"Ha ha! Chen Dabao, to be honest, I really have to thank you a lot! If it weren’t for your wife, I wouldn’t have been able to visit the master of Captain Tian, and if it weren’t for Captain Tian, I wouldn’t have found my father! Ha ha! Violet that bitch is really no eye, she open a blue qualification ghost repair should have a crush on you such a hopeless green ghost repair. Hum! I recommended violet to Captain Tian. If you don’t choose me, she will pay the price. I guess, she is now trying to captain Tian, haha! That bitch, when I meet Captain Tian next time, I’ll tell him to sell her to a brothel as a prostitute and send her to a military camp as a military prostitute after he has had enough fun! Haha! " Sun Ergou laughed and said, looking a little crazy.


"His father? Sun Ergou still has a father? "
"Nonsense, who doesn’t have a father! However, who is the father of Sun Ergou? "
"I know this. I heard that two days ago, Sun Ergou’s father sent for him. I heard that his position was quite high. Well, the two old ghosts standing behind Sun Ergou are the two bodyguards sent by his father! "
"If the status is high, then why don’t you take Sun Ergou away? Instead, let him stay in Tianyi Village? What are those two old ghosts doing? I can’t see through them! "
"Who knows! Those two old ghosts are probably in ghost form. I can’t see through them at the peak of ghost now! "
"Ghost form period of ghost repair? Hissing-"
While Sun Ergou was talking, all the ghosts outside talked in succession.
"You! Ah-"hear the words of Sun Ergou crazily, Chen Dabao is burning with anger, and finally, make moves!
Hearing what Sun Ergou said, Zhang Xiaotian, a person outside this matter, became angry. I didn’t expect this Sun Ergou to be so shameless. Actually do such a business.
At this time, Hou Xiaotian finally understood why Chen Dabao often showed a melancholy color, as well as the kneeling in the forest of trials. What’s more, his wife was robbed. Maybe it was because he lost his beloved woman that he didn’t want his brother to follow in his footsteps. Only then had the kneeling of the forest of trials.
"Bang-"Chen Dabao also awkwardly inverted.
It was the hand of one of the black old men behind Sun Ergou, and he didn’t use a magic weapon to punch him!
After the black old man smashed Chen Dabao with one punch, he flashed his body and returned to Sun Ergou again. Face is showing a face of disdain.
Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes narrowed slightly, but I didn’t expect the black old man to be a martial artist, and his posture was not slow.
"Ha ha! Chen Dabao! How’s it going? Comfortable, right? Rest assured! I won’t let you two brothers die so comfortably, hum! Dare to rob a woman with me! I will let you know what will happen if you offend us! " Sun Ergou said sternly.
"Hum! Take them both away for me! " Sun Ergou snorted coldly. Said.
"Wait! Take them away and ask me if I agree or not. " Zhang Xiaotian drinks. Said coldly.
"You?" Zhang Xiaotian was always there, but he didn’t speak or do anything. He just watched quietly. Therefore, Sun Ergou didn’t know that he came with the Chen brothers. Now I can’t help but be a little surprised to hear someone suddenly stop me from exporting. Turning around to see that it was the black kid who was always there, he couldn’t help laughing: "Are you the helper they brought?" Hum! What kind of people really make friends with what kind of things, the Chen brothers are low-level young ghosts, and the place to make friends is also the day after tomorrow! "
There was a clang of metal. It was Ada’s father who suddenly attacked. A magic weapon with a small seal was blocked by a magic weapon with a long knife in Zhang Xiaotian’s hand.
It turns out that the young man only knew that Sun Ergou had become the apprentice of the captain of the Tianducheng City Guard. I didn’t know that he had another father with a high status. Just now, after hearing what my daughter said, I took a look at the two bodyguards behind Sun Ergou, and I was excited to think that Sun Ergou said that he would give himself something later.
Sun Ergou’s position has suddenly improved, and naturally he has to curry favor with him. Only in this way can his father-in-law sit more hard. Now, if you want the benefits of Sun Ergou, you naturally have to show your performance.
Zhang Xiaotian, the kid, jumped out. The young man thought that this was his performance, so he threw out the magic weapon without thinking.
"Hum!" Zhang Xiaotian, with a snort of cold, did not even change his eyes. He kept a close eye on Sun Ergou and his two bodyguards.
"ah? This ….. This ….. "See the magic weapon that was taken back, and the young man couldn’t help but open his mouth and say a word.
Sun Ergou frowned and looked at his stunned father-in-law.
I saw the magic weapon of soul seal in the hands of the old man. At this time, the cohesive soul force on it is decreasing sharply. After falling to a certain extent, the soul force began to decrease and increase, and then "bang!" With a bang, Xiaoyin completely split into several petals.
As the small seal cracked, the young man’s face turned completely pale. I didn’t expect to get this magic weapon for a long time. It was only used twice, and it was split into petals by the kid. In a short time, the young man recovered, raised his head and looked angrily at the black kid standing in front of him. The culprit, of course, was afraid to do it again.
Chen’s two brothers have stood up from the ground at this time and stood behind Zhang Xiaotian slowly.
"Hum! I said, why are you so arrogant as a kid the day after tomorrow? It turns out that you have a best magic weapon! " Sun Ergou recovered and sneered.
"Acura magic weapon? Hissing-it turned out that the kid just now turned out to be the best magic weapon. No wonder he was so powerful that he smashed the magic weapon of old man Hu’s small seal with one knife! "
"If only I could have a gourmet magic weapon! I didn’t expect the best magic weapon to be so powerful! "
"In your dreams! A best magic weapon needs seven or eight thousand soul stones! Seven or eight thousand soul stones! I don’t know when to save. My requirements are not high either. I just want to change the inferior magic weapon in my hand into a Chinese one. "
"What a pity! No matter how powerful this kid is, he will die this time. He was only in the middle of ghost cultivation. I’m afraid I didn’t see that those two black old ghosts were ghost cultivation in the ghost-shaped period. You said that ghost repair met ghost repair in ghost form. Isn’t that a death wish? He didn’t stand up just now, but it’s better. If he stands up, Sun Ergou can’t let him go again. "
"That is, he just showed the best magic weapon in his hand, and Sun Ergou could not let him go. That’s seven or eight thousand soul stones! "
"Bullshit, didn’t you just hear Sun Ergou say? That tone! That look! Obviously, it is no longer the best magic weapon. "
"This gourmet magic weapon can be worth QiBaQian soul stone! So many souls, stones and grandchildren don’t care? Impossible! "
"He just said! He found his father. That tone! That look! Obviously, his father’s status is very high, which is higher than that of the captain of the city guard. Otherwise, can you ask two ghosts to be his bodyguards at will? "
"Well, yeah! That’s right! "
Outside the door, all the ghosts are talking about it.
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Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven A slap, another slap!
"Hum! You two arrest this kid for me! " With a snort of cold, Sun Ergou ordered the two black old men behind him, and then he took a few steps back.
Although Zhang Xiaotian is just a black kid, two levels worse than him, Zhang Xiaotian has a magic weapon in his hand, which has threatened his life.
After hearing the command of Sun Ergou, the black old man immediately flashed out from behind him, not bothersome, and only ran to Zhang Xiaotian. Because Sun Ergou didn’t order them to kill Zhang Xiaotian, they didn’t do it either.
"Stop it!"
Just about to fight, suddenly, a voice came from outside the door.
The figure of the black old man came to a screeching halt.
Zhang Xiaotian twist a head to look outside, I saw ling day this boy slowly came in from the outside.
Zhang Xiaotian eyebrows a pick, I didn’t think ling day this boy found here so soon.
"Who are you?" Sun Ergou saw a red ghost coming in to stop him, but he paused and asked.
Ling Tian came in and glanced at him but ignored him.
I saw Ling Tian slowly walk up to Zhang Xiaotian and said respectfully, "Senior! The younger generation decided to stay with you from now on and never go back. I also hope that the older generation can accept the younger generation as an apprentice! "
"Oh?" Zhang Xiaotian was slightly surprised and asked faintly: "You are a red ghost, and I am a black kid. If you reach the ghost period in the future, will you always follow me?"