The man who cut off his feelings gave the last tenderness of his life to the only love of his life.


There was a huge shock in my ear, but after waiting for a long time, I didn’t feel the pain, and my consciousness was still dissipating. At this moment, a trill suddenly came to my ear.
Ye ye Lao di
Cold cliff eyes suddenly opened in the blurred vision, and he saw Huntian’s body flying like a broken leaf, tumbling and falling to the ground. When he landed, his body slipped and he would draw a long and deep gully on the destroyed ground again.
In the place before Huntian, a white figure was quietly there. It was a familiar figure, a familiar figure, a familiar white dress and a familiar smell. His hands hung freely on both sides, and there was no trace of his hands, but his hair and white clothes danced in the wind.
Ye Chen
Now he has made Lengya suddenly have a strong desire to survive, and his will to let everything die peacefully has dissipated, and he is eager to let his horse die by clenching his teeth.
Ye Chen turned around and squatted in front of the cold cliff. The palm of his hand pressed on his chest. The cold cliff suddenly felt a warm breath coming from his chest to let him go away. Life was rapidly recovering. Gradually, his line of sight became clear, and a little pain also hit his heart. That was his nerve recovering.
The palm of your hand moved, and the silver gun running through the chest of the cold cliff was pushed by a force to fly far away. There was a pain in the mouth of the cold cliff, and there was a ferocious big hole in the chest, but the blood had not come to spray, and a huge force than warmth sealed it there. The force was stronger than imagined, and the pain disappeared in an instant, but the pain was severely healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. In a short time, the big hole in the chest had disappeared, and the newborn skin had no scars left.
The pain disappears, the wound heals, and only the serious injury leaves him completely collapsed. Even if his heart is as dead as water, he has to be shocked by the fact that this serious injury can make ordinary people die. The serious injury is miraculously healed in this short time, and the illusion is in the dream.
Chapter 518 All destroyed
The master cold cliff called a body to move and struggled to get up, but was pressed by Ye Chen’s hand and said, Don’t touch him yet. Today’s strength can easily heal the wound of a seriously injured person, but it can’t help him regain his strength. He turned to Chu Jing and saw him gawk at himself as if he saw something incredible.
Brother Chu’s cold cliff, I already know that I’m late. Ye Chen said with a sigh that he was late. Today, it turned out to be a memorial day. When he heard the news, he was almost crazy and rushed to here. He has been deeply scared and scared. If he comes one day later, he will face himself and face a god continent.
Chu TC still gawk at him suddenly said leaf bro you look a little different.
What’s different about Ye Chen’s smile?
Today, Ye Chen has reached the fifth floor of Chen Ji, but he has reached the fifth floor at this time. He has gone to the fifth floor before, but the two concepts are totally different. Every time Chen Ji enters the country, he will change his mood and temperament. Chu Jingtian can vaguely feel his change, but this feeling is incomprehensible, but he can feel it.
Chu TC looked at him very carefully for a while, but he could shake his head and say no, but he just didn’t feel the same. Brother Ye, the man in black, he.
I’ll tell you later. I have to go and bring back the condensed snow pupil at once. They are waiting for me. Ye Chen gets up. Every minute and every second is safe for him. He doesn’t dare to delay for a moment. He won’t make a second choice. Whoever stops him from taking the condensed snow pupil away, even if heaven and man stop him, he will rush through their bodies.
Looking at Xingtian’s body cut in half, he smiled. Brother Chu, do a good job in the cold cliff. Your strength has surpassed that of God in God.
In the distance, it was hit by Ye Chen every other day. He patted the dust on his body and looked coldly at Ye Chen. Did you laugh at your partner? There was another death.
Be careful, this person’s two small ones are not simple. You don’t want to die like those two wastes in Xingtian. They don’t know how to die. When the sun was cold and woke up, when the sky was just flying, none of them actually saw which direction Chu Yechen came from. The speed was so fast that they all reacted very quickly, which was faster than that possessed man and more than a little.
Pat the dust clean, and it’s a cold hum. Are you scared?
He walked a few steps to the front of Ye Chen, looking at him with a sneer. People who dare to sneak up on God will never have the second knot. Just now Ye Chen was so fast that he could see clearly, but the blow that hit him didn’t make him feel pain. This is a person who is extremely fast but his strength can’t pose any threat to him.
Brother Ye, be careful, they are gods here. Be careful, Chu Jing’s weak voice wakes up. His cognition of Ye Chen still stays before going to the tower of gods. He just knew how terrible the strength of God will be. At that time, Ye Chen’s strength root could not be their opponent
On the contrary, the cold cliff didn’t show the slightest worry. The cold eyes and pupils reflected deep expectations. Just when Ye Chen healed the wound, he already knew that Ye Chen was not the former Ye Chen. In less than a day, his body changed dramatically.
Don’t worry, give me everything. Ye Chen nodded slightly and squinted at Huntian’s eyes. In the distance, he closed the sky and fell into the sky. They said, they can’t think of anything. When I don’t want to wave, I will roll for you two or die.
It seems that I suddenly heard the funniest joke in the world, and the four gods will laugh their heads off at the back of the leng, pointing at him with one hand and laughing sarcastically, hahahaha, it’s so interesting that the world is still so stupid and arrogant, hahahaha.
Ye Chen corners of the mouth can’t be observed, and his body suddenly disappears to the ground. No, it’s not disappearing, but it’s too fast. It’s as fast as teleportation. None of the four gods will react, and the place he moved to is Huntian. His body is still straight, and his seemingly powerless fist pounded his chest.
Unilateral power attack on the strength level of God will inevitably lead to a deafening energy explosion, which will disrupt the pneumatic and cause disorder in the gas field, and the target will be far away. However, Ye Chen didn’t sound a punch when he hit Huntian, as if it were not a heavy blow but a fist gently touching him.
And Huntian’s body didn’t even take a step back, let alone be beaten away.
In the distance, before the three gods came, they disdained and sneered, and then the horse found out that Ye Chen looked wrong. In the calm, he was mixed with a faint smile. One second passed, and his fist was still hammered on Huntian’s chest, but Huntian was still immobilized, but his eyes were so wide that people worried that his eyes would suddenly and violently.
In the third second, Ye Chen turned his fist from his body and sneered at him. Finally, he reacted. His mouth groaned in pain. His eyes were still wide open and his hands were shaking. He was hit by Ye Chen. His body took a step back and took a step back, and then he fell to the ground. His hands were still pressed against his abdomen and he was constantly twitching, releasing a faint moan of pain.
What’s the matter? I can’t believe my eyes are stunned when I finish sealing the sky and falling into the sky. Chu Jingtian is even more surprised. With the help of God, the strength of the sky should be cut by Xingtian, but this powerful God, Ye Chen, actually made a punch, which made a god lose his fighting power.
Brother Ye, you, you, Chu are stunned, and your mind is confused, even your tongue is constantly knotting.
Ye Chen turned around and smiled. Don’t worry about me. Xiang Xiang sent them there. When we first came here, we were in the place where no one else was there.
Xiang Xiang now sprinkles white light and sends off the cold cliff with a dull face and a big belly. I want to ask Chu TC.
Another place, the temple.
God emperor finally opened his eyes and whispered calmly, and the sky was also dead. The breath of Huntian was very small. After such a short time, it seems that the inferno sent enough power this time, but it is impossible for them to break into blood night.
The lines on the ground have been lit up for seventeen days, and the light that shines on Princess White and Princess Black is also much stronger. She said that Ma Xuan will be awakened and everything will be really over. The mainland of White and Black will always remember your names.