At this point, Fu Shan and Wang Xian, are desperately exporting their own strength of Dan Yuan. These forces of Dan Yuan have not condensed into any spells, so they are directly spread out and gathered together, which looks like a light belt and a long river. All of a sudden, the drop of blood suspended in the void in front of the two people suddenly fell, just like a drop of water, dripping into the deep pool without waves in the ancient well, and cried, causing ripples in circles.


This drop of blood is the condensation of Jingxue of Wei Wuji’s younger brother life’s core monuments, which contains the essence of Wei Wuji’s practice of "Thirty-six Changes of the Highest Day" for many years, and itself also contains the vigorous light of Yin and Yang spirits, which has a powerful chemical force. At the same time, Wei Wuji also tried his best to pour his own power into it, pushing its power to the limit.
The ripples flashed across the road, and in an instant, in the void, the mighty river of then Yuan Li changed and turned into a red wishful thinking. In this wishful thinking, there is a faint sound of thunder and thunder, and it is the wishful Lei Guang that promotes the strongest power of Zhu Xian Jian array.
This enormous wishful Lei Guang ten percent, immediately toward the front of a sword pill flew into the past.
The sword pill right in front of it is a trapped fairy sword pill. Who mowgli at this time only a blow, nature is to maximize its utility. And trapped fairy sword light, in this respect is the most good at.
Ruyi Lei Guang struck on the trapped Xianjian Pill. At that time, it was like mercury pouring down, and all of it penetrated into it. At this time, a finger-thick red light quickly chopped out.
This red sword light flew out. At that time, the red glory of the big tent shone through in all directions. After only a few feet, it was overwhelming. In the eyes of the black-robed old man, it was like a sea of ghost blood burst its banks and swept towards him. However, at this moment, he would rather face the real blood of the underworld. Although the corrosive force of the blood of the underworld is unparalleled, after all, it takes time and some moments of buffer, so he is confident that he can rush out. However, this piece of red tide in front of us contains unparalleled fierceness and the meaning of war, which makes people feel chilling at first sight.
There is no doubt that this is a sword. This red tide can be regarded as a sword tide gathered by countless flying swords. Flying sword, if classified as a magic weapon system, can be said to be the most simple magic weapon. Because of simplicity, its power is immediate.
From his attack just now, the black-robed old man has already understood how terrible this red sword light is. At this moment, a red tide that is ten times more visible than the previous earth is naturally not the slightest neglect. At this moment, the original crazy attack of the black-robed old man was suppressed at that time and turned to defense. The colorful Shenhua, which is also like the spring tide in Wang Yang, immediately began to be restrained, condensed, and in the blink of an eye, the colorful brilliance seemed to form a substantial crystal, which was very bright.
Moreover, these five-color crystals are still thickening, heightening and increasing rapidly at the horrible speed visible to the naked eye. In a short moment, the black-robed old man’s body looks like an extra peak made of five-color spar with the size of a hundred feet, which stands tall and firmly protects it in the center.
At this time, the trapped fairy sword light came and bombarded it straight up. Before a loud sound, the center of the sword light sweeping, wearing towards the front hole; And the red tide around, like big waves scouring the sand, accompanied by scratching sound, quickly wiped out the five-color peaks.

Chapter DiYiSiSi Break the bell and destroy the sword, back in time.
Chapter DiYiSiSi Break the bell and destroy the sword, back in time.
This record is trapped in the light of the fairy sword. Wei Wuji’s self-destruction of life’s core monuments’s Jingxue, supplemented by the help of two great elixirs, can be described as the display of its strongest strength at present.
Wei mowgli’s body is tough, and there are many JingXie, which is far more than ordinary monks. With such a powerful sword light, it is not impossible to send it out again. However, the loss of JingXie, unlike mana, is very irreparable. Therefore, even he dare not let his JingXie lose too much, so as not to wreck the foundation of his own body.
So, who mowgli after the sword light, although also commanded then zombies Fu Shan and Wang Xian hurriedly devour Xuan Ming true water pranayama, ready to xu li again, but also dare not to stay. He patted the green cow on his crotch, at that time. The green cow’s hooves gave birth to the wind and cloud, turned into a shining green light, crossed the air, and passed away in a flash.
In the valley, the trapped fairy sword light and colorful Shenhua are still fighting. At first glance, the trapped sword light seems to be more powerful, sweeping all the way, and suddenly rushing forward. However, careful observation will reveal that at this moment, the trapped light of Xianjian sword is no longer as powerful as it was at the beginning, and the speed of crushing and shattering five-color crystals has also eased down.
Obviously, Yuan Ying Zhenjun, as a high-end fighting force in the whole human world, is really not blown out, and its strength is really excellent.
"Crack, crack, crack, …"
The sound of firecrackers, such as continuous running water, keeps ringing. In the blink of an eye, the five-color crystal mountain with a thickness of 100 feet has been wiped out by more than half.
At this point, the black-robed old man’s face was almost black as the bottom of the pot, so gloomy. At this moment, his heart is still lingering fear. Because, in his view, if Wei mowgli’s first move is such a powerful sword light, then even if he will not be beheaded, he will be beheaded. Only Yuan Ying remains.
All of a sudden, the black-robed old man, who was stirring up the baby’s strength and suggesting that the ruling god clock was fighting against the trapped light of the sword, suddenly heard a very slight sound of cracking in the dense noise. At that time, his heart was a fiercely, and he glanced over his ruling god clock.
At this sight, the black-robed old man immediately discovered that his five-poison magic bell, originally bombarded by Wei Wuji’s first sword light, had a slight crack, which spread violently like a dance of ancient dragons and snakes. The crack at the core has been as long as a foot and a half.
Seeing this, the black-robed old man knew that his five-poison magic bell had already shown signs of fundamental injury. The grade of the five-poison bell is only the top jewel, ranking second among all his instrument sequences. In the first place, it is a flying sword named Shuang Jiao.
Frost dumpling sword is a low-grade spiritual treasure. Although its grade is above the Five Poisons Bell, it is not from his own sacrifice, but from the exchange meeting. This frost-dumpling sword is made of the essence of hardware mixed with the elite who have been cold for thousands of years. Its nature is from yin to cold, and it can emit extremely cold and mysterious frost.
Speaking of power, the frost dumpling sword is indeed not small, but its attribute is not consistent with the black-robed old man. What the black-robed old man practices is the magic door poison power, and the foundation is on the non-toxic heaven and earth. Therefore, the sacrifice of the Five Poisons God Bell will be practiced as a life instrument instead of a frost dumpling sword. For the black-robed old man, the frost sword is just a temporary substitute. It can be said that as long as the Five Poisons God Clock achieves Lingbao, the frost dumpling sword can be eliminated.
Because of this, the black-robed old man prefers to use the five-poison magic bell, because, for the multiplier, the experience of fighting is also equivalent to a kind of strength, which is very important. But … At this moment, the black-robed old man has some regrets in his heart, regretting why he didn’t use the frost dumpling sword.
If the frost dumpling sword is damaged, the black-robed old man will also feel distressed and pity, but that’s all. However, if this five-poison bell is destroyed, it is far from enough to describe the feelings in its heart. After all, this five-poison bell is the crystallization of its hundreds of years of monasticism.
At this moment, although the root of the Five Poisons Bell has not been hurt, it is only a thin line. If possible, the black-robed old man will definitely replace the five-poison god clock and choose to use the frost dumpling sword. But at this moment, he is trying his best to fuel the ruling god clock.
Although, as a true gentleman of Yuan Ying, the black-robed old man can still separate part of his strength to fuel the frost dumpling sword. However, facing the light of the trapped Xianjian sword, he attacks like the tide in Wang Yang, and the black-robed old man can’t guarantee that he is in this moment of transformation. Will not be trapped by the light of the fairy sword, beheaded the flesh.
Therefore, the old man in black robe can only continue.
The most painful thing in time is Qian Qian Wanwan. Now, the old man in black robe has realized one of them. Obviously there is a way to save your precious things, but you can’t display them. You can only watch them helplessly.
"click! Hey! "
There were two crackling sounds again. This time, the sound was much louder. And with this sound, there are two dragons and snakes winding on top of the ruling god clock, like clouds and fog. There are also a lot of fine cracks around.
Seeing this, the black-robed old man will understand that the fundamental damage of the Five Poisons Bell is inevitable. At this moment, he hated Wei Wuji without the slightest appreciation. "My magic weapon, even if it is damaged, will be damaged in my own hands!"
There was a silent roar in the depths of the black-robed old man’s soul. In a flash, his hands were moving together, and a tremor was the shaking of thousands of fingers and palms, which condensed and became visible in the void. Then, the rapid recovery of thousands of fingers and palms of light and shadow was combined with a method of the black-robed old man’s hands.
At this time, the black-robed old man shouted, "Boom!"
In a flash, the remaining five-color crystal mountain in the periphery should be blasted up and turned into a mass of almost nihilistic smoke. This smoke is very different from ordinary clouds. With a gentle breeze, the raging red sword tide in the periphery drowned many. Then, the five-poison magic bell, which protects the old man in black robe, was also smashed with a bang and completely turned into powder.
Accompanied by this explosion, the void suddenly became dark, and around it, dozens of cracks were revealed, which were several inches wide and three or five feet long. This blow actually cracked the void of heaven and earth. As soon as the cracks in this space appeared, the time immediately showed its unparalleled power.
The red sword tide that spread around it was like a tide, surging towards those cracks. There is no sound. And the core of a sword light, but also when the space is broken, under the collision of countless strong shock waves, annihilated.
The crack in the space is just a flash, but just in a flash, the trapped light of the sword disappears completely, and the valley is calm again.
At this moment, the black-robed old man stood in the void, and at the corner of his mouth, he could not help but seep out a bloodshot, dripping from his chin to the ground.
Obviously, although the black-robed old man used many secret methods to protect him, life’s core monuments’s magic weapon was broken, and his body was still badly traumatized.
At this time, there is no graceful weather on the face of the black-robed old man, and what appears is full of ferocious color. "Ji Changkong, I won’t kill you and swear not to be human!"
As soon as the words fell, the mouth spit out a mouthful of blood again. This blood is not blood stasis in the body, nor is it the blood of trauma that can’t be suppressed, but it develops a secret method of self-injury, so as to greatly enhance its own strength and promote the interpretation of a solution. This law is called time back!
Time-back Dafa, although it can’t really go back to the original time, can also reappear it and let people see what happened before, which is the supreme secret to track down the enemy.
As time goes back to the exhibition of Dafa, the eyes of the black-robed old man suddenly change, which is no longer the original black and white, but completely turned into a void, faint, dark, but bright, bright, but very quiet, unable to say what color it is.
In this void, all of a sudden, an image suddenly appeared, riding a green cow and hanging a black picture, which was the image of Wei Wuji. Who mowgli’s shape is now, in an instant, then turned into a blue streamer, across in this void, toward the distant shot in the past.
At the same time, the black-robed old man himself moved, and with a wave of his hand, a long and narrow flying sword with a length of five feet and a width of nearly an inch appeared, risking the solemnity and suspending in the void. It was the frost dumpling sword. Then, the black-robed old man turned his figure into a five-color rainbow and rushed into the frost dumpling flying sword.
In an instant, Frost Jiao’s sword was brilliant, and a huge colorful sword rainbow with a width of several feet and a length of about a thousand feet was achieved. Then, with a "poof", colorful swords and rainbows burst into the air, and they rushed out of a hundred miles away in a flash.
At this time, if there are other people hiding in the side, you will find that the flight trajectory of the colorful sword rainbow incarnated by the black-robed old man connects the two points of the messy flight trajectory of Wei Wuji driving the green cow, forming a straight line, which has achieved the shortest distance and will be completed in the shortest time.
A moment later, the figure of the old man in black robe reappeared, and the blank track of cyan streamer in his eyes was also derived. Then, the old man in black robe incarnated colorful sword rainbow again, and flew along a straight route towards the front surprises. If so, after several surprises, the black-robed old man stopped over a mighty long river.
It’s not that the black-robed old man doesn’t want to pursue any more, but because Wei Wuji turned into water and merged into this long river.

Chapter DiYiWu JueXian, escape
Chapter DiYiWu JueXian, escape