Have a ten-day life, Zhu Lianren again


Ancestor, but there is no doubt that this time, please see it is colder and more demeaning than last time. The Lord God said faintly, "I know what you are here for, but I don’t know what you did outside, which made the baby of the old guy in the third space disappointed in you, and she hid in the realm of God’s power and ignored the old guy’s call. Your daughter-in-law is even yellow. The old man has the ability to call the wind and rain, but he doesn’t have the ability to summon the Lord of the gods to bring back your daughter-in-law from the land of Tai Xu. "
When Zhu Lianren heard this, he only felt that his heart was falling. It was over, it was over, and the only capital he had to save himself was gone. Damn bitch, I remember you.
At this time, the voice of the 28 th Yu Lord God began again, "Go to your territory, when will you practice your right arm back, and when will you please see me again?" Your ancestor, I’ve been miserable by you this time. Fortunately, the old guy in Sanyu doesn’t know the truth, otherwise my face will not be laughed off by all the saints. Laugh off a layer of skin. I’m afraid that the old man in the third space will wake up and refuse to give up, and his in-laws will become enemies. "
Zhu Lianren doesn’t know how he climbed out of the splendid hall. He knows that he is really finished. The beauty god hides in the realm of emptiness. He will never have another chance to go to this woman in his life. He wants to borrow this woman’s chance to turn over. In the realm of emptiness, the joint efforts of the saints, the Lord and the Lord God may be able to recapture a living person from the Lord of the Force World. But is it possible for the saints, the Lord and the God to join hands? If possible, the original attack on the force world would not be only 30 realms, but 40 realms and 41 realms.
"These fools, why don’t you join forces comprehensively. Do your best to force the sacred world, and then fight after killing the powerful world! "
Zhu Lianren went crazy. He obviously felt his strong desire for power. He roared silently, "I will come back. After my right arm is repaired, I will let him have nightmares for the rest of his life."
It is not an easy thing to come back from the cultivation of the right arm of the first-level Lord God. It’s easy to grow a new arm, but it needs to reach the level of the first-class god. In addition to being performed by a master above the level of quasi-holy god, after a year of nursing and warm cultivation, it is penance, continuous wind and rain, and no rest every day. After ten holy years, the new arm may be as good as ever. Two ways, the first one is hard, but the second one is enjoyment. Zhu Lianren planned to enjoy the first way, and this fellow even brought back his old arm. If circumstances permit, he will even ask his ancestors to wear out and repair his old arm for him. In this way, as long as it is only a dozen sacred days, he will be a complete first-class god. Unexpectedly, life is like a dream, waiting for him is ten years of endless torture.
From heaven to hell, the good will benefit the good, and the evil will benefit Asia. Not to mention Zhu Lianren’s accumulated resentment day after day, his face is good at camouflage day after day, and the world is too empty. This day, Tianxin smiles. Gao shouted, "Twenty-eighth Yu, I found you."
Zhu Lianren never dreamed that under the sun, he was the only one who could be the most sinister. The one who once appeared in front of him is also an expert on Yin people. It’s not, this guy with a don’t know when to be embedded in the cell signal transmitter rotary 28 yu. When it sat for 36 weeks, the cell signal transmitter was activated to send out the previously ingested road field shadow derivative data stream.
Tianxin didn’t expect the cell signal transmitter to send back much information. He just needed to determine where the 28th space was. It is also a mistake. I never thought that Zhu Lianren was left out in the cold and was sent back to the territory directly. I didn’t have the ability to mysteriously pay attention to the Lord God. As a result, the cell signal transmitter that entered Zhu Lianren’s body through blood vessels virtually had a long life, and everything of this fellow was sent back continuously.
Observing this fellow for several days, Tianxin shook his head. "This fellow is hopeless. The so-called ten-year penance is nothing more than the temper of this fellow by the Lord God of the 28th Yu. As long as ten years have passed, I can endure hardships and win back my favor. But what is this fellow doing? He hates the sky, hates the ground, hates everything outside his body, and his resentment is getting heavier and heavier. I am afraid that the mercy of the Lord God in the 28th space will not end well, and he will not be able to raise a baiwenhang who is always ready to bite himself. "
"By the way, the Lord God in the third space is very clever. He actually knows that the land of the void is the safest place to escape from marriage, and he escaped. However, it is impossible to accurately understand the three-system land if she has to enter the city of Taixu and wander around in the boundary of Taixu. "
When my mind was wandering, I didn’t know that I had obtained the access card, but the beauty Lord God was frustrating. She couldn’t remember how many times she received the call to return to the third space quickly. Although she knows that it is safe in the land of the void, she still feels scared. The tone of the third Yu Lord God’s summons is more severe every time. God knows how many masters this old deathlessly will send to arrest her. If these masters raid, can the land of the void really keep her?
The beauty Lord God, who never goes back to the dead, can’t help but get as close as possible to the land of China in fear again and again, even beyond the boundary of the first-class Lord God of 5 trillion light years.
This beauty god didn’t react until he was twenty trillion light-years away from the city of Taixu. She had crossed the boundary of the first-level god three trillion light-years, but it was nothing.
"God, I’m safe and I won’t be caught back."
The beauty god let go of endless reverie with the joy of rebirth, and got up the courage to try to March to the city of Taixu. Although it is safe now, the city of Taixu is undoubtedly safer. There, as long as she has a magical little figure, she can drill into the dense sea of people, hee hee, who can find it. Hum, piss off the old guy who wants to marry her off!
"Who is scolding me behind my back!"
The third space, enjoying the cool air in the central hall, felt cold in the vest of the third space Lord God, but turned around and found nothing.
"This girl, when she is caught, she must be taught a good lesson. She didn’t answer the call order and wanted to piss people off!"
The third Yu Lord God continued to plan the great cause of calling people, but he didn’t know that he had lost any chance to catch back the beauty Lord God.

Chapter seven hundred and sixteen A final battle
For eight consecutive years, chaos is no big deal.
But everyone knows that there is no possibility of reconciliation. Both the saints and the gods are secretly making efforts, collecting information, planning with fear, trying to hold each other’s life, and then dispatching troops and knocking each other to death with a stuffy hammer.
However, the more information collected by the saints from the celestial world, the more anxious they are. The development of Li Shen world is really beyond their expectation, so fast that they have to adjust their plans every holy day. The Nine Heavenly Immortals in the realm of Li Shen have increased by millions every year in these eight years of Li Yu. Nine immortals they sensed, so it was easy to find, but armament, this thing is not to enter the other military aircraft, there is no way to know an exact data.
If we say that the saints are shocked by the development speed of the sacred world, the worry about the saints that day is the assembly of the other side’s ready-made forces. In the past eight years, especially in the last one or two years, the troops of the saints have been frequently mobilized. At the bridgehead of all saints on the land of Liyu, there are more and more adventurers from all saints.
Li Yu calendar 121 years, when the full ten Li Yu years passed, Tianxin breathed a sigh of relief. In the ninth and tenth years, I was sad. In order to make the saints dare not act rashly, Tianxin held a big performance in and out of Liyu every 100 days to shock the saints.
To tell the truth, it’s not that the top leaders of the saints don’t want to start work in the ninth year. But it was also from this year that they were in shock. The military exercises conducted by Liyu Huazhong, Infinite Tianhuazhong and Xingyuan Tianhuazhong every hundred sacred days are endless. These military exercises dealt a great blow to them. According to their intelligence, the maximum number of Li Yu Hua Zhong is only 100 million nine immortals. However, after the military exercise began, Li Yu Hua Zhong devoted a division to Li Yu Outer Space for the first time, that is, 100 million nine immortals. After the military exercise every 100 days, the number of nine immortals participating in the exercise will increase by tens of millions. No matter how many Nine Heavenly Immortals there are, but with two kinds of material weapons, chaos thunder and positive and negative matter bombs, which are said to be the 1,200 th generation, Li Yu Hua Zhong can keep the great defense zone of Li Shen’s world in a tight place. In a word, the force of God is insufficient to attack the enemy, but more than enough to defend it.
The home front of all saints had expected that the bridgehead of Liyu mainland, which had been in operation for a long time, could create some chaos within the realm of Li Shen, but this dream was shattered after Liyu Huazhong began military exercises. The realm of emptiness is the absolute realm of the God of Force, and it is useless for thousands of Xuanyu legions to be arrogant from the air. Moreover, Liyu Huazhong can not only destroy the bridgehead of the saints from the air, but also surround the bridgehead with a marine army from the land. The strangest attack may also come from underground. Li Yu Hua Zhong has an emperor-level war beast army with a very large number and is very good at ground attack.
The infinite plane, the Xingyuan plane, the infinite forces and the interstellar forces controlled by the bridgehead of the saints are even more immobile. Perhaps only when the sword is raised, do we know how huge and powerful the armies of the infinite and Xingyuan Zhu Tianhua are, and they have the support of the chaotic second army from the chaotic initial plane.
Everything makes the saints dare not move lightly. Every time the army is added, it will no longer have an advantage after the other party’s military exercise. Specifically, it is not enough to attack the enemy’s defense force.
In the ninth and twelfth Liyu years, this kind of torture made the saints and the Lord God thin. It is not easy for them to assemble troops. It will take a long time to pull the army into outer space, and the logistics will be laborious. Sure. The most frustrating thing is that when they think that the assembled army can break through the force world, the timely incremental military exercises of the force world Lord let them know that their assembled strength is still not enough.
God-damned God-force Lord, doesn’t he know that he has led the forces of all the saints to one hundred billion light-years in the outer space of Liyuan, and that 90% of the forces of all the saints, the huge army brings unimaginable logistical pressure to the distant saints? It happened that we couldn’t launch an attack. In the new military exercise in China, the strength demonstrated by the Lord of the gods undoubtedly showed that although the enemy was not attacked enough, the defense was more than enough. In the face of the nine immortals of the whole ten legions and tens of thousands of broken weapons United, the Lord God of the saints knows that even if he has assembled 90% of the troops of the saints. However, it is weak to break the realm of the void.
Unless …
Unless all the quasi-Lord gods and the Lord God are on the whole, all the saints will have all their military strength, and they may not be able to defend the watertight force gods!
"This Lao has become a climate!"
The saints, the Lord God, sigh. What do you think this is? When the force world first appeared, it was not that the giants of the holy world ignored it. However, at that time, the saints were not free, so that most or all of the military forces could not be pressed to annihilate the scourge. By the time the rear area is stable and most or even all of the forces can be pressed, the realm of power gods has developed too big to fail, and the iron drum-like defense array is arrogant and chaotic.
It is true that there is no impregnable fortress. But the question is, can you break a fortress that is developing at a high speed and extending outward? Or are you that powerful?
This strangely and unpredictably chaotic situation, for the first time, all the saints and the Lord God feel old. What is fate? For the first time, all the saints and gods remembered this word and felt that their fate was unknown for the first time.