"Brother Longge Peng, brother Lu, this is a school with me. Lv Xiaoran needs you guys to take care of the business on her first day." After listening to my words, Bai Linger shouted at the three men behind her.


"Linger’s mouth is sure that you guys have to obey. Beauty, make friends. Call me longge." Bai Linger just fell behind her bald head and gathered in front of the cashier to strike up a conversation with me.
In Bai Linger’s mouth, the so-called Dragon Brother is bald in his thirties, and there is a long scar on his right face, showing some tattoos from the neckline of the sweater at the neck.
"Good Longge" Bald Longge’s body is full of alcohol, which makes me disgusted. It makes me even more disgusted with his obscene mood.
Make friends, make friends with your sister, and don’t even take a piss. Take a look at you. It’s not your fault that the town house looks ugly, but it’s your fault that you’re so careless. Most of fun run comes out to scare people, but you’re wrong, okay? I’m heartbroken about coming here.
However, the customer is the emperor today. On the first night of this page, the class in the convenience store decided to show that he was born as a qualified employee and that he was worthy of the boss’s martial arts and spit for half an hour. Chun Chun taught him to resist being close to me and want to stay away from his thoughts.
"Good girl, give your mobile phone number to Longge, and then Longge will take you out to play." The bald Longge didn’t go there, but asked me for my mobile phone number.
"Sorry, Brother Lung, I lost my mobile phone today." I directly rejected Brother Lung’s proposal.
"It’s really disappointing. Here’s Brother Long. I’ll call Brother Long to help you buy a new one." Brother Long, the bald man, took the pen and paper on the cashier’s desk and wrote me his mobile phone number.
I didn’t continue to pick up the bald longge. I frowned and looked at Bai Linger for making these friends.
If you don’t have to be blind, look at this and follow Bai Linger into the convenience store. Three so-called brothers are not good birds, but Bai Linger makes friends with them.
At the moment, Bai Linger is in high spirits with her mouth, Peng Ge Lu Ge, and her mouth, Peng Ge Lu Ge, looks at Bai Linger’s eyes and faces at the moment. The floor-to-ceiling window of the convenience store stares at me fiercely. chihuo is a look full of greed
Brother Peng and Brother Lu exchanged glances from time to time, as if Bai Linger was a delicious little sheep in front of them, making them eager to taste it.
This situation makes my forehead wrinkle more tightly.
"Little sister, why don’t you ignore longge? Look at this long and watery tut." I didn’t pay attention to the bald longge, but the bald longge’s speech became more and more flowing.
I bowed my head and tidied up the cashier, and looked at the bald longge’s words and eyes harassing my heart. At this time, it was decided that if this bald longge dared to touch me, I would definitely kick it directly.
Bald Dragon Brother said a few more flirtatious words to see that I ignored them, but I didn’t get mad. I didn’t look at Bai Linger at the cashier’s desk.
"Lv Xiaoran today, these are to pay tribute to you." Bai Linger soon chose two baskets of merchants, and her mouth Peng Ge Lu Ge also brought a basket of merchants and a brain pile in front of me to let me settle accounts
"Thank you." I took a scanning gun to scan for Bai Linger, and hesitated to wake Bai Linger up to guard against the three brothers who came with her.
I know that although most of the students in Liufeng College are from fz cities, most of them choose to stay at school on weekends, and many of them go home on holidays. Even at weekends, they stay at school. Like Bai Linger, I don’t know if she has such friends at home when she stays at school.
"A total of 1,920 and 25 cents" is quoted to Bai Linger, and how much is the total amount of the merchants selected by them? I put Bai Linger and their merchants into shopping bags respectively.
Bai Linger Peng Ge Lu Ge chose nylon rope in the business and made my mouth twitch, which was even more worrying about Bai Linger’s safety.
When I heard that I reported the money, the bald dragon brother took 2,000 yuan to me and told me not to keep the change. He turned around and took the shopping bag and was ready to leave.
"Bai Linger, wait a minute." Seeing Bai Linger has followed her so-called longge Peng Ge Lu Ge to the door of the convenience store, and I hurried to stop it.
"What’s the matter?" Bald Dragon Brother seemed impatient for me to stop it, and Brother Peng Lou was unhappy with his eyes.
"I want to look at the money first, please forgive me for the first class." I apologize for seeing the eyes of Bald Brother Long and Brother Peng Lu gather together and give a reasonable reason.
"Lv Xiaoran, you are really Longge paying you money, and you are still worried about being false." Bai Linger listened to my reasons and complained, but she also stopped and turned towards me.
Brother Bald Longge and Brother Peng Luge went first, and an SUV was parked at the entrance of the convenience store, waiting for Bai Linger to pass by. I noticed that none of the wandering ghosts were near Brother Bald Longge and Brother Peng Luge, and they all flashed when they saw them coming.
In this case, I am even more worried, and there are also people who are full of Shaqi or who are upright and can make ghosts do this.
Righteousness is generally found only when the police enforce the law impartially, and the three obvious things in the line of sight belong to the strong shaqi.
The reason for the strong shaqi is nothing more than that the hands are contaminated with human life and accumulated together for a long time to form the result.
"Bai Linger, be careful with these people. It’s so late every day." While pretending to identify the authenticity of the money, I woke Bai Linger with a low voice.
"Worry too much, Lv Xiaoran. I thought it was my classmates who came to pay tribute to you. I didn’t expect you to talk about my friend like that." Bai Linger turned away with a sneer at my words.
I watched Bai Linger and her so-called brother Long Peng and brother Lu ride off in an SUV. Although I was worried, I couldn’t stop it again.
I’ve woken up, and I’ve done my classmates’ friendship, but Bai Linger won’t listen at all, and I can’t help it
I hope my worry is unnecessary.
Bai Linger and his party left the convenience store, and I was left alone to bathe with my face on the floor-to-ceiling window of the convenience store. I felt sour in the greedy eyes of ghosts outside.
Some time later, it will be two or three o’clock in the morning, which is the darkest time of the day. After this time, the sky tends to be dark and fade away.
Dark night, silent environment, dim street lights reflect the ghosts wandering on the road. At this moment, the strange and inexplicable speed is blocking the door of the page convenience store. One by one, the figure rushes into the page convenience store and suddenly jumps in my direction.
Chapter 42 Night shift fright
I don’t know why ghosts who have been wandering outside the convenience store suddenly gather at the door of the convenience store and then rush into the convenience store and pounce on me. I know that my body is a ghost, and I can say that I can’t afford to be hurt.
Those ghosts who jumped into the convenience store with accumulated yin qi made the instantaneous temperature of the convenience store drop a lot, which was cold and frightening.
Although the ghosts who rush in are the lowest among ghosts, they can’t hold up. They are so numerous that I can’t react and choose to run away directly.
Since I have Goo Zi’s company, even my grandmother has saved me the need to call Goo Zi for an appearance, and the ghosts will be shocked and afraid to do anything to me.
At the moment, there is no Goo Tsai, but I still have a gourd made of ivory jade from old man Yan, which can win Goo Tsai. Even if I stand calmly, the ghost can’t invade my body.
Even Wu Yueer’s double spirits and spectres hurt my body with the jade gourd on my wrist. It is these ghosts that hurt my body even more.
Where can I react instantly? A considerable number of ghosts are coming at me, and my scurrying belongs to conditioned reflex.
How can my speed be equal to the ghost chase? I can’t stop running, and I can finally avoid those ghosts. I can wave my right hand and see the old man Yan send me jade gourd to stop the ghosts from approaching.
The cold breath surrounded me, and the greedy eyes of the ghost department stared at me. My heart shrank and kept waving the jade gourd at the wrist of my right hand
These ghosts dare not get too close to my body, but they don’t want to leave, so they surround me and stare at me
I didn’t react until I was tired and panting. There was a jade gourd. I was afraid of the ghost and was ready to stand still. But when I was on my wrist, the jade gourd rope suddenly cracked. The jade gourd was parabolic and I threw it from my wrist.
After that, I cried in my heart and squatted down to wait for the ghost to invade my body
"Lv Xiaoran, what are you doing?" It was at this time that Wu Mourn came.
The cold breath around me passed away with the sound of mourning, which surprised me greatly.
Looking up to the convenience store on the page, I jumped up from the ground and rushed to the side of Wu Moulin, hugging Wu Moulin’s waist tightly.
"Men and women giving and receiving are not close brothers are serious people." Wu Moulin said that men and women giving and receiving are not close, but their arms took advantage of my waist
Wu Mourning made my mouth twitch. Just now, I was in shock and my mood dissipated directly. Ma Liu retreated from Wu Mourning’s arms to find Xiaoyu Hulu that I just threw out.
I hope that old man Yan will send me a jade gourd and get well, and I must get well.
"Ah, ah, ah, although Lu Xiaorange is a serious man, he is also a man. This broad chest must be lent to the soft sister for her to rely on." Wu Mourn continued to be wordy behind me.
I paid no attention to the long-winded mourning, but I focused on finding my jade gourd. I followed the direction in which the jade gourd was thrown, but I found my jade gourd in the pile of instant noodles.
Xiaoyu gourd is safe and sick, so I can breathe a sigh of relief and untie the string of Yin beads around my neck. I will hang Xiaoyu gourd and Yin beads together again.
I decided to change my neck and wear a red rope once a week, so I have to have another accident like tonight.
"Lv Xiaoran, look, you turned this horrible. Brother Maliu looks after you. You can do it." I don’t know when Wu Moulin went to the cashier to pick up the money in the cash register.
"Boss, why are you here at this point?" Hang Yinzhu and Xiaoyu Hulu together.
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I’m centered when my neck is tied.
That’s why I’m in the mood to investigate Wu Mourning. Why did the page convenience store just appear at this time? And because of his arrival, the page convenience store is a ghost.
I looked at the outside of the convenience store. There was also a ghost outside the convenience store at the moment, and I couldn’t see it as if it had evaporated instantly.
"Take money, brother, but I don’t want to spend the night with beautiful women and have no money to settle the house money early." Wu Moulin picked up the money from the cash register and was very skilled in answering my questions.
Wu Mourning came and went in a hurry and left with more than 2,000 yuan I collected tonight.
I made a mess in the convenience store on my forehead page, and I also said what a wonderful situation I encountered. The boss resigned himself to tidy up.
Just now, the ghost knot came straight in, which made me puzzled. After the mourning just came, the ghost disappeared in an instant, which made me confused. I had doubts but people could solve them.
Fortunately, I have always avoided the evil spirits invading my body. If there are so many evil spirits fighting for my body, my brain will not become stupid, but my body will become disabled.
It was too calm when I received it. When I finished arranging the convenience store, it was almost five o’clock in the morning when I was in my class.
One page, the staff in the convenience store came to me and confirmed that the people and the photos posted on the wall were consistent. After the handover work was finished, it was already 5: 30 in the morning.