It was because I saw the movie that I went boating to imitate the movements in the movie. Then, it was a tragedy-some men were too big and it wasn’t the Titanic in the park, so the small bow couldn’t bear the strength of the two and then capsized.


As a result, some couples were rescued ashore wet, while others could swim and even played the last scene of the movie.
It’s hard for those men-just play, why do you have to sink yourself?
Qin Shaojie sighed, andao this time flies, time flies.
Leonardo, the handsome young man who charmed millions of girls at home and abroad, has become a strange uncle with a full face of stubble after years of baptism, and the wrinkles on his face are really terrible.
Qin Shaojie felt that after they watched the movie, it was necessary for them to find out Leonardo’s current photos and show them to some women.
I waited for nearly twenty minutes, and then even the ending song was played. Several women also turned off the TV with a sigh.
"Hey? Brother Qin, are you back? " If autumn is good, I know to greet Qin Shaojie actively, but this greeting is to make Qin Shaojie crazy.
You, Qin Dage, I have already come. Qin Shaojie andao.
"Ah? Exactly. When did you come back? " Looked at Qin Shaojie OuYangYao is also a face of surprise.
If there were no outsiders, Qin Shaojie really wanted to strip her naked and then punish her severely.
What do you mean when I came back? Did you just talk to a ghost?
"This is Angie and this is Dou Ruomei." Qin Shaojie don’t want to tangle with this problem, pointing to Angela two people said. Then look at LingFang and say. "Don’t get me wrong, they are, er, my friends and friends abroad. They are visiting relatives in Beijing this time."
After listening to Qin Shaojie’s introduction, several women don’t doubt him.
After all, Angie and Dou Ruomei look like sisters, and Angie is a vampire, and she can’t feel any real fluctuations.
Not to mention Dou Ruomei.
If she wants to hide her cultivation, Qin Shaojie can’t see it, let alone Ling Fang.
"Just now, you?" Qin Shaojie pointed to the TV, and pointed to the remaining tears on several women’s faces.
A swish. Besides Ouyang Yao, Lingfang, Qiuruo and Fengling all turned red.
"Qin Dage, we, we …" If Qiu wanted to explain, but thought of the way she wiped her tears just now, her face was red at the root of her neck, and her voice became smaller and smaller, so small that she couldn’t hear herself.
"Well, I didn’t mean anything else." Qin Shaojie looked at Lingfang’s blushing faces and suddenly laughed.
"In fact, I just want to tell you that everything in the movie is fake. Who knows if there was that paragraph? It’s not like crying like that. You see "Qin Shaojie said, and pointed to the sofa around. "Look, it’s almost a garbage dump."
"What about fake? Anyway, it’s very touching." Ouyang Yao argued.
"Look at the hero, so handsome, so caring about his own woman, you are good, go out and run every day."
Oh, my God, this is about me. Qin Shaojie was depressed.
"Do you really think he is handsome?" Qin Shaojie asked.
"Well, very handsome, handsome." Ouyang Yao nodded his head for sure.
"Well, let me show you." Qin Shaojie said, and took out his mobile phone and handed it to Ouyang Yao after pulling it a few times.
"Hey? Who is this strange uncle? " Ouyang Yao looked at Qin Shaojie’s mobile phone and asked. "Are you a foreign friend too?"
Chapter 373 The chaos of shushan
This strange uncle was none other than Leonardo who fascinated thousands of girls to death.
When Ouyang Yao knew, Qin Shaojie would suffer.
Ouyang Yao severely abused Qin Shaojie’s arm on the grounds that Qin Shaojie destroyed her image as Prince Charming, which made Qin Shaojie depressed. Although it won’t hurt, it will hurt.
The second day early in the morning, Qin Shaojie said hello to Lingfang and left the house with Angie and her daughter. Rejecting the request to go to my old house with two people, Qin Shaojie came to the small courtyard where Yuyangzi lived alone.
"Jiedi, it’s been a long time, haha." As soon as he entered the courtyard, he saw Yuyang carrying a teapot in his hand and came up to him laughing.
"Hey, fat brother, did you know that?" Qin Shaojie said good morning to Yu Yoko and asked.
"What is it?" Yuyangzi was first one leng, and then suddenly. "Oh, you mean something about Shushan?"
"Well, you know?"
"I see." Yu Yoko said. "Come in and talk, they are all inside." Say that finish, then pull Qin Shaojie walked into the inner court.
The heads of the other three hermit sects are all sitting on the stone benches in the yard, only to see the North Ghost fighting there, spitting and talking about his alchemy.