Duan Yishen looked leisurely and comfortable as a king, sitting in a white horse, fluttering handsome and evil spirits, and behind him were nearly 100 guards, all with strong eyes and a pistol.


When the eyes are in the morning, a tremor passes through the bottom of the eyes, and then he hides them well. The flying dust is like a thin veil between the two people, which reminds them of their lips and smiles. The elegance and enchanting are amazing to the world.
Xiaoxiao looked back and forth long ago and figured out what was going on. She was calm, and others immediately guarded her tightly.
Do you want to kill Duan Xiaoqi? Lift your eyes. Leng Yan is as indifferent as a different person.
Duan Yi sank his cheeks and deepened his smile, as if all this was just a fun hunting game for him. He raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows. The sharp eyes shone directly at her through the cracks in his fingers, and he was a little gloomy and arrogant.
Hehe, he chuckled and folded his eyes. He was not as calm as usual. Maybe we should thank his seventh brother. If it weren’t for him, I’m afraid that Qing Lanchao would have collapsed in the struggle for potential. How could it be as consistent as it is now?
Xiaoxiao picked his eyebrows and took him as cannon fodder, then shook his head. No, you didn’t just calculate people. You also pushed yourself to the wall by doing so.
Oh, so you believe that his fourth brother’s 10,000 soldiers will be enough for him to deal with it by himself. Even with superhuman powers, you can’t get away with it. Duan Yishen smiled even more bewitched, but his hands in the sleeve were clenched tightly, his lazy eyes were slightly raised, and Yingying was half closed. Now come here and come back.
Xiaoxiao’s smile is elegant and moving, and I’m not going anywhere except beside him.
His Gherardini was mixed with coldness and frost, and he gently raised his hand.
Zhang Yu secretly hubris his eyes across the water, and his brow tangled into a line, clenching his teeth and holding his legs in a horse’s belly, leading the strong guards behind him to rush to speak and others to stand in the way of Xiaoxiao’s front and look awe-inspiring and inviolable.
Xiaoxiao didn’t flinch behind them and swept Duan Yishen one eye and stepped back to her arms. Xiaotian said, Xiaotian, can you deal with so many people at once?
Xiaotian also simply can’t. Although it’s a non-human guardian spirit, it’s really a shame. Apart from such a simple thing as breaking a door, locking a lock and finding a way for someone, excessive spiritual strength will lead to a narrow escape like this.
Hao Xiaoxiao’s eyes are tough and determined. I tried to summon the silver wolf Panther. You summoned me to enlarge and spread. She is not good at art and can’t help through Xiaotian like the master.
Xiaotian nodded and was ready to be psychic at any time.
Opposite Duan Yishen stare at Xiaoxiao and see her like talking to someone suspicious. Mi suddenly got up and flew to this side.
Xiaoxiao immediately moved her lips in spirit, and Xiaotian’s claws quickly changed to make her sound far away.
Seeing Duan Yishen will be close to Xiaoxiao, and the water will definitely fly in front of him. Stop him. When Duan Yishen’s eyes are cold, he will push his palms toward her. Zhang Yu will always pay attention to seeing her in her body and being shocked by the Lord. Damn it, isn’t she desperate? He wants to and doesn’t want to rush to block Duan Yishen’s front. The sovereign let his family deal with her. Just take the water offensive and force her to retreat. You are not a sovereign opponent. Don’t play hardball with him.
So what? If you twist your eyebrows, you won’t take his advice to heart. Even if you talk to him, you’ll be merciless. We in the Monastery have never been afraid of anyone. Don’t forget that we have our own strengths, so come on.
You Zhang Yu, angry and anxious, don’t know how to wake up this woman. It’s already a no-suspense contest. The four princes brought 10 thousand military forces, that is, they wanted to annihilate them, and the princes brought these 100 people, which is also his most powerful elite department. He tried his best to save her. No, she actually hit him on the knife edge. It seems that she can’t live with this woman. She will definitely rush forward regardless of life.
Okay, as soon as he grits his teeth, try it.
Water pursed his lips, and he didn’t say anything nonsense.
Seeing Duan Yishen coming towards himself, Xiaoxiao’s eyebrows are getting closer and closer and she keeps going backwards.
Duan Yi sank a smile, and even if your heart is already in another man’s body, I won’t give you to him.
Xiaoxiao sneers, but it’s a pity that even then I won’t come back to love you.
Hehe, I don’t mind that Duan Yishen has forced her to explore the car towards her. She was just about to touch and listen to a low howl above her head, and then a silver-gray wolf directly crossed the roof and landed behind him. His claws turned around and moved towards him in one go.
Duan Yi’s face was slightly cold, and he took a clap at it sideways, but he never thought that he could escape from his offensive roots deftly because of the tacit cooperation between a panther, a wolf and a leopard. This made Duan Yi calm and surprised. Is this why Guancang’s private soldiers failed last night?
Xiaoxiao took the opportunity to get to the bottom of the carriage, climbed to the road where he came, got up and strode away. He could see that the dust picked up by the horse seemed to be running this way.
Be careful of your arms. As soon as Xiaotian exclaimed, he saw a sharp arrow coming straight. Xiaotian suddenly rushed to open his mouth, bit the arrow and fell to the ground.
But in an instant, more and more arrows rained down from both sides halfway up the mountain. Xiaoxiao clenched his teeth and rolled to the ground. At this time, Duan Yi sank and stood in front of her and stopped the arrow. Then he turned around and picked her up.
I don’t want to go with you. These are all your arrangements. You will be here again. I want to push his right hand, but he is holding it tightly. Duan Yishen’s eyes are dim and he says coldly, Do you want to kill us?
Xiaoxiao metamorphoses, zheng, what do you mean?
Duan Yishen sneered at her and pulled her around her waist. It’s too dangerous here. You must leave with me immediately.
No, Xiaoxiao shouted resolutely, even if heaven and man want him dead, so what? Even if I die, I will die with them.
Duan Yi is cold and hard for a moment, and she will definitely set off an uproar in his heart. He keeps a close eye on her eyes, bloodthirsty and violent, and her mouth is more and more ridiculous. She wants to die with him. Hehe Yingying, you’d better give up this idea. You can’t expect me for a day unless I die.
After that, he raised his eyes and stared at the shrinking encirclement not far away, otherwise you would be separated by Yin and Yang and never want to meet again.
I noticed that the figure over there was moving and trampling, and I couldn’t see it for a long time. How can I face the hordes of horses and horses alone? Xiaoxiao’s heart is slowly sinking. That kind of panic will lose him. The moment is not in the year, but her strong will.
She can’t lose
Gradually, her eyes cooled down, and suddenly a strange color appeared on her eyes, like the surging of the universe’s Xinghai and the deep sea’s whirlpool Duan Yi’s heavy surprise, frowning at her and suddenly feeling that her soul was almost sucked in.
While Xiaotian saw such xiaoxiao gawk froze.
Her eyes
Xiaotian suddenly remembered something and turned and ran away.
Duan Yishen stared at Xiaoxiao’s gradient pupil in disbelief, and the picture looked very strange.
Suddenly eyes strange quickly recede glittering and translucent eyes surprised.
Duan Yi sink a shock slowly turned his head.
Duan Fei’s wide robe floated slightly in the wind, and her eyes locked with a few light water stops. Xiaoxiao’s mouth was faintly tilted and she reached out to her.
Xiaoxiao is about to rush over with a smile, and his face suddenly turns to be careless.
Behind him are thousands of arrows