Month said come on.


Ye Feng thinks she is extremely annoyed, no matter whether she is a woman, she raises her hand with a purple energy and hits the night wind on the moon. Suddenly, she raises her hand with a blue energy quickly and ruthlessly.
The total energy of the moon will hit the night, and the maple will explode after the energy, but she is wrong. Just when the blue energy of the moon is about to hit the purple energy, the purple energy suddenly jumps and then hits the moon quickly.
All this happened in a flash, and it was too late for the moon to react. She was so scared that she shrank her body, and the purple energy just grazed her left face and left her face cloth.
What a beautiful face, but some white night maple said without looking at the cold moon
A breeze blew to the moon and she felt her face cool. She consciously touched it and found out when the face cloth was gone. She was so angry that Beamont beast heard the attack and crushed that little girl for me. Beauty is beauty, and even anger is so cute.
Yefeng felt a little funny and said, Are you coming? Yes, I want you to retreat. Now it’s really cold at the end.
Beamont Beast, who was already ready to move, immediately launched an attack at this time under the command of his master. First, a team of fifty scattered people surrounded the night maple, and then put magic on it together. As soon as the magic of Beamont Beast was put on, it was all ten levels of ultimate magic. It depends on the situation that the night maple was killed before giving up.
Night maple in Beamont beast magic attack before the body ling and hands hit two purple energy straight to the scattered Beamont beast.
Beamont beast saw the night maple rise a few times and boom a body. It also rose from the ground and its front paws were flexible. After the rise, it caught the night maple body vertically. Now, a dozen paws caught the body and slept sideways. Hands and feet hit back at the dozen paws.
Beamont beast saw the claw and didn’t immediately show the second wave of attacks. After several Beamont beasts flew down, they flew a few steps and then got up on one foot and flew towards the night maple.
Night maple flies in several directions, and the animal’s feet are full of extremely powerful energy. Even if night maple is kicked, it must be seriously injured. Night maple has not fought 100,000 times and 99,000 times. He still doesn’t know how to deal with this situation. Besides, it is still a simple attack.
Night maple stood up sideways and quickly floated to the side for more than three inches. Poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-poop-
While you’re killing yourself, when the night maple blows away those Bi Meng beasts, it’s just a foot on their back to drive them into the mud. God’s speed is no joke. When the night maple teleports to the back of the Beamont beast and adds a foot, it’s just a few, but it’s also a second to go to the night maple.
I saw the night maple in a flash and knocked down a few Beamont animals’ cheeks. I was so angry that I stepped on him.
The slow night maple sends out a roar of god’s momentum, but the Beamont beast sensed that the night maple’s momentum was trembling and stepped back two steps.
Ye Feng said, Do you still want to come? You don’t want to come if the Beamont Animal Department dies.
The moon was overwhelmed by the momentum of the night maple, and I was afraid to look at the night maple and say, Who told you to be so hateful and hurt me, Beamont beast
The night maple was really defeated by the beautiful woman in front of her eyes. Look at her pitiful appearance. She said with momentum, Really? Then I should kill them, right?
Seeing for the night, Feng’s eyes were so sore that tears said no, no, that’s you. Who told you to hurt them?
Night maple just wanted to answer, but at this moment it covered the enchantment of all people, and then night maple turned his head and looked, and then Yaqi and two fools were thinking about trying to break the enchantment.
Night maple saw that she had intimidated the right hand of Warcraft, and a small girl immediately pulled the Xiaohui over. Little girl said that the big brother Xiaohui said that the girl looked like someone she knew, and she wanted to see if it was really someone she knew.
Ye Feng asked her if you really knew her.
Xiaohui replied, I’m not sure. I’ll just go and have a look.
Beamont beast’s huge size and speed are the fastest among Warcraft, and the theory is to attack, jump, dodge and so on, but they are all reflected in single life and rarely in groups, except in revenge. Oh, forget that Beamont beast’s release of the highest level of magic is the ultimate level 12.
God, why are there so many Beamont beasts? We didn’t mess with it. Then we looked at the Beamont beast copied from four sides with a sad face and shouted
Night maple also knows the situation. It doesn’t often put enchantments over the people. Hold them steady. Don’t panic. They can’t break this enchantment.
Ye Feng’s words made everyone feel a little relaxed. Yes, Ye Feng is a god and an evil god. What are you afraid of?
Hundreds of black spots from far and near, their huge size and rapid jumping and stepping on the ground shook up, and everyone was shocked
Beamont beast didn’t attack immediately before they came to the crowd, but lined up more than 500 Warcraft teams. In a few seconds, the back row became ten teams. When each team lined up together, there was not a trace of crowding. Night maple was secretly frightened. They were strictly trained, but who was their master? Isn’t their master ability very powerful?
It’s not easy to tame a Warcraft. First, your energy must be higher than that of Warcraft. Second, even if you defeat it, it won’t give in to you. Third, even if you defeat it, it depends on your attitude. If your attitude is too bad, it won’t give in to you. This is what no one in the mainland wants to levy Warcraft because it usually meets Warcraft and either kills or flees.
Night maple thought that Beamont beast was the master, so he said, I’d like to meet the master who can tame these hundreds of Beamont beasts. I wonder if the master can show up.
Ye Feng is very polite to greet the owner of Beamont beast. Of course, this is because he thinks that he is not alone here. If he talks alone, he will leave, but there are still more than a dozen people behind him, and they are all the best friends.
However, the words sound just fell from the head of a Beamont beast, and a masked woman dressed in light blue looked very good at the age of 20 heads. Unfortunately, she covered her face and couldn’t see the woman slowly rising from the head of the Beamont beast. When the wind blew, her hair got messy. She reached out and pulled out her hair in front of her and said, which one of you is a night maple?
The sound is very nice and gentle. Her every move is full of a noble temperament. Ye Feng thought, I don’t know which official daughter it is. Ye Feng replied coldly, I am.
After hearing the night maple’s emotional answer, the woman was slightly dazed and Zheng, and then she seemed a little happy. She thought it was good, but it was in line with what others said.
The woman said, my name is Yue and I want to take something from you. I hope you can give it to me.
Night maple still said coldly, take something from me. Hum, will I give it to you?
I’ll take both if the young woman named Yue says that you are a black narcissus.
Night maple looked up and there was a flash of purple in her eyes. She looked at the moon in a cold way. I wanted to take you away from me. Why?
The moon was shocked by the night maple, and the dark tunnel was so powerful that it gently opened its lips and said, just don’t ask me why I can’t take it away from me. You’d better come and don’t call it resistance because it’s not.
It’s called night maple and black narcissus, but it killed people here before.
Night maple sneered and said, it depends on how you can take the black narcissus from me.