Fly and then Li Yueling told an ink Kun to stay honest and not to commit mischief, which was enough to fly into the giant gate of Blackstone lightly.


After Li Yueling entered it, the giant gate of Blackstone was slammed by wind, and at the same time, it was dim and light. In an instant, the temple flashed from all sides, like a cold sound from the abyss. I don’t know how long it has been. You are the second to step into my big Asura hades hall after the old gentleman. Jin Xian, tell me about this.
Chapter four hundred and twenty Mixed yuan
Li Yueling, the younger generation, has met Li Yueling, the keeper of hades, and I don’t know how many big scenes he has experienced. Will he be surprised by the momentum of hades? Still, with a smile, the keeper of hades can not only calculate the secrets of the younger generation, but I don’t know if he has also sensed the purpose of the younger generation.
At the same time, Li Yueling’s voice fell, and a huge shadow with a height of ten feet appeared from the dark of the hall. A body wrapped in black armor did not even show the image of a giant, which really surprised Li Yueling.
However, when the armored giant appeared and caused a huge threat, Li Yueling had already determined that this guy with a slightly strange image was the owner of the main building of hades.
It is obviously not as difficult as Li Yueling expected to sit in the Hades Tower. Although the tone is cold, it is still polite. After Li Yueling thanked him, he sat down in a huge chair at the left of the hall and smiled. Hades’ predecessors and juniors had to disturb their predecessors’ purity this time, but if they were disturbed, they still hoped that their predecessors would forgive me.
You need to take a look at the world the day after tomorrow-that’s easy to discuss. Pluto’s deep voice gives people a feeling of not being angry.
Li Yueling’s heart andao, however, this Pluto is really good. Not only does it show that he is coming, but even his purpose of coming here is calculated.
Looking for the younger generation’s wife and master, I earnestly asked Hades to borrow the mirror the day after tomorrow. I wonder if Hades can promise this request to the younger generation.
Xiaoyou took it. With a wave of his hand, Pluto suddenly saw a full moon-like object flying smoothly to Li Yueling. After taking it, he took a closer look at it. It was a palm-sized round mirror with strange black lines, and the edge was engraved with all kinds of obscure runes.
Coils of black halo appear in the center of the mirror, which hides the whole world in imitation.
Li Yueling never dreamed that Pluto was so accommodating that people lent their magic weapon to themselves. It was also strange to be grateful. After all, people like Pluto can be regarded as one of the best in all circles, and most of them have strange temper.
First, I don’t know each other. Second, I heard Emperor Yan say that the mirror of the day after tomorrow is the magic weapon that Pluto loves. So, is it because the value of my charm is too high?
You are the main fairy and the deputy demon, and it is much easier to sacrifice this mirror. You need pure magic power to pour it into the mirror and meditate. You can see the name of the person you are looking for in a moment from the mirror.
Li Yueling now has the first thought of finding someone to put it, and he also has time to think that Hades was so accommodating. Immediately, according to the law, he failed to do so. After a long time, Li Yueling held it in his hand and showed a figure in the mirror the day after tomorrow.
At first, it was vague, but as Li Yueling poured into the mirror, the magic force became more and more powerful, and everything became clear in the mirror.
Bullying The Hunger, the baby, saw himself in the mirror, and came here to seek hegemony. The Hunger, the statue of Li Yueling, burst into a euphoric tunnel.
At the same time, I remember the image of the scenery displayed in the mirror in my mind, but I don’t know where it is, but I can see the scenery of Fiona Fang thousands of miles away, and I need to ask a little to find it.
After the dispute in my heart, Li Yueling removed Yuan Li and then respectfully returned the hands of the day after tomorrow to Pluto. Thank you for your predecessors.
Xiaoyou has seen this mirror and learned from it that you want to find someone, and I can also get into the topic. Pluto took the mirror of the day after tomorrow and said at the same time
Entering the topic, Li Yueling’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, wondering if the predecessors still have other things to ask the younger generation.
Pluto’s huge body, hidden in black iron armor, trembled slightly as if it were a great worry. After a long time, he nodded and said that the king wanted you to do me a favor.
You are welcome, but you need the help of the younger generation. Let’s be clear. If the younger generation is within its ability, it must be promised. From the first contact to the Hades Building, Li Yueling has always had a lot of affection.
What’s more, I just returned the magic weapon of the family to this building, and this statement was made by Li Yueling immediately.
At the same time, Li Yueling’s heart is also a secret passage. Even Hades Tower needs help. It will never be simple.
Li Yueling was shocked by the fact that he wanted help at the entrance of the building.
Wang Chaotian had been practicing for many years, but it was a lifelong regret that he failed to get the certificate of the mixed yuan Luo Tiandao. You know, although the age of the Sanqing Zun was younger than that of Wang, everyone got the certificate of the mixed yuan Luo Tiandao, even when he came to the West, it was always difficult for Wang to let go of it every time he read it.
This time, the king knows that you will be in the future. This is the chance for the king to prove that he has mixed the Yuan and Luo Heaven. It is the audacity for you to help the king to protect the law. The king wants to cross the four major robbery proofs in all circles at the same time.
Li Yueling has never heard of this word, but he has never seen anyone who proves it. Even Di Xianzu Zhenyuan once lamented in front of Li Yueling that it is difficult to achieve this goal, but it is impossible for hundreds of millions of immortals to get one.
The Heaven of the Mixed Yuan Dynasty is not a symbol of strength, but an ultimate rule in the realm, which can make people communicate with each other and balance each other.
Only a few people in Hades’ Mansion said that Sanqing Zun came to the Buddha to obtain chaos and was born as Hongjun’s ancestor, and that’s all. Even Pangu, the emperor who created chaos, failed to obtain this condition.
The younger generation heard that the Heaven of the Mixed Yuan Dynasty was a destiny, but it was predestined, but I didn’t know that it could be made by practicing. What can the younger generation do to help?
With a flick of a finger, I have spent hundreds of millions of years in reincarnation, but I have kept my mind through thousands of demons and devoured my soul, but I didn’t fall down against the fate of millions of days without hurting my fellow initiates. If four fellow initiates give alms together, I hope to prove that the chaotic voice of Hades changed to a low voice, but I heard it with great expectation.
Li Yueling, a fellow initiate of Hades Road, was shocked to hear that these four things are extremely difficult. Take Jin Ji as an example. If you experience one of them, you will not be afraid, but if you experience two things together, you will be more fortunate.
In fact, in Li Yueling’s view, it’s no different whether the chaos is proved or not, because it simply strengthens physical strength, even if it is proved to be the same thing, maybe we can see more other benefits of the cat’s nest.
But Lou’s identity is also this, and Li Yueling has accepted his feelings. Although I feel that such things are meaningless, it is hard to say more. After all, Lou is not like a modern person who can have this materialistic idea.
Think about it, it is also the Hades Building, which has been in the world since the chaos. He is much younger than his age at the same time. It is not difficult to understand that he failed to make such a knot in the end.
The elder generation wants the younger generation to help.
The ability of the four robbers to be king can also resist three of them, but it is a matter of law to pay back the million-day robbery. But the good thing is that the other three of these four robbers can’t be helped by external forces, but this one can be helped by others.
Million days of robbery
Li Yueling meditated on this four-word heart andao Armageddon, that is, when crossing the purple mansion celestial world, it was a project that had to be experienced. For today, the Armageddon was so powerful that he didn’t even move his little finger. Even if millions of Armageddon came together, it should be his own ability.
Reading this, Li Yueling nodded and said that it was very kind of the elder. The younger generation will do its best and wish the elder a good fortune through these four major robberies.
Li Yueling readily promised that it was obviously a lifelong regret for Lou’s extremely happy little friend to help Wang Re succeed this time.