After the words gave the answer, Li Yueling jumped up from the sofa excitedly in three steps and two steps, and picked up the previously thrown volume.


Heaven records heaven and builds a foundation. Haha, it’s you. Don’t be immortal, but the things in the ring seem to be the same.
The next afternoon, due to Li Yueling’s study of the obscure article on the construction of heaven yesterday, he couldn’t resist the tiredness until after four o’clock in the morning. After sleeping, he would find an excuse to lie about soliciting guests to see the house and then sneak back home with a high bed and a thick pillow to sleep.
This sleep turned out to be sleeping until four o’clock in the afternoon. When Li Yueling saw it, it was time to rush back to the company. I didn’t expect to see a sullen section chief waving at myself at the door before I entered the door of the business department.
Nai followed the Mediterranean section chief into the office. After sitting down, the section chief asked Xiao Li, which guests did you take to see the mansion today? What did the guests say?
According to Li Yueling’s experience in hongda real estate for more than three years, I immediately judged that these words of the section chief seemed to be inquiries, but they were actually challenged.
It is not feasible to continue to lie and muddle through. Since the Mediterranean has asked this question, it is estimated that he must have touched the bottom of the story. He needs to randomly choose a self-made guest and dial a question to expose himself. He admits that he has gone home to supplement his sleep jokes, so that he does not hold the handle. At that time, Li Yueling was in a dilemma.
See Li Yueling half a day didn’t sound the section chief with a certain expression, picked up the table and took a sip of tea, crossed his legs and narrowed his eyes slightly, waiting for Li Yueling to answer. Before the end of the month, he let you leave this ignorant little person. This time, I caught the plait, although it wasn’t serious enough to immediately drive you out of Hongda. I can give you an excuse to come to a department. informed criticism, see if you still have this face?
When the Mediterranean section chief was brewing to educate Li Yueling, Li Yueling suddenly took a remark that puzzled him.
The section chief’s company, Xiamen, turn left at the second intersection, and the shop there is simply a paradise for you to measure. If you don’t go, it’s really wrong.
What do you mean by this? I can’t understand what Li Yueling means by this. The section chief said blankly
Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you the name of the store. I sent it there to sell wigs and headgear. The quality is exquisite and it’s cold today. It’s easy to catch a cold like you. Besides, it also affects the market like you. After all, the sea is also an international metropolis
Before the section chief became angry, Li Yueling answered, I was waking you up as a kind-hearted person just now, not as your employee. I decided to quit because of my young master.
Because the office door was deliberately opened by the section chief, the boss Li Yueling’s remarks made more than a dozen employees of Shangzhongke outside listen to it, which was really not ugly. There was a hint of admiration in everyone’s eyes. After enjoying the section chief’s face, several bold employees quietly gave Li Yueling a thumbs up, saying that today I can see this unkind section chief embarrassed and must have a good sleep after returning home.
Li Yueling, who has been away from work for three years, is a little lost in his heart, but he regrets that he didn’t do anything right. Before he got the cold-fighting ring, Li Yueling might swallow it. After all, it is not easy to get a decent job in this highly competitive meeting. But now Li Yueling has to roll away as far as he can when he thinks that the hill in the cold-fighting ring is like a golden sand. It is the only way to practice the foundation of heaven quickly.
Humming an unknown tune in his mouth, Li Yueling looked back and looked particularly dazzling in the sunshine. The heart of Hongda Building was filled with emotion. The world is a paradise for money people. He has worked hard for three years before he got into a small main position. In the end, he didn’t win a king’s egg and said that money is either omnipotent or fucking omnipotent.
Two and a half months passed quickly. During this period, Li Yueling almost devoted himself to the cultivation of the foundation of heaven except the necessary purchase of food. Although Li Yueling knew all the words, the obscure formula contained profound meaning, which made Li Yueling suffer enough for several times and almost possessed himself.
After an almost possessed experience, Li Yueling didn’t dare to guess the meaning of the oral judgment in the foundation of Heaven, but took the convenience of checking one by one. During this period, Li Yueling almost made a clear reference to all the Taoist leaders in the past dynasties, and even sent a consultation post to the Taoist forum from time to time to teach the answers.
However, Li Yueling’s move has caused quite a stir in several well-known Taoist forums. Although Li Yueling has split up the oral decisions one by one and selected a small number of them, it is really impossible for them to post for advice. However, those who study the origin of Taoism after interpreting Li Yueling’s oral comments unanimously believe that this phrase is a Taoist vein and has been pursuing the ultimate meaning. At that time, in these well-known Taoists, cold spots are also famous and manic. This is what Li Yueling never expected.
The wisdom of the masses is not personal, but the excitement of Li Yueling’s heart is really hard to shape after he has worked hard to build the basic articles of Heaven, but more than 300 words of formulas are annotated one by one
20,000 words less than 300 words can actually derive 20,000 words. Li Yueling secretly rejoiced that he had not rashly forced to practice. After that, it was simply unimaginable. In his heart, he could not help but despise a cold ring to his master Song Bo.
In fact, Li Yueling really cultivated the foundation of heaven a month ago, and spent a month and a half beforehand commenting on the foundation formula.
In fact, a month is absolutely a drop in the bucket for repairing the truth, because Li Yueling used to hang out in various forums. Today, he also knows something about the Taoist situation. It is said that Qiu Chuji, a real person in Changchun, completed the first step of repairing the truth from martial arts. For twelve years, he was also a dragon and tiger founder of Zhang Tianshi, and closed the foundation for nine years. Although all these are said that cultivating immortality is regarded as a myth in the modern society, Li Yueling knows that Chengdu is true because of his personal experience.
Li Yueling didn’t recognize that his qualification was higher than that of Zhang Tianshi, a real person in Changchun, but he calculated all kinds of possibilities and finally focused on the things he had brought from the cold-fighting ring.
In the bold idea of eating the dead, Li Yueling lay on the ground for two days and one night after the first white jade bottle of pills, and was still bitten by several ants in the depths of the bone marrow, which made Li Yueling kill him immediately but thought of the rest of his life. However, after two days and one night, the feeling of extreme pain and itching turned into a perfect one. Shu Tai seemed to be a hundred times more comfortable than a dozen chicks, which was a wonderful feeling without words.
Once again, Li Yueling found that he had not eaten for so long, and he didn’t feel hungry at all. At the same time, his energy was not strong before. At this moment, Li Yueling knew that he was right this time.
The fourth chapter daughter and king
Li Yueling has eaten ten hell-paradise pills in a blink of an eye according to the daily quantity. There is no name for the white jade bottle pills. Li Yueling gave this pill such a title with a deep understanding of this pill.
The cultivation of Heaven and Heaven has also improved. Today, Li Yueling has passed the most difficult part of the foundation. Of course, this can be achieved by relying on the remarkable effect of Hell and Heaven Dan. Otherwise, Li Yueling may not be able to achieve the current progress if he is given ten years.
This thing seems to have nothing to eat. It seems that it’s up to you. Li Yueling sat cross-legged on the bed with half a bottle of hell, heaven and white jade in his hand, saying
The small achievement of practicing Heaven and Building a Foundation also requires Li Yueling to thoroughly understand the volume and the formula. He knows that if he wants to make a big speech, Dan in hell and heaven can’t help himself, because it’s very simple to eat Dan in the ninth hell and heaven, and Li Yueling has never experienced extremely painful and refreshing symptoms again, just like eating candied beans. The first one will be smelly and sweaty, and now it’s gone
It’s not a way to practice at home all the time. Li Yueling knows that it’s impossible to achieve great success without the help of Dan medicine for a year and a half. Now it’s the hardest thing to spend alone. It’s time to take two hours of luck every day step by step.
At the thought of this, Li Yueling jumped out of bed. You know, Li Yueling was sitting cross-legged on his forehead and the ceiling was more than one meter high.
I forgot that this is the fifth time. Li Yueling looked at the ceiling and left five holes in different shades. After muttering about washing the pulp and tendons, Li Yueling found that he not only became clear and agile, but also had the ability to remember everything. His skill was even more strange and neat. Before practicing boxing at a martial arts school, he was all full of power, and he seemed to be unable to do up to 300 push-ups in one breath. Now doing 300 with one hand is actually a little asthma.
Sometime, the young master can still win honor for the sports cause of the motherland now. After falling in love with him, Li Yueling pressed the bedside message answering machine. The other day, Li Yueling was able to meditate and practice the foundation of heaven. Li Yueling choked all the source lines on his mobile phone and died long ago when the haunted house and the snake fought bravely.