It’s only a matter of time before both sides are enemies and both want to beat each other to pieces.


I ordered to go to Qingyang Town for a wedding banquet two days later. I’d like to see what Leopards are trying to do. Lin Zhentian sneered.
Hearing this, Lin Xiao and others all nodded heavily, and soon their eyes were full of heat and forbearance. Is it finally no longer calm after so many years?
The marriage of Lei Xie’s two families is the most sensational thing in Qingyang Town during this period. The old family of Qingyang Town, Lei Xie, has stood here for generations and is deeply rooted. Today, the joint strength of the two families is bound to advance by leaps and bounds. I’m afraid it’s hard for any forces in Qingyang Town to compete with them again.
Therefore, many forces invited by Lei Jia are afraid to neglect Qingyang Town for a while and become extremely lively again.
However, some sensitive people can feel the excitement and concealment. I’m afraid it won’t be too calm to hold a wedding banquet between Lei Xie and his wife.
Knock, knock
Crisp and suffused with the hustle and bustle, it sounded in Qingyang town, and outside the Leijia manor, all forces came and went, congratulations and laughter kept ringing.
Qingyang Town has the richest background. The Lei family held a wedding banquet, which was really magnificent.
In the numerous congratulations, I suddenly greeted the servant Lang for a drink. Immediately after this busy gate, it was quiet. Then my eyes swished and turned to the rear. I saw that the horseshoes rumbled not far away. Soon, nearly a hundred horses roared. Finally, at the forefront, a person waved his hand and stopped at the Leijia gate. That kind of people blocked the road by half.
It’s the Lins. They’re even here.
I heard that it is not pleasing to the eye for Lei Xie’s two families to see the Lins now. I didn’t expect the Lins to really dare to come. Hey, hey, it looks like this is a good show.
Alas, the Lins have hit the gun head.
Many people’s eyes swept through the Lins’ horses and whispered to each other, saying that some forces going to the Lins’ contacts are also hesitant to say hello. Today, Lei Xie and his two families are getting stronger and stronger, and they are worried about the Lins’ home.
And for these guys have it both ways, Lin Zhentian didn’t care much about turning over the horse’s face.
Hehe, Master Lin is really hale and hearty. This time, he was able to come to my party. Lei Pi thanked me first. When the Lins’ horses arrived, a figure in the Leis’ gate was also surrounded by a group of people. His eyes were swept by a large number of people in the Lins’ family, but it was natural and smiling.
Long-term know your heart wish I gave up the ghost early Lin Zhentian didn’t give this once shameless attack Lin guy what good light way.
Lei Pi’s eyes twitched for a moment and immediately looked at the Lins’ large number of troops. There were not many places in Master Daolin’s village. These people still stayed outside the village.
What, are you still afraid that we can’t make trouble? Lin smiled and immediately seemed to be serious. Are you hurt?
Hearing this, Lin Biao’s face could not help but be gloomy. His eyes were cold and staring at Lin Dong, a man-eating beast.
Lin Chen-tian stepped across the old man in front of the forest, but it didn’t seem strong, but it made him breathe. A sluggish pace was not helped by the Lord to back off two steps.
Will thunder Pi earthquake back Lin Zhentian glanced at him and then waved his hand behind the figure is scattered and.
This time, I came to Lin Zhentian and almost took away most of the elite troops of the Lins. After all, although I have stepped into Xiao Yuandan’s territory, I am always cautious. It is true that although these troops can’t enter Lei’s house, they will be scattered outside Lei’s house. Once the change signal comes, they will be able to rush into Lei’s house as quickly as possible.
See Lin Chen day dismissed people ray pi this just let the door way
Looked at Lin Zhentian slant head to Lin Xiao and others nodded immediately, and then it was in the numerous eyes that entered the door of Lei’s home, and Lin Lin Xiao and others followed behind it.
Looking at the back of Lin Zhentian and his party, Lei Pi licked his lips, but his eyes were full of gloom and ferocity. He heard the voice mumbling, after today, I want you Lins to kneel at my feet.
Ask recommended votes for hiding trouble everyone. Thank you. Chapter ninety-two Lei Xie two plans.
There is a spacious square-like hall in Lei’s compound. At the moment, the hall is extremely noisy and crowded, showing the popularity here.
Lin Zhentian and his party went straight into the hall, and then they found a place in many surprised eyes and sat down safely.
In the hall, many eyes are on the Lins’ body, but no one greets before taking the initiative. Today, Lei Xie’s two families are flourishing, but the Lins are their rivals. Who is good at ji at this time is that they have sinned against Lei Xie’s two families. This kind of thing is quite uneconomical in their view.
And therefore directly led to the Lins’ sitting in that position became dng, and many people meant to avoid them.
In this case, Lin Chen-tian seemed quite indifferent and didn’t feel too surprised.
With the passage of time, the hall is becoming more and more lively, and many forces in Qingyang Town are coming one after another and then sitting separately.
Some of these forces are equally powerful. Although there are still some gaps compared with the Lins, if they are combined, they are also quite strong forces, and no one dares to easily admire them.
Soon after the forces in the field arrived at most, there were some slugs at the N entrance of the hall, and then a B team went straight into it.
Kuangdao Martial Arts School is here.
Looking at the group of people entering the hall, a whisper of S language also came.
Listen to these sounds, Lin is also tilted, but he saw the familiar figure of Luocheng. Behind Luocheng, he also saw Wu Yun who had not met for a long time.
Luocheng’s eyes swept away after entering the hall, and he stopped at the Lins’ place with a few scars on his face, and then he took a little scary smile and took people to stay in front of the Lins in some consternation eyes.
Master Lin seems to be still hale and hearty. Luocheng bowed his hand at Lin Chen-tian, and his eyes swept in the back. Immediately, he felt a slight wind from the back of his body. This feeling has never been seen before. Now Lin Chen-tian has successfully broken through to I Yuan Dan’s territory.