This is the long river method to solve the murderous look. However, it is only when the sword is cultivated that the realm of Dao Jinxian will be polished clean before you dare to advance the murderous look. Otherwise, the murderous look will fall no matter how strong your fencing is.


Leitian just isn’t afraid, but turns murderous look into his own means of attack and brings it to meet them in the realm of pick Jin Xian.
Time has passed, and a duel has never been fought for such a long time. A pick Jin Xian couldn’t kill him. It was in a Fiona Fang Baili challenge ring.
There was silence in Penglai Mountain Gate.
Penglai Tiandi saw that the long river had a long meritorious military service, but he was not anxious in his heart. He felt a sense of foreboding that the long river would lose and might be killed by the other side.
He suddenly wanted to beg, even if he gave up, to save the life of Changhe.
But he is not willing to let the long river throw in the towel. After the long river heart is bound to be broken, it will also be advanced to the Emperor of Heaven.
If you don’t admit defeat, you may die
I’ve stepped in and written a jade book, so it’s a disaster for Penglai.
I have said that Leitian’s strength is far greater than he expected. He treated Leitian like a bug, but now he regards Leitian as killing God.
This leitian root is born of killing, and that murderous look has never killed trillions of creatures, and it will never condense.
So why don’t people report to let their previous judgment?
He thought so, but he never thought that it was also a recent event that Leitian became a pick Jin Xian. How could a Jin Xian character disturb his practice?
This time, Penglai didn’t lose six pick Jin Xian, and he wouldn’t even meet him.
Li Bihu suddenly said, Penglai Daoyou throw in the towel. If you throw in the towel, the long river will not die.
When he said this, the immortal in the Penglai Mountain Gate refused to shut up. Li Bihu, such a goad, would be like a donkey to ordinary people. For him, he would rather die than accept insults.
What’s more, the long river hasn’t shown signs of defeat yet
Just thought of here, the long river qi machine suddenly became urgent, and he was surprised to find that he had lost his strength. This is absolutely impossible
Luo Jinxian’s energy loss is very small because of his strong recovery ability. It is necessary to control that he can keep fighting and keep the rhythm in front of him.
Chaotic nodes suddenly exploded in a hurry, and the long river had to be defended by a purple jade knife, which could not keep its own strength.
Datura, the flower demon in the demon gourd, slumped to the ground. She secretly released her own pollen, which can increase the strength of a fairy in a short time and show signs.
Because it’s a good thing, it’s a long river, and I haven’t noticed that my strength has improved a little.
The attack on the long river has never been able to reach a balance. The Datura pollen is condensed by her life essence to give strength to the long river.
When she finally lost her strength, she was weak, but the long river was affected by her pollen, and her strength was out of control.
Leitian took the initiative for the first time. He detonated the dark matter nodes one by one, and the consumption of the long river would never be replenished. The long river body didn’t carry much Dan medicine to his state. No one had ever spelled any consumption with a purple jade knife in his hand.
Every battle is a quick victory, which makes the long river unbalanced.
White got up, but it was always enough for Du Jie Xiangang.
I have to slowly turn to the defensive and stop trying to destroy this chaotic world, but to restore my own balance of power.
How could Leitian give Changhe such an opportunity? Datura created a fighter just once.
If you consume yourself, you must be a tiger to win.
The ancient hate day cut demon launched an attack in the dark at the same time.
Chapter four hundred and seventy-three Catch the Fairy
Two pick Jin Xian-one by one, the demon-cutting sword light completely shattered the long river and left a red knife light wrapped around his body.
The ancient hate day attack is a huge beast head phantom, and the beast head expression is ferocious, which will make Jin Xian lose his mind at a glance.
These two pick Jin Xian may not be as powerful as the long river, but they are both spirits with absolute attack power.