Du Yuesheng doesn’t dislike Shen Yueying’s point. His clever wife often gives a little opinion half-truths, but Du Yuesheng feels chic and lovely.


Du Yuesheng always likes to tell Shen Yueying some proud things of the day when everything goes smoothly outside. Of course, Du Yuesheng won’t forget that Shen Yueying is a distant relative of Lin Guisheng. He said something very carefully in front of Shen Yueying, like taking Huang Jinrong and replacing it with the new godfather of the beach. Du Yuesheng never confided to Shen Yueying. On the contrary, Du Yuesheng often praised the kindness of his master and his wife in front of Shen Yueying, and Shen Yueying often discussed how to honor Jin Ronglin Guisheng.
Du Yuesheng has seen a lot of beach intrigue, intrigue, and murder, even if he has married his wife, he has to guard against it
But Du Yuesheng soon felt that he had said too much.
It was very accidental.
That day, Yuan Shanbao accompanied some friends to the public to play, and happened to meet Du Yuesheng in the casino to watch an old friend meet, but he wanted to talk more.
Italy Du Yuesheng reminded Yuan Shanbao of A Gui’s stay in Shen Yueying and the public’s home after marriage. There are too many things to do here, but Du Yuesheng hasn’t been to A Gui yet. It was in Xiaodongmen that friends knew each other well. Du Yuesheng naturally asked Yuan Shanbao about the recent situation in A Gui.
Yuan Shanbao’s face immediately changed color.
Du Yuesheng was puzzled to see that Yuan Shanbao didn’t answer Ma’s question. Even after asking Yuan Shanbao several times, he hesitated to ask Du Yuesheng. You really don’t know.
Du Yuesheng felt that the situation was serious and pulled Yuan Shanbao aside to listen to his detailed account of recent events.
Just a few days ago, my neighbor found that A Gui’s family hadn’t moved for a few days, but he didn’t think much about things when he thought of A Gui doing business on weekdays. He felt something strange because A Gui wouldn’t be the kind of girl who went away for a few days without her family, although she had to laugh, but she was still a good girl in her bones. This is also why Du Yuesheng still has a soft spot for her. At the thought of Yuan Shanbao in A Gui, Du Yuesheng, he felt that he should go and see what was going on.
Yuan Shanbao came to A Gui’s house in Xiaodongmen and called outside for a few times. However, no one answered Yuan Shanbao and immediately realized that something was wrong. Even if A Gui was not there, her brother was not there.
Yuan Shanbao couldn’t help but feel a little anxious to take two steps back and hold his arms to the door. He struggled to bump into the door and then quickly walked to the attic. Du Yuesheng had brought Yuan Shanbao here several times. At this moment, he is good at it.
When I went to the attic, I didn’t see A Gui’s shadow and looked at the things in the room. A Gui was not here for a few days. Yuan Shanbao was very surprised and unwilling to search carefully in the room. Suddenly Yuan Shanbao found a bracelet at the foot of the bed, and he felt bad. He quickly churned up in the attic, but A Gui didn’t take many jewelry with him. Then he turned over some women’s clothes. Yuan Shanbao immediately confirmed that A Gui had gone nowhere but disappeared. Otherwise, the woman’s house didn’t even take jewelry for laundry for days.
Missing in the sea is generally never found again. Adults who have lived in the sea for a long time have definitely not lost their way, so the missing person can be kidnapped or beaten by a sap. The person who kidnapped her in a private door in A Gui is definitely not asking for money. Then I am afraid that A Gui has been thrown into the Huangpu River at this moment.
Yuan Shanbao thought of Du Yuesheng.
Du Yuesheng may have done it.
With the development of the business, Du Yuesheng’s status is very different when he was in Xiaodongmen. Now Shui Yuesheng has long been a shareholder of several big companies in Huang Jinrong and is in charge of public business. At this time, what does Du Yuesheng think of the days when he beat his brothers in Xiaodongmen to steal signs and soak in brothels? Honestly, Yuan Shanbao is not sure that Yuan Shanbao has heard about Zhu Yuanzhang’s story that Zhu Yuanzhang knew that Zhu Yuanzhang burned down the hero pavilion and forced Liu Ji to lean on the column to swallow gold. Whether Du Yuesheng is Zhu Yuanzhang Yuan Shanbao is somewhat doubtful.
Besides, it’s hard for the newlyweds in Du Yuesheng to blow their brains out and do new things. It’s not surprising that Du Yuesheng sent someone to kill A Gui, and even Yuan Shanbao thinks that A Gui really knows too much about Du Yuesheng. Is it difficult to do something?
This time, Du Yuesheng inquired about Yuan Shanbao, and A Gui startled Yuan Shanbao first.
After Yuan Shanbao finished, Du Yuesheng’s brow twisted into a knot in one’s heart.
Du Yuesheng has been together for many years, and Yuan Shanbao rarely sees Du Yuesheng’s expression. Only then did Yuan Shanbao believe that Du Yuesheng was indeed missing A Gui. So what happened?
The problem is serious.
One day, Du Yuesheng’s mind was always turning to this question. He didn’t know whether it was an accident or a plan, but Du Yuesheng had an intuition that A Gui’s disappearance was not an accident.
Until I got home late, Du Yuesheng was still puzzled about this. When Shen Yueying swung his waist and ushered in from the house, Du Yuesheng also expressed a little intimacy, and then went straight to the living room like he didn’t know Shen Yueying, poured a glass of wine in his hand, sat on the sofa and thought about it, which left Shen Yueying in the cold.
From the wedding day, there is not a day when Du Yuesheng rushed to take Shen Yueying into the bedroom and undressed for a long time as soon as she entered the house. Only then did she sit down for dinner again. Shen Yueying was not used to Du Yuesheng’s warm expression. She felt that Du Yuesheng would suddenly die in her body sooner or later, but Du Yuesheng walked into the house and ignored her. Shen Yueying immediately made a scene like turning over the vinegar altar.
This is the first time that Shen Yueying has made such a hullabaloo about since she married Du Yuesheng. What worries her most is that Du Yuesheng has lost interest in herself. The poor fate of those women who have lost their favor since childhood has clearly made Shen Yueying White husband lose interest in herself. What will it be waiting for her?
At the beginning of the marriage, even Du Yuesheng didn’t know Shen Yueying very well. He didn’t know that there was actually no need to worry that his wife would reveal some of her thoughts to Lin Guisheng, Huang Jinrong and Shen Yueying. Her only heart was to keep her husband. Although she had implicitly hinted that she should pay attention to Du Yuesheng’s words and deeds when she started the marriage with Shen Yueying, Shen Yueying helped Du Yuesheng to do things in the hands of Jin Rong. However, only a few days after she got married, she found a much more difficult problem waiting for her to solve.
This problem that worries Shen Yueying the most is other women in Du Yuesheng.
Other men can be left and right, but she can’t be Shen Yueying men and Du Yuesheng can’t.
Shen Yueying deliberately took advantage of Du Yuesheng’s infatuation when she was preparing for a rainy day in Du Yuesheng. It was Du Yuesheng who unconsciously stayed in Shen Yueying for all those charming things in the past. Only then did he know why Du Yuesheng was so skilled and so strong on her wedding night. He couldn’t remember when there were too many Du Yuesheng women, which was really a blow to Shen Yueying.
She wants to ask those rotten goods and find a way to treat them well. Who dares to attack Shen Yueying men after seeing them? Who knows that the number of these women makes Shen Yueying root out the law. Just when Shen Yueying is about to despair, Du Yuesheng once said another woman’s name after being drunk. This woman is A Gui.
Shen Yueying immediately had an idea.
Du Yuesheng never mentioned that A Gui spoke the truth after being drunk this time, which shows that the two of them are extraordinary. What makes Shen Yueying unbearable is that Du Yuesheng’s mouth is actually the name of A Gui.
Du Yuesheng was rarely drunk in his life, but this time he was drunk and ruined an old lover.
The next day, Shen Yueying called back to Suzhou to find a few confidants who took advantage of the night to touch into A Gui’s residence, tied A Gui and her brother together, sank the Huangpu River in the middle of the night and buried a client. A few people went back to Suzhou overnight and Du Yuesheng ran from the search.
It happened that three months later, Zhang Xiaolin went to Suzhou to handle goods and catch up with a person who was involved at that time. Zhang Xiaolin heard it clearly. Zhang Xiaolin quietly followed behind with a few people to find a secluded place, tied it up and threw it into the boat and gave it to Du Yuesheng.
Du Yuesheng didn’t know that A Gui was really sunk in Huangpu River, but he couldn’t figure out how Shen Yueying knew about A Gui. However, Du Yuesheng was more cautious when he spoke to Shen Yueying afterwards, and his feelings of disgust for his wife also plummeted. The sweet intimacy on the wedding night is not the same.
That is, from then on, Du Yuesheng frequently entered brothels or spent it in the face of the new Zhang Sanxin company of Volkswagen Casino.
Emotionally, Du Yuesheng was unexpectedly urged to turn more energy into money after losing a woman. Du Yuesheng’s eyes quickly took a look at the smoke.
Casinos can indeed make a lot of money, but compared with selling tobacco soil, the profit theory is one notch worse in quantity and speed, but Du Yuesheng is also a white tobacco soil business, which is by no means so easy to do, otherwise everyone would have been selling tobacco soil long ago. To sell tobacco soil, it must be protected by foreigners in the concession, and this must be done by Huang Jinrong, the inspector general of the French concession.
Just then, Du Yuesheng received the news that Jenny Lin Guisheng asked him to go to Huang Mansion.
After Du Yuesheng’s unexpected meeting, a few words of routine courtesy finished Lin Guisheng’s first sentence and asked Du Yuesheng Yuesheng. Do you think the smoky soil business is good now?
Du Yuesheng’s heart was first stupefied, and then he thought about Lin Guisheng Hui people. Since Lin Guisheng was so clever these days, he also thought of it early. It seems that Lin Guisheng had an idea in his mind, so Du Yuesheng was not in a hurry to say what he meant, but sold it.