Yuan Ye and others have gathered around, and the hot temperature is nothing to Yuan Ye and others.


Maybe people are not familiar with this place. Let me start with Yan San. Seriously, you guys just saw the sixth floor. That kind of life is terrible. We met with death. That’s because on the sixth floor, many life here is terrible with medium dark ghosts, and this seventh floor is no exception, but life here is not so terrible. On the seventh floor, there is a famous flame stone beast monster.
Yuan Ye, the flame stone beast, was puzzled at the bottom of his heart.
Yan San looked at Yuan Ye and nodded. This is a human name for them. The body of the flame stone beast is made of rocks. Probably, human beings are quite tall and powerful, and their defense is extremely strong. Just slow down. His strength estimates that human beings are quite equal in ten turns and elementary, but the degree is slow, which is barely considered as a big statue and ten turns.
Fortunately, it is not strong. Yuan Ye has a clear understanding in his heart.
But there is no flame stone beast here, and it may be in the flame troll. The flame troll is the king. Here, whether it is Yan San or a Ruxue, the expressions of experienced people are dignified.
Accurately speaking, this fire troll is the evolution body of the fire stone beast. They have continuously expanded themselves by devouring other dark ghosts and killing human power, and finally evolved their dark ghosts from medium to so on.
When Yuan Ye, a dark ghost, listens to everyone, he gets up.
Yes, we are waiting for dark ghosts, but we can’t absorb such dark ghosts. Now it’s the peak. Dark ghosts can’t be formed in this approach. Otherwise, we can catch a bunch of weak life on the first floor and let them swallow up the power. Finally, Yan Sannai sighed and continued, the fire troll here, waiting for dark ghosts, while we absorb them, they have become our greatest danger, and they are not separated. Every one of them is hundreds of meters high on the seventh floor. His body is actually condensed into strength by several hard rocks. Poor defense is to reach a terrible level. Yan San’s serious expression is the most important thing. His flame is terrible, and he has no water property. They are no match for him even if he is strong in ten turns, but he will die if he touches the peak in ten turns.
Yuan Ye had a convulsion in his heart, and he died when he met the peak. This is terrible. Now he is at the very most, that is, he is at the primary level. Besides Yan San, the strongest group of them is five or six big statues such as Shan Yue Bao Wenqian and Luo Qiong. They are not rivals to Xiang Ruxue and others.
Not only this flame troll is here, Wang, but they will not be alone around every flame troll. One or two flame stone beasts are nothing, but the threat of thousands of flame stone beasts is even greater. Yan San’s face is more and more solemn, and they are stuck in the first floor passage. Because for so many years, they have known that human beings are going there, and they are going to kill human beings there and then absorb human power to let their dark ghosts continue to grow.
Yuan Ye’s heart burst into words.
Thousands of flame stone beasts are not equivalent to thousands of big statues and ten turns to be strong at the primary level. This is not strong enough. Yuan Ye is stunned. Although the defense of this flame stone beast is slightly weaker than that of the big statue and ten turns to the primary level, it is still terrible to have hundreds of them together. Even if they have overcome their strength, they are one hundred times easier than others, but they can’t hold up so much.
Yan San continued, if I want to go to the first floor, I must rush to the fire troll’s guardian territory. They deliberately wait for us there, and we must join hands to stop them from pestering each other. They dare not chase after the first floor, and life on every floor dares not invade other floors. Absolutely not.
Yuan Ye, Bao Wenqian, Luo Qiong, Shan Yue, four inexperienced people look at each other. Now Yuan Ye, they also have a clear understanding of the seventh floor.
This seventh floor is a fire troll who leads hundreds of fire stone beasts like a mountain. The fire troll smashed a mountain power with one punch, and no one dared to fight it hard, and their fire was the most terrible thing.
Yan San was silent for a long time. After digesting these messages, Yan Sancai said that people here can beat the flame troll except me, but they also counted the flame stone beast. It’s not that simple. At one time, we were more than now, but except for me, the other two attacked the flame troll. Others have long been swarmed by the flame stone beast. I don’t know that the southeast, northwest and DiYiLiuSanSan chapter met directly.
Speaking of which, Yan San is in a low road. This time, let me meet the fire troll in the road ahead. We will solve it and you will be in charge of the route. We don’t have to pester them. It doesn’t matter to us to kill them. If we go there,
Just as Yuan Ye is known by everyone, so is the mountain and the moon. After all, the front ice layer and the seabed are divided into two waves. The second wave depends on Yuan Yemu’s attribute achievement method, and the first wave is the water attribute achievement method based on the mountain and the moon.
No one objected and several others nodded their heads.
Nothing on this floor can kill me. I can go over to you completely. I can help you as much as I can, but I still can’t rush over. I will choose to go over alone. The cold voice of the sudden mountain moon rings again.
Shanyue is really wrong. We can go back, but you’d better not believe it too much. Even I dare not rush into the fire troll’s core lair alone. Yan Sanji complained. Obviously, he thinks Shanyue is crazy.
Others also disdain to shake their heads, but Yuan Ye Bao Wenqian and others didn’t say anything. These people don’t know that the innate five virtues are terrible, and the universe is hard to find one of its talent forces. Even if it is difficult, Jin Mu’s five attribute achievement methods are a chance and their power is several times stronger than that of ordinary people. Conversely, their attack on these five attribute forces is almost equal to the epidemic, unless the opponent has too much power over him, the root can’t be killed. This method of speech is not enough.
All right, don’t say anything. The general location of the passage is in the territory of the flame troll. When the time comes, I will be responsible for dealing with the flame troll, and you will find a specific location before protecting yourself.
Soon Yan Sanyuan Ye and other 17 people walked towards the depths of the seventh floor at the same time. This seventh floor is the red world of magma and rocks, and it is full of this all the way.
Mimi latosolic red lava river flooded the area. Sometimes bubbles bubbled around the lava river, which is a baked latosolic red rock. In this place, Yuan Ye didn’t find life.
It is best to enter the first floor without meeting the flame troll. Yuan Ye has a secret passage in his heart, and he also looks around carefully.
Suddenly, a rock emerged from the magma river in the distance. The strange thing is that this rock is glaring. When you see Yuan Ye and others, your mouth is harsh and sharp, and it is also a snap.
Bad Yuan Ye and a group of people face a change.
Brush brush
See the lava river suddenly took one flame after another, stone beast flame, stone beast body latosolic red body flame faint smoke around them, nearly two meters tall, heavy weapons such as stone axe and hammer in their hands.
In a flash, Yuan Ye and others have a vision of two or three hundred flame stone beasts.
This seventh floor is so big in other areas, and the flame stone beast must add up to thousands of Yuan Ye’s thoughts. At the same time, many strong people are extremely careful and ready to prepare their hands at any time.
Oh, here comes the human again, this time much earlier than the last time. At this moment, there is a rumbling thunder sound on the seventh floor. At the same time, the rocky ground on the seventh floor vibrates. The magma river rolls violently, and a tall figure rises from the magma river. His body is so big that even the magma river sinks a lot.