Yes, that’s right. It’s the end


Now no one doubts this fact, although at the beginning, all small religions that wanted to promote this argument and took this opportunity to rise were brutally suppressed by various forces.
However, the growing facts make people have to believe.
The end is coming.
Are you scared?
The whole world is out of balance.
All regions, all people, all countries and all forces
Are caught in the shadow of the end
In this apocalyptic age,
Lucky people
Everyone is looking for a way out
Pacify riots, banish vagrants and hate students
All contradictions are intensified in this sudden arrival in the last days.
De Marcia Gavin III is still obsessed with revenge for his dead son. He is desperate to integrate the exhausted state-owned assets and plan to launch an eastern expedition.
Tired of the people’s violent resistance to riots, it has happened many times. As Gavin III became more and more crazy, many ministers and nobles joined the ranks of covert resistance.
Elsewhere, Pieterwoff and Zuan have reached an agreement to share the scientific and technological strength and wisdom of the two cities to resist this catastrophic disaster.
After two great defeats in the Eastern Expedition, Fredred was already sparsely populated, and the snow field was already dead because of the sudden snowstorm caused by the virtual gate.
In addition, the former leader, Ai Xi barbarian king, Teda Mirrin, was angry at the disappearance of her body.
Only snow mountain people wander thousands of miles in different mountains to find a distant place to live.
While that Jodl fortress in Bandel City was caught in an even more terrible disaster whirlpool.
Because someone took revenge on them.
From the day when the fire fell from the sky, several flames attacked Bandel City.
Although Bandel City itself is not inferior to Picheng and Zuan, the powerful technology has solved the crisis.
But the flame revenge is exhausted.
The avenger claimed that he was from Bandel, and the emperor came to punish them for their sinful people who dared to betray him.
Bandel people want to ask for help after the disaster.
But now the whole continent is like this, and the League of Legends has gone up in smoke.
Who else can beg and save?
Yu Shuo can be regarded as the source of all these nightmares, Noxas
Aft receiving a personal ord from Chen Senran, Bill Giwat, asking them to go their own way
The whole Knox Sass was surprisingly not flustered at all, as if those two battles of uniting the country and tilting the sky had laid the mythical position of Chen Senran. Everyone firmly believed that Chen Senran could still make them feel well this time.
Some people even came up with the crazy idea of continuing the Western Expedition to unify the mainland at this last time and accomplish unprecedented great achievements.
The idea was naturally shelved.
Because the allied forces in the East have been disbanded, Chen Senran recalled the guns and roses of Birgewater and repatriated the Shadow Warrior Regiment.
On the same day, he announced that Bill Givot was autonomous again, and he was still in the middle of a scuffle. Ionia did not do it or intend to send troops to reinforce it.
It can be said that in less than two months, the Eastern Alliance has been in name only at this time.
While all this bizarre and spectacular happen in mainland China.
Something even more sensational is happening quietly.
Like moss growing wildly on a dark slate
War college
Or the hometown of the War College.
This piece was once the center of the world, the heart of the world, and several people were crazy and godsend.
Don’t go near the forbidden area now.
If someone comes here at this time and looks far away,
I’m sure my hair will stand on end.