the air, completely releasing the power of this ancient array figure.
Red water array, thousands of mountains are wrapped in a mass of red water, the red water for nine days, down into the abyss, firmly wrapped up thousands of mountains. Countless y and n soul grievances are close, and they are instantly polished by the red water involved in the large array, and finally turned into ShaQi and integrated into it forever.
Large array into just a few dozen breathing time, however, diabolism felt unstoppable, and more and more Y and N souls flew from all around, and they became more and more powerful. More importantly, these Y and N souls are just like ordinary soldiers. nòng became a queue and formed a law, some waving flags and some beating drums to cheer. And there are countless stone y and n wood built operator gun.
The flag bearer shook, the drums thundered, and countless guns fired at once. Gold pieces of filthy shells fall into the large array. Although they can’t break the large array, they can also evaporate a large amount of red water from the large array with countless Y and N soul shocks.
"Dear friends ever have the result? Being poor is almost unstoppable. " The diabolical way plays it by ear, and hurriedly uses the occult technique to summon seven or eight Yuan gods to maintain the operation of the law together. Relying on the exquisiteness of the large array and the magic of the earth to the extreme, I finally resisted countless attacks again.
"Wang Daoyou will stick to it for a little longer, and the mountain will soon be completely destroyed. It won’t take long." Cao, the old demon of Montenegro, controlled his dark mountain to rise and fall constantly. Every time he rises and falls, one or several peaks must collapse, and the rocks collapse, and the minerals hidden in them are scattered all over the floor.
After careful observation, Yaodao found that every time they destroyed a mountain peak, a magic weapon fell out of it. The crowd swarmed, and no matter how subtle the baby was, they directly used the means to destroy those babies.
Seeing that the ten million mountains destroyed one percent of the area and hundreds of thousands of magic weapons of repression, the whole ten million mountains suddenly trembled violently.
With the trembling of thousands of mountains, a series of black lights rose into the sky, and at that time hundreds of yuan gods could not dodge, and were swept up by the black light that came out at that moment.
These black lights are so powerful that they are torn into nothingness in an instant, no matter how tough their Yuan God’s mana is and how delicate their baby is.
Numerous black lights intertwined, and finally formed a banned law, forcing all the more than 10,000 Yuan gods to go out. In the end, a layer of black light enveloped the remaining peaks and resisted all the means of the Yuan gods.
"It seems that the treasure that suppressed the underworld must be here." Seeing such a sudden change in front of him, Yaodao was not only not anxious, but rejoiced. They had anticipated this situation long ago, so some Yuan gods immediately jumped into the red water array of Yaodao according to the previous plan to help Yaodao promote the operation of the array together. There are also some Yuan gods who carried long banners and began to decorate the array of red water, ready to use array to polish the prohibition among the peaks.
More than a thousand poles of long banners stand out of thin air. These long banners are full of red, depicting strange biological images, with three heads and six arms, green fangs, and seductive women with charming faces and soft bodies. Under each pole, there is a yuan god sitting cross-legged. These yuan gods spew out their mana and inject it into the long banners. The red Se long banners skyrocketed, and they soared to dozens of feet in an instant.
Long banners scroll, clouds of wind ShaQi born out of thin air, strips of red light emerged from the top of the long banners intertwined in the air, and finally those red lights actually outlined a red Se arch with the size of hundreds of feet in the air.
The arch is exquisite, with countless tadpole-like characters constantly wandering, and different faces of men, women and children emerge. After the arch is generated, the red Se flame burns out of thin air, and the flame flies. Everything in Fiona Fang is burned out in thousands of feet. If it weren’t for the fast rotation of the large array of diabolism, it would be hard for the flame to burn the red water array.
After the arch was generated, the frequent tyrannical roar came from the arch, just breathing time, and there was a loud noise from the arch. Under the gaze of everyone, I saw a thick burning arm sticking out of the arch.
The arm pulled in the air for a while, and when it couldn’t catch the object, there was a more tyrannical roar. I saw this thick arm thrust forward, and actually pierced into the void. Then, with a hard arm, a giant emerged from the arch.
The giant is a hundred feet tall, covered with red Se scales, and has wings on his back. One wing flashes and emits endless yellow smoke, and the other wing flashes and drills endless flames. Fireworks are intertwined and spread everywhere. Fortunately, there is a law around, and the law is exquisite. Even fireworks are added to the arch, which makes the arch look stronger.
After the giant came out, a long trail of Yuan Shen jumped in front of the giant as planned, and then Yuan Shen turned into a cloud of smoke suspended in the air.
Attracted by the smoke, the giant grabbed the smoke and swallowed it into his stomach. After swallowing this yuan god, the giant paused a little, then roared upwards, rolling endless fireworks like a fashion and hitting the ban generated by thousands of mountains below.
There was a loud noise, and the power was many times larger than the Y and N thunder on the 24th floor of the diabolical way. This impact on the barrier made a mushroom cloud rise into the sky, and the whole sky was distorted.
When the fireworks cleared, the Red Se Giant became extremely irritable when he saw that he could not break the forbidden array. I saw it gave out a strange roar, waving his fist like a puppet without any wisdom, and smashed it crazy toward the following ban. Every time you hit it, there will be fireworks attached to the ban, which will burn violently. The fireworks will burn, and only the ban law will burn, and there will be a burst of violent surge.
Just when the first red Se giant knocked on the forbidden array of the ten million mountains, a head of giant emerged from the arch.