And the result is similar to what Zhang Tianyuan expected.


The rise of developing countries has greatly impacted the status of established developed countries, and some aggressive developing countries have been trying their best to resist the erosion of Morgan and other forces
Even some former colonies have eliminated their influence.
Morgan, these people are following their parasitic developed countries and sliding into the abyss of stopping France.
This made Morgan’s first veteran extremely uneasy and had a premonition that he would be hung with street lamps.
Fortunately, just then
They accidentally created a special substance that caused a cold climate in a state for years.
This substance was later named CW-7.
A plan to smash the whole chessboard, restart human language and shape a "Morgan world" into a new world, Creator, was born.
This plan is crazy.
But success can not only keep them away from street lamps, but also make them become masters of the new world and receive the past world heritage.
Morgan partners responded to the plan.
This Morgan has also found some other people who can help to join.
There is a large industrial group in the middle, and wilford has become a member of the plan.
It was wilford’s idea to use a nuclear-powered train as a doomsday fortress.
Because of this, their base can be prevented from being directly peaceful by the remnants of various countries.
So now wilford took the regret chair.
Chapter 412 When meeting
For this plan …
Zhang Tianyuan’s evaluation is that after planning well, don’t plan again
It’s magical
But the thought that this is a magical continent
Zhang Tianyuan let go again
No matter how magical things happen here.
After wilford was arrested, Cheng Wanli people also quickly obtained a batch of information from his train.
There is a file with CW-7 real effect in it.
However, there is no documentation on whether it is a manufacturing method or a manufacturing party.
In addition to this information, other information also proves that wilford’s cooling plan is real and put into action.
However, like the CW-7 document, there is no evidence to point out who is the sponsor of this project.
If it is completely unaware of the situation, wilford, the holder of this information, is undoubtedly the first suspect
It is estimated that it is for this reason that Morgan is sure to modify an evidence chain that can barely fool the past and plant it on wilford and Mather
Because wilford is really convenient to plant it.
Even Morgan may have considered this matter in the record.
Cheng Wanli wanted to talk to Mather again.
Only to learn that he has been rescued in the hospital now …
all right
How can this be saved alive?
I’m afraid that hospital is run by Morgan.
Looks like we’re not talking about it anymore …
Mather’s medical record with dozens of psychiatric diagnosis and treatment records finally ushered in the last one. The last page of this new medical record will be the death certificate.
Zhang Tianyuan is also a language.
This reminds him of Baker who died in the snowstorm with his company the day after tomorrow.
This is the third one.
Mather’s incident caused a stir across the street, especially at a special time.
The influence of planetary engines on snow weather is declining.
The temperature is getting lower and lower.
Zhang Tianyuan has suggested Liu Chunshi that when the weather is open, the tunnel should introduce high-temperature plasma of planetary engines to heat the atmosphere at several important climate points.
However, these methods will eventually stop the global cooling trend.
During this period, he also met a group of representatives from various countries, and had a preliminary communication with them to confirm their abilities.
Then President Zhang discovered a rule, that is, the earlier he came, the higher his country’s mobility would be.
In particular, most countries in the world island actually have short-term and large-scale mobilization capabilities.
Even in some country formerly hostile to Cheng Wanli.
Cheng Wanli’s camp can develop rapidly for decades, and its mobility is naturally not much lower.
And if you want to be hostile to a camp with a high level of action, those enemies can’t be too hip.
Or take the head to Cheng Wanli?
Even if Mather is motivated, it’s not a crotch pull.
However, at the beginning of Mather’s cooling, he pulled it directly, regardless of the political office, which led to the poor situation in North America.