A yin spirit can be gathered into a soul bead, which is of little help, but a hundred soul beads can make ordinary people directly step into the field of repairing truth, and a thousand soul beads are not difficult to form a yuan baby.


Speaking of it, this soul bead is better than Daniel lee’s spiritual research, and it is not like the operation of the soul bead. This legal person can absorb the soul bead but it is more like a panacea, but the amount of this panacea is very large
I can’t believe that gathering soul beads, a magical means that was annihilated in ancient times, would be surprised by Li Yueling, a ghost in the sky, and it is also dark speculation.
Presumably this day, the ghost eats the soul, and the owner is the person who refined this treasure. It must be a few demons who knew how to condense the soul beads in ancient times.
Li Yueling thought for a moment, and the ghosts in the sky were all about the same. Immediately, he looked at the front and piled up like a hill. Li Yueling was also a long time.
Say less than 30,000 to 50,000, dear God. This underworld is a perfect match. These soul beads can casually upgrade their strength to more than one level.
The soul bead is insurable, but Li Yueling is the first to enter the cold-fighting ring and deadly. The ghost will send more than 20,000 evil spirits to his side.
These evil spirits have been refined by evil spirits, and their anger has turned into ghosts. Li Yueling did not hesitate to use his magical powers to transform them into mysterious evil spirits that are of great help to himself.
After about three or five sticks of incense, it was already successful. Daniel lee was inspired by the eyebrows and derived a clear aura that seemed to be detached. Generally, this made him wonder for a while
Supposedly, I have absorbed a lot of mysterious and evil spirits, and my strength has been greatly improved, but after all, I have been repaired by Du Jie.
It’s just a pure cultivation of strength and induction, but before crossing the apocalypse, the realm is never going to rise again, but just now the indication is that it is possible for the realm to rise to Mahayana to coagulate the fetus.
Is it difficult to say that you have to cross the apocalypse and directly break through to Mahayana?
In fact, where did Li Yueling know that he had really broken through to Mahayana by absorbing a huge amount of mysterious evil spirits? It should be that fixing the truth must experience Armageddon, but Li Yueling escaped because of the special boundary of the underworld.
You know, although Armageddon is said to be absent, it doesn’t mean that Armageddon is indestructible. In fact, as early as Li Yueling’s absorption of the mysterious evil spirit, at the same time, he should be ordered that Armageddon is arrival.
However, I didn’t want to be prevented from thinking that the Bodhisattva, the king of the earth, was a powerful figure, and his magical skills would not be robbed by a small heaven aimed at repairing the truth
This also led Li Yueling to become the first person in the history of repairing truth who was promoted to Mahayana without experiencing natural disaster.
It is temporary that Li Yueling didn’t think it through at this point. After all, it’s too abstruse. Even if he learned from the nine-doubt tripod, he can’t be knowledgeable in a short time and get great benefits by breaking this accident.
After all, Li Yueling’s murder in the Antarctic was more serious than the death of all the sea animals at his hands, which also means that he will experience the apocalypse, which is extremely powerful and dangerous, and will be regarded as a great benefit and should be.
It’s really disgusting that Jin Nuanyu is angry with these disciples of Xianglong Group, but their grievances are always looking for trouble. This time, it’s even more outrageous to investigate the detailed information of the family and hold high the banner of exorcism and morality to find the door.
It’s really hard to calm your anger without giving them a good lesson.
Before Li Yueling’s body, she cared for Jin Nuan jade twice. Otherwise, Jin Nuan jade could achieve several desires in such a short time, and she was also a magic weapon. At the beginning, Li Yueling got ten magic weapons from the Crystal Palace in Earthsea, and most of them were given to Jin Nuan jade, but it is not difficult for her to make use of these magic weapons today. This is also the root cause of her confidence to give Zhou Xian Ran and others a painful lesson.
After all, the theory that strength can speak louder is unchanged in the secular world or in the realm of repair.
Today, Jin Wenyu stepped on the fierce phoenix sword and flew toward the South China Sea with a fiery red light. In fact, she could speed up the speed by three points, but she deliberately left room for Zhou Xian and others to chase after her.
It’s been another tea time, and it’s determined that Fiona Fang is a hundred miles away. Jin Nuanyu is always slowing down. Look, in Zhou Xian’s eyes, it’s still too late.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-one Ten Temple Yamaraja One
Demon girl, you run to the ends of the earth to attach the first to be punished. However, Zhou Xian took the lead in stabilizing his body in the eyes of Jin Nuanyu twenty feet away from the middle distance, and the pitfalls flashed.
While Liu Bing Ye Yun is flashing, respectively, and the three of them are surrounded by Jin Nuanyu.
It’s so funny to be called a siren Jin Nuanyu once for such a big head. Just want to deal with your aunt together. It’s really a feather’s head. It’s just I don’t know what to say about this childish scene after chasing it for so long.
Death to Zhou Xian was immediately struck by Jin Nuanyu, and it was a coagulation of cutting and cutting. This is a unique skill of wu-tang clan, but it is not easy to get together with heaven and earth, and the fire thunders, and it is also three poles, five poles, seven poles and nine poles, and it is not easy for Zhou Xian to fix it.
I won’t hesitate to meet my senior brother Liu Bingye, but it’s also like smashing several roads, just like the golden five-pole Lei Gang blew the past, and the cloud has not been idle. Speaking of the three people present, he is the most reason to deal with the golden warm jade flying sword, which has been sacrificed with a touch of blue light.
It’s quite awesome for these three people to launch together, but Jin Nuanyu is ready to raise her hand in fear. It’s already a dark bell-shaped magic weapon. This treasure, also known as Xuanwu cover, is a defensive magic weapon. I saw a strange screen in the dark and purple, and put Jin Nuanyu in it.
The five-pole Lei Gang touches the magic weapon to diffract, but the defensive light curtain makes a crackling explosion, but it is difficult to do any harm to Jin Nuanyu. However, the flying sword of the cloud is very fast, and the shuttle is blocked by the mysterious Wu, but it is also in a stalemate.
The flying sword hummed and tried to pierce the screen
However, it is impossible for Jin Wenyuran to allow the other side to fly the sword so arrogantly and pedal fiercely. Feng was greeted by a fiery red light. Two flying swords collided in a high position. The theory is that Yunfeijian is at a disadvantage in terms of repairing strength or flying sword quality.
After the strike force of the listed Phoenix Sword, his blue light flying sword was smashed. If Yun was not proficient in the sword, it would not have been destroyed in this blow.
Zhou Xian, however, saw that Jin Nuan Yu Xuan Wu’s fierce phoenix sword was very fierce, and he knew that it was not a simple thing when he saw it. He also secretly said in his heart that this enchantress had a lot of means, and even a magic weapon was endless.
I’m afraid I can’t make it clear today.
Sister, you can retreat with the cloud and watch me come here. Zhou Xian, the enchantress, is full of confidence in the power of Qingning Fan.
I don’t know how much it took me to borrow the Qingning fan from the master when I was away from home this time. It has been in the future until now.
Liu Bingye was also excited when she knew that her brother was preparing to sacrifice Qing Ning’s fan. Immediately, Brother Gao Dao didn’t have to show mercy. Don’t kill the witch with a blow. Brother Yun Dao sealed off the witch’s way together, which is to talk. She was already flashing. She just returned the flying sword to her hand, and the cloud retreated to a hundred feet away to seal the golden warm jade back road.
Although the cloud is stepping back, it is secretly scheming in the heart. It is said that wu-tang clan’s Qingning fan is a powerful magic weapon. This time, it is necessary to look at the necessary moment and give the witch a sneak attack behind her to kill her.
When the time comes back to his legacy, it will be a big face.
Gold warm jade show eyes tight awed in front of a face of ao however Zhou Xian is thinking about what terrible means can make him have this great confidence.
It is more important to know yourself and know yourself when you are fighting for your life in the shopping mall, but at that time, Jin Wenyu couldn’t guess that Zhou Xian was able to recruit later, and she was also a preventive measure. In addition to the Xuanwu cover, it was also a magic weapon for offering two pieces of defense.
Three layers of different light enveloped his body and looked spectacular from a distance.
At this time, an ancient bronze fan suddenly appeared in Zhou Xian’s hands, and its golden glow shone brightly, and the handle of the fan engraved two ancient seal characters of Qingning.
This jinxia has been diffracted for hundreds of feet in an instant, and the sky has been printed with golden splendor.
The succubus died with a big drink from Zhou Xian’s mouth, and the fan was greeted by a large number of brilliant golden lights, and the light flint was already hitting the golden warm jade
Fierce phoenix sword meets those Qing Ningjinyang. Who would have thought that it was not a close enemy? Just as soon as it touched the fierce phoenix sword, the strange strength of the fire around it was broken. Followed by the fierce phoenix sword in the Xuan level, it was twisted and melted in an instant when it was attacked by golden light, but the flying sword was completely destroyed.