"It seems that this’ earth guardian’ is really important to them." Qin Chu eyes flashing with the light of curiosity, "if, just a want to get the earth to protect, that’s understandable. But … It’s really strange that all of a sudden there are so many big powers competing for this earth guardian. Is there really something in this that makes them urgently need’ earth guardian’? "


Thinking of this, Qin Chu suddenly turned to Rheinhas and asked, "Rheinhas, why do you think they want the’ earth guardian’ so badly?"
Rhine Haas hey hey smile, kiss up to the way: "of course, the Lord God’s adult your refining technique is clever, refined things, everyone feels good, will compete for bidding."
"Don’t talk nonsense." Qin Chu didn’t good the spirit way, "don’t you think there are strange? If a family buys’ earth guardian’, it’s nothing, but why do so many people suddenly want to come up and buy this defensive artifact with a low grade? "
In fact, in the eyes of Qin Chu, this defensive artifact, but also. Although the earth guardian looks very powerful, if you use powerful weapons and concentrate on several consecutive attacks at once, it can also make the earth guardian too late to eliminate the huge attack power and suffer trauma. In others’ eyes, this "earth guardian" is a very good defensive artifact, but in Qin Chu’s eyes, it is just an ordinary spiritual treasure with a skill, and at best, it is a cargo that deceives the power of faith.
However, now, for such an ordinary commodity, everyone has actually called the price to 80 million. If there is nothing strange in it, who will believe it?
Rheinhas twisted his beard and a thoughtful look appeared on his face. He seemed to think of something. His body shook and an incredible look flashed in his eyes: "Is it the ruins of the crystal wall?"

Chapter 249
Chapter 249
"Crystal wall ruins? What’s wrong? " Qin Chu heard Rhine Haas, the in the mind fierce move. (Vertex novel, hand-written novel) It is from that place that the crystal wall in his body comes from, so he has mastered the power of order. Therefore, Qin Chu is also full of curiosity about the ruins of the crystal wall.
"If there is anything that can make many big forces so crazy in the divine world, it is only the ruins of the crystal wall." Rheinhas often breathed a sigh of relief. "The ruins of the crystal wall are full of dangers and opportunities. There are many things there. If you are lucky enough, you can get many things there, but if you are unlucky, you will fall there. "
"They all want to get this earth guardian, which means that they need this earth guardian. In the divine world, gods use defensive artifacts, only when there is a war between the gods. Besides, I can’t think of any other place where a defensive artifact is so urgently needed. However, it is impossible to sell such a high price with a defensive artifact alone. At a price of 80 million yuan, you can even buy a king-level artifact in the celestial world. Therefore, I think that those who want to buy the earth guardian are most likely for the auxiliary skills above the earth guardian. After all, wearing that armor, you can walk freely in the earth. This ability is not something that defensive artifacts can do. "
"Where is the ruins of the crystal wall?" Qin Chu asked curiously.
"The ruins of the crystal wall are a continuous star field with many desolate planets. There is still chaotic time and space. The space turbulence is very strong. If you are not careful, you will be involved in the space turbulence and there will be no bones left." Rheinhas recalled, "It is both a blessed place on earth and an abyss. Alas, the situation there is too complicated for me to explain clearly in a few words. If God goes to the ruins of the crystal wall in the future, he will know what a world it is. People who have never been there will never be able to describe clearly what the ruins of the crystal wall look like. "
Qin Chu is speechless. Rheinhas, a bastard, said nonsense for a long time and still kept my appetite. It’s so irritating.
"Then why do you speculate that they bought this earth guardian because it has something to do with the ruins of the crystal wall?" Qin Chu still can’t help but wonder.
"Crystal wall ruins there, because of the chaos of time and space, every once in a while, there will be a strong space turbulence swept through. If you don’t have time to escape when the space turbulence appears, you will be swept into the chaotic space by the space-time turbulence, and then there may be no bones left. The only way to avoid the space turbulence is to use the planets in the ruins of the crystal wall. Only by avoiding the blocking of the planets is the safest method. However, space turbulence can flow freely on the surface of the planet, so it is very difficult to use the cover of the planet. The turbulence in those spaces is very complicated. Maybe the whole planet is frozen into ice hockey when it is blown at this moment, or the surface of the whole planet is directly baked into magma when it is blown at the next moment. Therefore, the safest way to avoid space turbulence is to earn the interior of the planet. However, after the quenching of the turbulent space, those planets have become extremely hard. It is really difficult to make a cave that can be hidden in a short time. "
"So, the old slave’s guess is that they are thinking about using the auxiliary skills above the’ earth guardian’ to directly enter the interior of the planet when the space turbulence blows. In this way, they can directly avoid the invasion of space turbulence. "
Qin Chu listened to only feel shocked, this space turbulence, incredibly powerful, can directly turn a planet into ice hockey, or even directly to the surface of the planet, incineration into magma, what kind of powerful force is this?
"Can no one in the divine world resist the turbulence of space?" Qin Chu asked.
"I don’t know the details, but I have heard of one thing. The first god king once entered the ruins of the crystal wall alone and then came out intact."
The first God King is the God King of Light in the Department of Light.
"Come out intact?" Qin Chu’s mind flashed for several years. "Is the King of Light very powerful?"
"Yes, Lord God’s adult, the king of light gods is the body of light gods, so-called immortal body. And his field is the speed field, one of the four legendary fields. His speed is terrible in the whole celestial world. If his field is opened, the general god, in his field, has no reaction time at all, and will be directly killed by him. "
"Four legendary areas? What is that? " Qin Chu startled.
"The four legendary fields are four legendary powerful fields circulating in the divine world, namely, endless field, speed field, charm field and defense field."
"Endless field is the control of space. After the legend enters this field, if there is no owner’s consent, it will never be out of the endless field and will be trapped inside alive; The field of speed is the field of the King of Light. In it, the speed of the King of Light really moves at will. When his thoughts move, his body can appear in the corresponding place. No one can resist the speed attack of the King of Light, which is why the King of Light is called the first king of God. As for the field of charm, it is even more horrible. People who enter it will lose themselves in an instant, don’t distinguish things, don’t distinguish between true and false, live in illusion, and may not even know how to die in the end; As for the field of defense, it is the most powerful field in all fields. There is no field that can break through him, and no one can hurt the owner of the defense field. "
"But, now the gods know the four legendary fields, only the speed field, which is why the king of light will become the first king of gods. Without the competition of the other four fields, the speed field is unique, and no one dares to compete with it, which makes the bright god system rise rapidly, and now it has become the most powerful god system besides the extreme business alliance. " Rhine Haas lamented.
"The King of Light, who entered the ruins of the crystal wall, may rely on his speed." Qin Chu pondered, "however, now everyone is trying to compete for this’ earth guardian’. It must be what’s wrong with the ruins of the crystal wall. After I got to the celestial world, I should also go to the ruins of the crystal wall. After all, the source of my strength is closely related to there … "
"God, someone has increased the price outside." Rheinhas suddenly shouted, his tone was so surprised.
"What?" Qin Chu, subconsciously looked out, how wonderful the expression on Qin Chu’s face is, "one hundred million? Such a high price, who is out of the incredibly directly out of the one hundred million "
Qin Chu and Rheinhaas were both frightened by this high price. Who is it? They actually bid directly for 100 million yuan.
The middle-aged man in the mirror, after hearing the quotation outside, smiled faintly: "There is no need to increase the price. Increase the price again, that old madman will definitely fight with us. Since the Daodao business alliance has made a move, there is no need for us to fight again. If we have offended the Daodao business alliance, we will have to stop trying. "
That woman is speechless, but her heart has been shocked beyond words. It’s not that she hasn’t seen a big scene, but she didn’t think that she just came to auction something today, but she would encounter such a big thing. For the sake of a mere day-level artifact, the power of faith of 100 million is like a simple number. Those people didn’t hesitate at all, so they added it directly.
Listening to the words of God, she felt a sense of insignificance in her heart. She understood that the bidding for this earth guardian was actually a game between the bosses of the divine world. This small auction house was just their chessboard. She still didn’t understand why she had to compete for that’ earth guardian’. Is that auxiliary skill that bad?
After the auction, Grand wiped her cold sweat: "Paralysis, it’s really bleeding this time. This heavenly artifact actually makes the above so important, alas, but as long as the above people are happy. "
Grand’s eyes flashed: "Besides, at such a high price, I’m sure I can win the favor of that Russell. Well, I can get this artifact out of him then. Who made it …"-
? -? -? -? -? –
In the end, the transaction price of this world-class Chinese artifact’ Earth Guardian’ is the previous’ fireworks’ with the force of 100 million beliefs, and the total transaction price is 150 million beliefs.
According to the rules, ten percent of the auction price will be extracted from the whole auction house.
Unexpectedly, the process of getting rich is such a simple process. Originally, the force of faith was still so scarce. I didn’t expect it, but after an auction, I easily earned 150 million yuan of faith.
"Sir Russell, congratulations, you have become a rich man at once." Grand laughed, and Qin Chu couldn’t help smiling.
On one side of the beauty is unknown so, she looked at Qin Chu curiously, her big eyes sparkling and very cute. She didn’t know how much faith Qin Chu earned in that auction just now. If she knew that Qin Chu was worth hundreds of millions now, she would surely exclaim. This is a typical example of getting rich overnight.
Qin Chu knows the benefits of keeping a low profile, and certainly won’t tell outsiders about these things, even if the beauty looks good. Beauty saw that her little tricks were ineffective, and she couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed. This person is really a smoke trap.
"Sir Russell, do you want to extract the power of these beliefs directly or deposit them?" Grand smilingly said, "We have a very good reputation in the Silver Eagle auction. Compared with you, you should know something about the Extreme Road Business Alliance. In fact, our Silver Eagle Auction House is directly linked to the Extreme Road Business Alliance. Therefore, the power of faith you have deposited with us can be extracted at will when you reach the divine world. "
Qin Chu said without hesitation, "Let’s extract all of them directly for me." He wouldn’t be an idiot to put his things in other people’s hands. This is the power of faith.
Gulan nodded and made a gesture of invitation: "Please come with me."
Grand leads the way, Qin Chu and Rheinhas follow behind, and Beauty, as the guide of the Eight Marks, can only follow behind Qin Chu. However, beauty is very curious. How many artifacts did Qin Chu sell?
Grand took Qin Chu to a wall, and Qin Chu saw clearly that there were many prohibitions on this wall, and there were many masters guarding it around. Grand in front of the wall, and then there was no crack on the wall, suddenly a faint light, and then a door appeared on the wall.
Just then, Qin Chu’s heart moved. He felt someone spying on him, and he sneered. Although the snooping was very closely hidden, for Qin Chu, who has the power of order and controls a world at the same time, any disharmony around him will be instantly perceived by Qin Chu.
"Wait." Qin Chu calm way.
"What’s the matter? Lord Russell. " Grand looked at Qin Chu in amazement, wondering why Qin Chu suddenly stopped.
Qin Chu didn’t speak. His body suddenly took a step backward, stretched out his palm, and grabbed directly at the void: "Rat, come out for me."
The voice of the bubble burst in the space, and then see Qin Chu’s men, suddenly flashed a raven. After that black light flashed, it disappeared in an instant. But in this short time, Grand and others have seen clearly that the raven is a person.
Middle-aged furtive man, the in the mind has been horrified, he doesn’t know, how his tracks were found. But he knows that if he is caught here now, it will definitely not end well.
"Alas, too greedy, I thought this person was the one who auctioned off the’ earth guardian’, but I didn’t think it was the seller. However, he is too powerful, and my hidden breath is so hidden that it was discovered. " Middle-aged people with the purpose of stealing eyebrows and mice have directly displayed their own housekeeping skills, fiercely integrated into the surrounding space, and quickly ran out.
Qin Chu no longer catch up, just quietly came to Grand, looking at Grand.
Grand’s face flushed bright red. He was very angry. He didn’t expect that such a thing would happen under his nose.
"Sir Russell, please rest assured that I will give you an explanation," Grand said suddenly coldly. "I’m very sorry that such a thing happened here."
The auction house has the obligation to keep the secrets of the guests. Without the consent of the guests, the information of the guests can’t be revealed, for fear that some malicious people will do bad things to the guests. The two artifacts auctioned in Qin Chu today are worth 150 million yuan, and such a large amount of wealth is very attractive to anyone. If outsiders know all the ins and outs of Qin Chu, some people will definitely take risks and think about getting this wealth.
Grand was bent on befriending Qin Chu, but he didn’t expect that such an offensive thing would happen under the eyes of the public. This made him feel angry from the bottom of his heart.
"Check it for me immediately" Grand didn’t know what secret method was used, and then the surrounding space began to turmoil. Qin Chu felt that a series of energy spread in all directions.
Grand to his men, under the command, asked them to investigate the people who had just escaped.
"Don’t worry, Sir Russell, in the chaotic world, no one dares to shoot you. We will definitely ensure your safety, "Grand vowed." As compensation for what happened just now, this time our Silver Eagle auction house will also make compensation. "
This time it’s really a shame, if it weren’t for Qin Chu found each other, Grand can’t even imagine, the hidden person, will follow into the chamber of secrets.