The gun of the trial instantly pierced the multi-layer protection of King Ram, and the king Ram flashed a decisive look on his face. He stopped dodging and stopped his body directly. Five different forces in the field merged together, quickly compressed into a little, and then met the gun of the trial.


"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. A huge mushroom cloud rose from the sky, and the sky shook, and the entity of the trial gun gradually dissipated and eventually disappeared into the void.
"The gun of the trial can’t help me." Ram Wang Gangsong breathed a sigh of relief, suddenly feeling a chill welled up in his heart, and a hand crossed the layers of vanity, and directly appeared on his neck, holding his neck.
"In front of my absolute power, you don’t have any chance to resist and give you a chance. Either you die or you become my servant." Qin Chu directly said rudely, and the biting murder was released unscrupulously, severely oppressing the soul of King Ram.
"You … who are you?" King Ram is in danger, but his previous fears have disappeared, and now he has calmed down.
"I’m Qin Chu." Qin Chu said coldly, "Give you the last chance to choose, die or leave you some dignity from me."

Chapter 275
Chapter 275
King Ram muttered to himself, "Qin Chu … what a strange name. I’ve never heard of it. You are not a dragon god? "
Qin Chu didn’t good the spirit way.
He turned to look at Qin Chu, narrowed his eyes, recovered his previous look, and asked faintly, "If I blow myself up, how sure are you alive?"
"In front of me, you don’t have a chance to blow yourself up," Qin Chu said solemnity. "The King of the Wind didn’t succeed in trying to blow himself up. What’s more, you are now in my hands, and there is no hope."
"The king of the wind has fallen?" Ram god king deeply.
"Fall? Hum, he is completely dead, and there is no chance to be resurrected, "Qin Chu said." Don’t be repetitive, make your choice, I don’t have time to talk with you here. "
"Outside Socrates, there are 10,000 masters I brought. If I die, they will attack immediately. Socrates must have been unable to withstand such devastation." King Ram, however, took a rest and talked to Qin Chu about the conditions. He decided that Qin Chu would never kill himself like this. His purpose was to make himself submit, so King Ram wanted to seek enough benefits for himself.
"Ten thousand masters?" Qin Chu sneer, "kill you, I’ll go out and kill them, is the most troublesome. Since you don’t want to surrender, you can go to hell. " Say, the force of order in the body works, and it is directly introduced into the body of King Ram, and it is necessary to directly check and balance King Ram.
"Don’t, I surrender, I’ll be your servant." Ram, the God King, felt the pitfalls emanating from Qin Chu, knowing that this guy was not talking to himself, but really wanted to kill his heart. He had no doubt that if he hesitated for a moment, Qin Chu’s hand would definitely break his neck without hesitation. Listen to Qin Chu, killing ten thousand masters is as easy as cutting vegetables.
Qin Chu’s hand came loose, and King Ram fell to the ground, feeling close to death, which made him feel like a near-re-embodiment.
"But, I am the God King Xiu, and you are not even the true God … How can I be your servant?" King Ram asked, laughing internally at Qin Chu’s ignorance, trying to make a God King a servant of a person. At the very least, the cultivation of the God Lord is at the same level as that of the God King. Qin Chu’s cultivation has not even reached the true God. In Ram’s view, Qin Chu’s thinking of accepting himself as a servant of God is simply insane, and at the very least, it is impossible to accept it now.
"Then you don’t have to worry about it. You just open your soul and dedicate a trace of your soul." How could Qin Chu not know what King Ram was thinking, but he wouldn’t tell King Ram directly.
"Hum, ignorant people, forcibly accepted as servants of God, will only be itself, what a fool." King Ram thought in his heart, opened his soul and gave it to Qin Chu.
Qin Chu sneer slightly, he pinched the spirit tactic, according to the method of recovering the fairy pet, directly put this trace of soul mark into his own soul, and at the same time put his own soul mark into the soul of Ram, the king of God.
A moment later, Qin Chu closed his hand, and King Ram opened his eyes with a respectful look: "Meet the Lord God, and the old slave must be loyal to the Lord God and do his best to die."
Qin Chu said, "Get up, go outside the city first, and bring all the masters you brought into the city to be dealt with by the God of Nature. From now on, you will follow me and wait on me at any time."
King Ram nodded respectfully and said, "Yes, Lord God." Said the ram god king took his own field, Qin Chu and ram god king, at the same time returned to the real space.
"You …?" The natural god king was worried about Qin Chu outside, and suddenly he saw Qin Chu and Ram, both of whom came out intact, which was a big surprise.
"See your mistress." King Ram immediately respectfully saluted the King of Nature.
The mouth of the God of Nature could not be closed. She was surprised to see King Ram salute herself, as meekly as a sheep. She looked at Qin Chu and asked, "What is this … what’s going on?"
"From today on, he is my servant. All his forces are in your hands, and he will follow me. " Qin Chu concise, don’t think, what they have done, how shocking.
"…" Hepburn already didn’t know how to speak. What Qin Chu had done was far beyond common sense and Hepburn’s judgment.
Mengyin city, the general rudder of the extreme road business alliance.
On the vast and boundless hall, covered by smoke clouds, there are eight resplendent thrones standing on high places in eight directions. On each throne, there is a man, a man and a woman, old and young. Although they are different in age, the breath of these people gives people a sense of oppression that lasts forever, like a bottomless pit, which makes it impossible for others to detect their strength.
Rosette and the two kings of God came in together, and they bowed respectfully to the eight thrones. The two kings of god who followed Luo in, although the realm is also the realm of the king of god, have no identity in it, and they are like slaves in the face of the eight thrones.
Facing the door, it is the Seven-color God King. There are seven different colors of halo behind his head. On his handsome face, he has a long beard and long and narrow eyes, which sparkle with wisdom.
"Seven colors, what are you in such a hurry to call everyone together for?" A woman with snow-white hair but a girlish face asked crisply. Her voice sounded like a wind chime.
"Because our business alliance is facing an unprecedented disaster, we will be so anxious to convene everyone to discuss how to tide over this difficulty." The Seven-color God King sink a track, "Rosey, tell your adults what you saw in the natural god department this time, and tell them in detail."
"Yes, Seven Color Adults."
Rosette hurriedly told what she had seen in the natural god system, repeating it in detail, especially Qin Chu’s possession of crystal wall shenhuo, and the warning words that the Dragon God King said to the extreme business alliance before he left.
"Dragon God is in a corner, and has been keeping a low profile. Now, after Gaster came to power, he actually started to form an alliance with Light God and Poseidon. Hum, I think their goal is definitely not as simple as plotting natural God alone." A tall middle-aged man on the throne grunted coldly.
"Blissful god king said not empty. Since its establishment, our Daoist business alliance has been aiming at not participating in the struggle between the forces of various deities, which can always preserve our strength. After such a long period of development, it has become the first deity in the divine world, even the first deity king, and they dare not offend our business alliance. But now the dragon deity is United with the light deity and the Poseidon deity, and it is definitely a plan. The natural deity is just a tool for them to try their hands first. "
"The Department of Light has always had an indescribable relationship with the Department of Poseidon. Although in the celestial world, they have no direct contact on the surface, but in the lower bound, they have a tacit understanding. The first god, Wang Haitings, has a high profile. He is called the first god king of the gods, and naturally he does not want to be a bright god, living under our extreme business alliance. "
"Moreover, we are the most powerful business alliance with countless resources, and our business alliance is huge and distributed in all parts of the world, forming a powerful intelligence network. If we hadn’t always advocated the purpose of not participating in the struggle, we would have become the lambs in the eyes of the tiger and the wolf. This time, the Dragon God secretly bought powerful Warcraft masters from all over the world, and on the one hand supported the king of the wind to launch civil strife and seize the natural god. They began to lick their minions, but they didn’t dare to start work on us rashly. That’s why they wanted to try the reaction of our extreme business alliance through the natural god system here. If we retreat a little, they will definitely jump on us at once. Therefore, I advocate that we must give them a strong counterattack to prove that we are an extreme business alliance, not a lamb to be slaughtered. "Qiu must be a strong man, and the leopard’s eyes are fierce.
"I don’t think so. We must be clear about one thing. If the Dragon God King is right, then we must understand that who is the head of the alliance of the three major gods, I guess, Haitings Ten is the behind-the-scenes of this emergency, and the civil strife of the natural gods launched by the Dragon God and the Wind God King is just his plan to drive the wolf. On the one hand, it is to test our response. "
"Don’t afraid, once we make moves, just gave them a reason to start work? I think, now we should be patient and move with the camera, "said the old man dressed as a mage lightly.
Strong man Qiu must sneer: "forbearance?" Haven’t we been patient enough in the past few years? If we don’t shoot again, show our great strength and shock the quartet, those despicable people will only become more arrogant. "
"Seven colors, what do you think about this?" The old man ignored the strong man with a beard and looked at the seven colors.
The Seven-color God King said calmly, "I think all of you have neglected the fact that Qin Chu holds the sacred fire on the crystal wall."
"Crystal wall shenhuo? Well, that’s just a legend handed down, and there is no credibility at all. " Qiu must be a big fellow, his scoffing attitude, it is obvious that he did not believe that the crystal wall is full of fire.
Although the rest of the people don’t talk, but from their expression, but also you can see that they don’t believe in the crystal wall shenhuo.
The King of Seven Colors said seriously, "There are some things that we would rather believe in than believe in. If you haven’t seen it before, it means that it really doesn’t exist. Then let’s put aside the matter of the crystal wall fire first. From the two artifacts we acquired in the chaotic world, do you know that the person who refined these two artifacts is Qin Chu? "
"What? How can Harley say that even he can’t forge those two special artifacts? How can it be forged by a guy who doesn’t even reach the realm of the true God? Seven colors, are you sure about this? " The mage old man asked in surprise.