This scene fell into Jin Nuanyu’s eyes, and it was amazing that the other party was still chasing after each other when they knew how to repair their strength. It was because they held a magic weapon so badly that they had to fight alone.


Qing Ning Jinyang at this time is already attacking the periphery of Jin Nuan Jade to protect itself, but it is better to be on the safe side and put all the defensive magic weapons in advance. However, Jin Nuan Jade is completely trapped in the Jinyang with devastating energy.
Jin Nuanyu is going to lead three people to teach them a lesson, but she never thought that she would fall into such a dilemma. At this moment, her heart is also hesitant. It seems that it is necessary to let the three little helpers through this difficult time. However, if this is the case, it will be beyond her control. If all three Xianglong group members are wiped out together, it will be another trouble.
That is, at the moment of her hesitation, Qing Ningjinyang was already broken by a layer of protective light, and Bao Ling was completely lost and fell into the palm of Jin Nuanyu.
This is all because you are looking for Jin Nuanyu, who saw Zhou Xian’s smug expression, and always decided to put three super thugs who were difficult to control even herself.
When Li Yueling said that he was at a loss, he crossed the road to fix the truth and talked about the change of color. At this moment, he hesitated whether to order more soul beads from A-bi Hell.
I didn’t think that the horse face was anxious and came from a distance. Wait a minute.
Li Yueling didn’t understand when he came back to the front. What do you mean
The horse’s face rubbed its hands, and the nervous way was just to go there to talk to the duty general Yin Ling. It was already said that a good fairy would take fifty thousand hell’s fierce souls.
Don’t hesitate to say it.
Fairy, you’ve photographed 63,92 hell ghosts. If you continue to photograph them, you will be equal. Whether the capital of Simomo comes back is small or the general on duty today will get into trouble. Besides, if the equal king gets serious and goes after the fairy, your face will not look good, will it?
Is there so much already? Li Yueling’s heart is silent, but there are so many soul bead materials, but it’s really a big wave
Seeing Li Yueling’s face rain or shine on the horse’s face is also a matter of getting up the courage in my heart and saying that the small guide has been completed. I don’t know if it is immortal, so I will return to the world, or should I continue to lead the way for a while in hell?
Of course, Li Yueling knows that this is the horse face’s kind words, and at the same time, he is waking himself up. It’s time to pay him. After a little thought, he said that you have helped a lot this time. This is to reward you, that is, to talk. Li Yueling threw the Yin Zhu to the horse face.
Yin Zhu jumped up without excitement, but after hearing the second half of Li Yueling’s sentence, he spoke for a long time.
Then you can continue to show the way and visit the underworld.
How could the horse face think that a polite remark would be seriously worse? Who wouldn’t know that this underworld is the most unsightly boundary in all circles? Who would want to stay here for half an hour? But Li Yueling is such a special case in front of him.
See the horse face that a pair of embarrassed expression Li Yueling also heart, ok, I don’t play you, I really want to find ten temple Yamaraja to consult with you, and then you took me there, and then you did this time to take a soul in A-bi hell, but I won’t go.
Ah, you’re still looking for the Ten Temples. Yan Luowang’s adults are surprised.
Why not? You lead the way is that Li Yueling’s tone is cold, and the imposing manner suddenly makes the horse face feel cold, so he quickly nods and says, "What’s what the fairy says?" Most of the ten halls in Yamaraja are in the Temple of Hades in Fengdu City. If you want to go, you can lead the way.
This horse face is a clever and exquisite figure, and it is somewhat similar to the poison shadow of his second brother.
As soon as Li Yueling’s secret passage was reached, the ghost wanted to lead the way, but he didn’t want to suddenly come to a thunder-like place in the distance to fix the truth. Actually, Yuan Shen condensed and broke into my A-bi hell, and I didn’t get the purple mansion to achieve the immortal body. So bold and foolish, I should be sentenced to A-bi hell suffering from the world.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Ten Temple Yamaraja II
Come, the equal king of the ten A-bi Hell is also coming. The equal king is in that Fengdu City and will not come back for ten and a half months. This is because Li Yueling has absorbed 60,000 evil spirits in A-bi Hell at one stroke, which has to be induced by the equal king.
Yamaraja avatar can know the changes in the underworld, even if he is in the equal king of Fengdu City, he is also aware of the fact that ABI Hell is missing 60,000 Yin spirits.
You know, most immortals who go to the underworld have a thousand souls at most, so Yan Luoran is turning a blind eye from the Ten Halls.
And Li Yueling’s movement is too big, even the most unwilling peer king in the Yamaraja of the Ten Halls can’t sit still.
After all, there are 60,000 Yin spirits missing in one’s own duty area. If the heaven pursues them, I’m afraid that he, the equal king, may not even be qualified to be entered into The six great divisions in the wheel of karma. It is possible to directly send him to Sendai and crack a knife.
However, when rushing back to A-bi Hell, the equal king also made plans. Who is the strong man? You can’t beat him, but you need to know the origin of the other party. If it is really traced by heaven, you can also shirk it.
But when I thought that I had just broken Sen Luo’s haunting spirit, I saw Li Yueling in a hazy golden cover.
The King of Equality can’t mix Yamaraja with such a small role as Horse Face. It’s a bit true how to say it. Although it took some time, it always took me a while to see that Li Yueling’s root is a real person who has not yet ascended to the world. This discovery also makes the King of Equality angry. You think, on weekdays, the underworld is always harassed by those fairies for a while to win thousands of yin spirits, and for a while, it will take away the hundred inclinations and spirits.