Brother Yuan, I think you’d better go with the ice beads. Censen will speak first.


What Yuan Ye looked at Censen, but he was a little wider because he planned to do the same.
First, we have sworn enemies in the shura gate. There is no ice spirit bead in the crisis of Heaven Sect in my science. The shura gate will not let it go. There is not much difference between the two. In this case, why should we give the treasure to others for no reason?
Yes, Xu Zijing immediately said, besides, Yuan Xiong, you are also the fourth treasure map of Mu Qiang, and the fifth treasure map is that you can find the water and ice beads, and the two water and ice beads are combined to form a Yuan Zun. By then, I, Hao Tianzong, will completely turn over and defeat the roots of Shura Gate, but you must look for the archer bow to kill two birds with one stone.
Yuan Ye smiled with relief. I took the ice spirit bead away, which will inevitably let heaven and man know that I am no longer a heavenly Sect of science, and also let the heavenly Sect of science be subjected to the crusade of all parties, but Shura Gate will definitely not stop there and Shura Gate will retaliate against you. What should I do?
Enemies will have means to resist us. The strength of Heaven Sect of Science is not so good to bully Censen. Road flyover immediately nodded. It seems that this method is impossible to drop the roots without fighting, but Yuan Ye shook his head.
Brother Yuan, what do you say? Xu Zijing immediately asked 53 changes.
Alas, although our brother Tianzong has a great career, after all, it has been built for less than two years, and my brother’s strength is not strong enough. On the other hand, the Shura Gate Master Huangfu Yuanshan is five attributes, and all five attributes are cultivated to the peak strength. In a big flame, there are only a handful of Shura Gates, and seven elders are far stronger. Three deputy door masters and three deputy door masters are also quasi-respected. One Tuoba Pi lost a station, and the huge Sect like him was so indifferent. I’m afraid we have to put together this point. Yuan Ye sighed and looked at Cenzeng Xu Zijing again. He solemnly said, Yes, keep the green hills. If you don’t have to worry about burning firewood, Shura Gate will really attack us and kill us. We will divide the three state sites into several small forces and hide them in every corner of Big Six, and constantly accumulate strength until the Shura Gate has a higher ability to fight a decisive battle.
What’s the matter of letting all the territory go here? It’s a real border between Yaoyan House and three state forces. Censen exclaimed.
No matter how powerful people are, they will lose everything. Yuan Ye patiently said that there was a foreign invasion in my hometown. At that time, the foreign forces were very strong, and my local forces took the initiative to hide the big territory in the mountains and forests. The hometown forces never fought against the foreign forces, but the absolute superiority forces waited for an opportunity to attack the foreign forces. At the same time, my hometown forces were constantly attacking, fleeing and hiding, and they grew stronger. Just like poor families, most of them were fathers, filial piety, great wealth and great wealth. It is the true core brother that such a bad environment can still stay in us. When the time comes, it will be easier for us to defeat Shuraman and ask which of your brothers to restore the present event.
Yuan Yeju is the history of his hometown’s war of aggression against China, but Censen and others have never taken such a thing with a grain of salt.
Suddenly Yuan Ye sink way Censen Xu Zijing listen to the shura gate to attack and voluntarily give up the palace compound to avoid their decisive battle. However, each of our compound and each palace shura gate is bound to divide the strength of each handle, but it will not be all strong, and then the absolute power will be eliminated. Let’s immediately disperse and hide and wait for an opportunity to eliminate one. The entanglement of this shura gate will weaken them and strengthen themselves. We will fight against the forces and then they will fight to the death.
It was Censen Xu Zijing who immediately bent down.
Ten elders listened to the orders of the two guests and protected Rui Xi at the same time, and no more mistakes were allowed.
It is Zhang and others who also bend down at the same time.
Yuan Ye looked at Rui Xi’s little witch again. It is enough for you to hide and protect yourself.
Brother Ye, let’s go together. Rui Xi took Yuan Ye’s hand and his eyes were wet.
Yuan Ye gently caressed Rui Xixiu’s judo brother. This trip is bound to be dangerous. It won’t be too dangerous for you to give up the palace and hide. You’d better stay. Yunji has already done something. I don’t want you to listen again.
But I think we were all together before you were together. Rui Xi didn’t give up, and her eyes were full of begging.
When Yuan Yeyixiao and Brother Ye are able to protect you from harm, my brother must accompany you every day, so don’t let me worry about you.
After a meal, Yuan Ye looked at Muqiang Xiaoqiang and our two brothers to find other treasure maps.
Ok, it must be exciting. Guess which one of us can get the water beads and shoot the Apollo bow. I think I am more handsome. Hey, hey, Mu Qiang is smiling. This guy is optimistic when he is in office.
Suddenly Bai Qilong’s eyes lit up and Zhang et al. also looked out.
Patriarch a ghost god blunt come over you that phlogistic star called ZuYao woman leitian sink a way
Zuyao, don’t let your brother attack and bring her in. Yuan Ye immediately sink a way
Is leitian immediately disappeared in the hall MuJiang ran to the door of the hall.
However, Zuyao walked into the hall in Leitian for half an hour. Zuyao looked haggard and pale. Just as he entered the temple door, Mu Qiang faced each other and stared at each other, but they did not move or speak.
Cough, cough, Censen, dry cough, both Zuyao Muqiang were surprised. Zuyao immediately walked around Muqiang and walked into the hall.
Yuan Ye, the predecessor of Zuyao, greeted him immediately.
Yuan Ye Daoyou’s great event is not good. Zuyao dared to say tears and stayed.