"Hum! Of course you like it. He wants to help you take a concubine! " With the voice, a Taoist with enchanting and beautiful posture appeared beside Qi Shushi, and her face was a little rain or shine. I don’t know what she was thinking.


Qi Shushi laughed. "He also praised you as the first beauty in the right way!" It turns out that this Taoist is Qi Shushi’s wife and wonderful first lady Xun Lanyin!
Xun Lan said, "Hum! That kid is the best at rhetoric, but I appreciate his attitude towards Xiaer just now. Although overbearing and unreasonable, he looks like a man. I think Xiaer and Yuner should not be bullied by others after him! But I’m afraid I will be bullied by him. "
Qi Shushi laughed. "But then again, it seems that everything is unreasonable! Look at him, it seems that if someone really goes to him to ask Xiaer, he will cut him down.
Xunlan because laughed "is it? If you don’t, let the drunken Taoist and the violent people talk about it. Isn’t it just the two of them? See if Yi Yu’s little mouth is sweet or … "
Just then, Qi Shushi and Xun Lan suddenly heard someone say, "If the parents-in-law and mother-in-law want the drunken Taoist to die, if my husband is willing to do it for him and dare to come, I will make him disappear forever!"
A wonderful couple with a slight ash couldn’t help laughing …
It is said that Yi Yu left Miao and his wife wanted to rush directly to the Linghun place in Jiangbei, but they wanted to leave Chen Ziqin here alone and were not at ease. After all, at this time, if she had not repaired it, it would be difficult to deal with it if she was in trouble. Besides, she left in a hurry just now, but she didn’t know what trouble she was in.
Just visible when I came back, I just heard a wonderful couple talking, but I replied, I just saw this beautiful woman talking to herself outside Chen Zi’s boudoir.
When Chen Ziqin saw Yi Yu coming, he couldn’t help being angry and angry. A pair of powder fists went straight to Yi Yu’s chest to scold, "You bad guy! How dare you eavesdrop on others! I can’t spare you today! "
Yi Yu laughed. "How can you spare me? I don’t think you have resumed your studies, so you are my opponent! " Said unexpectedly descended just visible.
Chen Ziqin panic way "you let me go! I’m angry! I’m really angry … Ah! How dare you tear my clothes? I’ll fight with you today! "
Yi Yu a face of Yin laughed, "didn’t you just say that you will give me the body so unwilling? Now that I have a bully hard bow, my witch baby will not be reconciled! " Say Yi Yu picked up Chen Ziqin and ran to the house. Although Chen Zi’s mouth was full of anger, she didn’t struggle hard. If she was really distracted, although her strength was not recovered, she could bring a lot of trouble to Yi Yu. How could she be so easily reported to bed?
Chen Ziqin angry way "you little bastard! Bad pervert! When I get back to repair, I’ll tear you apart! Chop it up and feed it to the dog! I ….. Oops! Be gentle … It hurts! You son of a bitch can’t pity a family! "
The policy of hibiscus powder barrier, spring and bright colors, falling flowers and floating clouds
Chong Yan Run went outside to Ruofang Fenglong Yuanjun Nong side.
After that, Chen Ziqin looked at Yi Yu around her with a faint fragrance. I didn’t know what I was thinking. Looking at the sad beauty around me, Yi Yu’s heart turned over and said, "Did my little witch just relax?"
Chen Ziqin was even redder and said, "People are killing me. You have the nerve to ask! You see ….. "Said the little witch actually held the nipple on her chest to Yi Yu and saw that there was a circle of tooth marks around the little red grape at the top of the jade-like white soft and greasy breasts! Although it destroys a kind of perfection, it presents another kind of aesthetic feeling of destruction!
Listen to Chen Ziqin murmured, "You bastard, people are scared to death just now, but you have to bite it …" But she didn’t notice that Yi Yu’s eyes released two green lights at this time, but it’s no wonder that a man was faint in the face of such a beautiful woman, and his words could still hold back!
Suddenly feel wrong Chen Ziqin exclaimed "no! What are you doing? I can’t do it … Please let me go this time. It’s my first time! Ah! Son of a bitch, if you don’t listen, I’ll do it! If you dare to mess around again, I will hate you for a generation and never let you touch one again! I … I … "If you would like to know the funeral, please see" Unlucky Geng ".
Back to the 210th unlucky Geng Kun
With Chen Ziqin’s weak, frightened, threatening and pitying appearance, Yi Yu is actually just trying to scare Chen Ziqin. Now I can’t help laughing proudly when I see her fear. "Little witch, if you beg for mercy from me, I will let you go today!"
Where will Chen Ziqin listen to him immediately? "You’re dreaming! Think of me begging for mercy from you! " Speaking of which, Chen Ziqin seems to have suddenly thought of something, and suddenly his face changed and he exclaimed, "What’s the matter? How come I haven’t changed at all! Seal power purple mansion how … "
Yi Yu rubbed her nose and smiled strangely. "That … actually, I haven’t practiced Tai Hao Tiandijing!"
When Chen Ziqin heard it, he couldn’t help but be angry. From his heart, evil turned to bravery and shouted, "Ah! Bastard, I’ll kill you! ……”
Yi Yu hugged Chen Ziqin and smiled. "No, I’ll just watch it now and then let’s do it again … ouch! Don’t you dare bite my nose … "
Chen Ziqin nu way "you smelly bastard! I not only want your nose, but also bite you off as a bad guy "………..
Yi Yu and Chen Ziqin flew hand in hand to the camp in Linghun, Jiangbei. Just now, they were still in bed, but they were inseparable. For Yi Yu, such a great beauty sent the door, and he was naturally happy to accept it. For Chen Ziqin, there is no way to get married without strength in this disaster. Anyway, if you want to restore the repair, you must marry a man casually. It is better to forget it with Yi Yu. Chen Ziqin believes that the vision of applying for scale is on the one hand, to say the least, Yi Yu is really not suffering when the time comes. Not to be alone.
Yi Yudao "Why do you have to follow me in Jiangbei? When others see it, they should say that I seduce a good woman. "
Chen Ziqin cold hum a "aren’t you? Just now, you were not seducing but raping! "
Yi Yu laughed. "Is it rape? But then … ouch! "
Chen Ziqin took back his powder fist and waved his anger. "You promised that people would not be ashamed again. Your words don’t count!"
Yi Yu laughed. "That doesn’t follow! Isn’t it good to play that’ goddess game’ with them? "
Chen Ziqin flew a glad eye and laughed. "That game is not fun for you! Besides, didn’t you say you were worried about my safety? It is natural to protect others at any time? "
Yi Yu grinned, "I still protect you! Now you are better than me! "
Chen Ziqin said, "Where is it? I just resumed the six-story repair! It’s all your fault that you don’t practice well at ordinary times. Just now, I’m cramming … "
Yi Yu Yin laughed. "I will try my best to make it three or four times every day. I believe that you can … in a month."
Chen Ziqin little face a red Chen way "bah! Who can stand you … "
Yi Yu and Chen Ziqin haven’t fallen yet. Just see two golden lights flying over there. They are Ling Hun and Cui Wugu Ling Hun. "You are here! I still … "
Yi Yu a fuels laughed "Ling Hun elder oversensitive but just something happened over there and delayed some! Oh, by the way, this is my brother Wu. I heard that Miss Ling was ill and came with me to say hello! "
Ling Hun and Cui Wugu are child prodigies. Although Yi Yu says it’s nice, it’s not hard to figure out how close they are hand in hand. Ling Hun laughs. "It’s Wu Daoyou’s heart that is so troublesome, but he’s a little sorry."
Yi Yudao: "I wonder what is the situation of Miss Ling now?"
Ling muddy way "ah! It’s still the same, but no one cares, but it seems a little tired and I’m asleep now! This kind of thing is really worrying! "
Yi Yudao: "Let the elder rest assured that Ji Ren has his own nature. I believe that Miss Ling will turn the tide of adversity into prosperity. In that case, I have an important thing to discuss with elder Ling and find a secret place to talk."
Ling Hun and Cui Wugu listened to Yi Yuyan and couldn’t help glances. I didn’t know what medicine he was selling in this gourd, but obviously this Yuanjiang was not a place to talk, although the wind was slow and the fog was light and the scenery was pleasant. Yi Yu and Wu followed Ling Hun and his wife into a humble hut and the two sides took their seats.
Ling Hun said, "I don’t know what’s the secret of friends talking here?"
Yi Yu smiled and looked at Ling Hun and then at Cui Wugu. "It’s a big deal. Let’s see if Senior Ling calls Senior Yi Xiu and Senior Yi Daoren to discuss it together first?"
Ling muddy face a frozen, of course, he is by no means because Yi Yu wants others to feel despised, but he sees Yi Yu so carefully and realizes that this matter is serious. Cui Wugu got the message and immediately got up and went out of the house. Ling muddy laughed. "So please wait a moment for Yi Yu Daoyou."
Yi Yu chatted with Ling Hun again for a moment. Road flyover Geng Kun came in from the outside, nodded at Yi Yu and Wu and didn’t speak. He just did it opposite Cui Wugu, but he didn’t come back. It seems that he called them B in the past.