Pi two dog didn’t get enough sleep. I can’t help kissing my mouth and not leaving. It’s impossible for this guy to dress with a yawn. He will go out and haunt Liu Wendao. "Wenwen, won’t you see me off?"


"ah? Want to send you? "
"Joke, don’t you send me back with my legs measured?"
"I have to send you!" Liu Wen lost his temper and said hello to Miss Da, so he drove Pi two dog back to Xian Hotel.
When I went back to the couch luxury suite and saw Liu Xingju, he suddenly remembered that Liang Chaofu’s daughter-in-law lived in Tiankeng Village. As soon as I entered the door, Liu Xingju jumped out of the kitchen and said, "Brother two dog, where were you last night?"
"I’m going to see a friend and spend the night at her house!"
"Have breakfast? I bought a lot of ingredients to make dumplings for you! Steamed a big pot. Do you want to take it out? " Liu Xingju now depends on Pi two dog. She just treats two dog like a grandfather.
"Ok, I’ll wash first!" The goods were driven out by Liu Wen before personal hygiene. After personal hygiene, I saw a big pot of hot dumplings on the dining table emitting a fragrance. Suddenly, he wolfed down the goods, divided by three and five, wiped out a pot of dumplings and burped out to find Li Chunzhu.
Just bumped into chun-zhu li to go out. When chun-zhu li saw him, he called "Master, I told Liang Er about Li Xingju, and he scolded Liang Chaofu later! Liang Erfa said that Liang Chaofu dared not be arrogant! "
"This is not enough for you to let Liang Chaofu agree to Li Xingju’s divorce request!"
"ah? Master, I’m afraid it’s a little difficult? " Chun-Zhu Li asked Liang Erxun and Liang Chaofu to beg for half a day this morning. If Liang Erbang Li Xingju comes out again, Liang Er will definitely not do it.
"Chunzhu, if it is not difficult, why should I send you?"
After hearing what two dog said, Li Chunzhu suddenly brightened up at the moment and said, "Young Master, why don’t you ask Master Wang for some Suoyang pills and give one to Liang Erliang for sure!"
"Yes, yes!" It was only after Li Chunzhu woke up that he remembered that he had promised her 100 Cynomorium songaricum pills in advance, which had not been cashed yet.
"That young master, I’ll go back to the village and wait for your good news!"
After consultation, the two dispersed in a hubbub.
After Pi two dog sent Li Chunzhu away with his front foot, wang hong Shang came in alone and took a look at the furnishings of the luxury suite. wang hong Shang joked, "You guys really enjoy living in such a luxury suite!" Suddenly she looked at Li Xingju and looked familiar. She asked, "two dog, who is she?"
"Sister Hongshang, she is Li Xingju from Tiankeng Village. She divorced Liang Chaofu because of domestic violence and asked me to stay here for a few days!"
Li Xingju recognized that wang hong Shang was the leader of the Da Nai group, so she greeted him politely and said, "Leader Wang!"
"I’ve seen you. Your name is Li Xingju. By the way, you live in two dog and go to bed late. Remember to lock the door. This guy is broken!"
"ah? Brother two dog, the leader of the team, is not that kind of person? " Li Xingju make a big red face way
"Who said that a beautiful kannika nimtragol like you is two dog’s favorite!" Wang hong petticoats frighten her way
Pi two dog see her strength immediately to airway "red petticoats elder sister you have a fart put no fart fuck off! Come and bury me. "
"Look at this little villain who dares to tell me to fuck off! Then I won’t share important information with you. Goodbye! " Said wang hong petticoats painfully head out to walk away.
A listen to have important information immediately skin two dog a grabbed her licking face smile happily say "red petticoats elder sister please sit down and feel relieved! What important information? "
"Why did I tell you?" Their wang hong petticoats way
"I’ll give you some benefits."
"What benefits?"
"I kiss you!"
"get out!"
"My aunt, just tell me what you want?" Pi two dog speaks Ledu.
"I want a golden lotus!" Wang hong said that this little soul is willing to buy jewelry for that Jin Lan, and I don’t want to suffer.
"Come on, I just want to give you a gift as a promise. Haha!"
"Not a promise ceremony, ok? If you say it’s a betrothal gift, then I don’t want it! "
"Okay is not a promise ceremony! Can you tell me the information now? " With that, Pi two dog winked at Li Xingju, who woke up from a big dream and said, "Brother two dog, talk about me going out!"
There are two people in the house, wang hong, who wrote a real seal on the sidewalk. "You guys are so happy in the city these days that you turn a deaf ear to what happened in the village!"
"ah? Nothing happened in the village? "
"Say you message is ineffective didn’t wronged you? Liang Er, the village head of Tiankeng Village, did not know what means was used to succeed. Zhang Ji said that he would engage in rural cooperatives, and Zhang Ji agreed that two villages, Da Nai Village and Tiankeng Village, would engage in pilot projects! Two dog, please find a way to this cooperative scheme, which is beneficial to the village but a disaster to you and me! " Wang hong Shang, who started the cooperative society, was so angry that he didn’t fight.
"Shrimp? What is Hopewell? Is it necessary to put all the fields in the village under the ongoing management of the village head and then pack and rent them? " Hearing this, Pi two dog couldn’t help but feel a thrill, saying that Niang Xipi really wants to do this. Then I will have to find a leather cannon to rent land on a large scale with the village. With the management of all farmland in Da Nai Village, he can sit on the ground and start at a price!
Mom, isn’t this cheat people?
"Yes, that’s it! So you have to find a way to ruin this cooperative plan quickly! Of course, I’m not saying that the cooperative scheme is not good. This new scheme is the product of the new era. It seems that it is the only feasible system for farmers to really get rich. It seems that a small-scale pilot project is also ready, but it is too early for the leather cannon to hand this scheme! We can’t sit idly by! " Wang hong petticoats methodically watched skin two dog way
"Red petticoats elder sister, you are the leader of Da Nai Group, and Da Nai Group has a total of two thousand. You can tell the villagers in the group that it won’t be long before I rent their fields on condition that you don’t participate in the cooperative for the time being! Can villagers catch duck racks without taking part in leather cannons? "
"This is a way, but there are ten groups in Da Nai Village. It’s amazing that Da Nai Group doesn’t participate in it. The best way is to let Zhang Ji change the pilot village to cancel the pilot qualification of Da Nai Village! " Wang hong petticoats advise way
"There must be a good reason to cancel the pilot qualification!" Pi two dog frowned.
"Idiot, of course, it’s hard to talk to Zhang Ji directly, but think of some way to get the leather cannon people to ask for cancellation! Just say that Da Nai Village is too big and populous, and it is too risky to engage in cooperative pilot. If the pilot fails and the farmland cannot be subletted, the rations of tens of thousands of people in Da Nai Village will be yellow! Is this reason enough? "