Because, those talented people in the world are obviously under 100 years old and in their prime, but when others evaluate them, they all say that they have magical power for thousands or even thousands of years. Where did these powers come from? It’s not all these unusual ways, one day is better than others for ten days, a hundred days, or even a thousand days!


Of course, although these spirit beads are good, not everyone can practice them. Because this is the benefit formed by the disciples of the second peak of Gengjin, naturally, it is also to be left to the disciples of the second peak of Gengjin. So, these spirit beads seem to be so baggy, hanging in the sky, accessible by hand. However, if those who are not included in the gate wall of the second peak of Gengjin want to fly to the sky to get them, it’s fine if they are disciples of the Five Elements Sect. At most, they suffer from a little flesh and blood. If they are disciples of foreign sects, they will definitely end up dead and lifeless. Moreover, no one can speak, but only the head and elders of that sect, whose followers are incompetent and whose disciples are greedy and deserve to die.
As for the master of the second peak of Gengjin, it’s much easier. You don’t need to go to heaven at all. You just need to sit in your own quiet room, run "Innate Qi Gengjin Sword Tactics", and once you attract it, the spirit beads on that day will fall and fly into your mouth for your refining. Except for opening your mouth, you don’t even need to reach out.
Of course, master disciples and master disciples are also different. Although it is said that everyone can attract and refine, however, there are differences in cultivation, grades in secret methods, and ingenious means, and so on. Therefore, as a result, it must be those excellent and powerful disciples who can swallow more spiritual beads. However, this is also normal. Schools, schools and the public are for the foundation, while Excellence is for the backbone. The two can be described as complementary and indispensable. Once biased, it may lead to extinction.
This gathered into the vast Milky Way, and the spirit beads appeared all over the sky. Outside the courtyard of Wei Wuji, those disciples of refining gas who were listed by the disciples of the second peak of Gengjin were the first to put their burning eyes on it. Those who were impatient were even more impatient, and they worked hard to attract the spirit beads in the sky and swallowed them into their stomachs, so they stood and refined.
Faced with this, those disciples who came here to perform their duties or were invited by friends to visit and play at the second peak of Gengjin couldn’t help showing envy on their faces, and they couldn’t help secretly expecting that a real person could appear on their own mountain in the near future.
Because of this situation, at that time, the situation in the field seemed a bit chaotic. However, these elders, such as Pang Yu, are hard to say. For one thing, there are also their own disciples present here. Second, this is human nature. After all, the second peak of Gengjin’s power and the struggle for the general trend, their little skills are simply impossible to get started, and the immediate interests are naturally more important.
The spirit beads in the sky, though seemingly numerous, have fully gathered into a vast milky way, as if they were endless. However, there is a good saying that for monks, especially those who can still grow up, how many resources are not enough. Especially those monks with excellent qualifications, extremely high understanding and super strength, refining the speed of aura, that’s called a fast, ordinary monk, which can really be described as flattery. People may not care about this time, but for these little monks, it is natural that stupid birds fly first and diligence can make up for it.

Chapter 390 Everything is ready, Dongfeng owes.
Chapter 390 Everything is ready, Dongfeng owes.
These junior disciples began to take pictures of Lingzhu. Let the original quiet atmosphere be scattered in an instant. Pang Yu and others, the intrigues that were turning in their hearts, seem to have been reduced a lot because of this lively and noisy atmosphere. However, naturally, they will not start taking pictures and absorbing them now.
Don’t say it’s their disciples, even ordinary registered disciples, and none of them did it. After all, in front of so many younger generations, they are thinking in their hearts, and they also want to put on their elders’ airs so as not to lose face.
The scene outside has become full of enthusiasm, but the atmosphere in the chamber of secrets has stagnated. Because, who mowgli and others are very clear, with the collapse of this aura vortex, the impact of resin magic Lin Zhao on the territory of then, it will be the last moment.
Sure enough, not for a moment, the corpse demon Lin Zhao’s cross-legged body. It collapsed and spread out, turning into a dark and incomparable vitality. Through this vitality, we can vaguely see that there seem to be countless snakes wandering and gathering in the internal force. With the passage of time, this corpse demon Lin Zhao’s body, sometimes reappeared in human form, and sometimes dispersed into pure vitality, alternately circulating in the hatchback.
If so, it lasted for about half an hour, and the body of the corpse demon Lin Zhao, after dispersing into vitality, no longer continued to make changes, but from this vitality, two banners were revealed, all of which were completely dark, but one of them was painted with a black white bone method, and the other was painted with a deep red The Hunger method, which was the mysterious white bone banner.
The two poles were long and long, and instantly, two sounds seemed to spread out from the desolate atmosphere transmitted from ancient times. Then, the sound of a loud roar was mixed together, and a huge white bone method and The Hunger method jumped out of it. Before the vitality of the corpse demon Lin Zhao.
The two methods, nature is the dark magic bones phase and dark The Hunger. As soon as the two Dafa appeared, they faced each other, and then they jumped at each other in a fit. The Hunger, a mysterious figure, although famous, is like the invisible water, so he let the mysterious dark demon’s bones penetrate into his body.
After the combination of two and two, the newly achieved fiend was shaking all over, standing for a moment, scratching, and shaking all over his joints. Soon, the huge fiend’s body was reduced and became a normal person. And its face, also turned into the true nature of the corpse demon Lin Zhao.
At this time, the body of this fiend. Accompanied by two banners kept flaunting, they also sat down, waving their hands in a serial way, pinching their series of tactics, and running the whole body of Bai Gujing gas, flesh and blood essence, rushing towards the top door. For more than an hour later, the spirit of this fiend was wide open, one red and one white, and two lights burst out, reflecting the chamber of secrets, suddenly a bright.
At this time, the vitality of the resin magic Lin Zhao suddenly shot a tremor, as if the flesh and blood were crawling, splitting a wisp from above, manifesting a virtual shadow of the resin magic Lin Zhao, and together with the red, white and fine mans, re-invested in the mud pill palace.
It turns out that this time, the corpse demon Lin Zhao is ambitious, not only to achieve then, but also to become one of the masters. After all, he became a servant of Wei Wuji. Although his reckless temper was convergent in those days, the arrogance in his bones was still there. He was the first person under Wei Wuji, and naturally he was unwilling to climb on his head with two new zombies.
So, he wants to use the Xuan Tian Bai Gu Zan and the Xuan Tian The Hunger Zan to create a powerful new flesh body for himself. Not only can it be pushed into the realm of then, but it can also be a great help to its battle. However, he didn’t forget that his own root is the body of a corpse demon, so he didn’t put all his accomplishments into it at the moment of physical achievement, and opened the door of the celestial spirit with his own accomplishments. Although, in that case, it will surely go smoothly.
After opening, the resin demon Lin Zhao did not put all his vitality into the mud pill palace, because, in that case, he is the real two-in-one body, and before the achievement of the Yuan God Tao Guo, the flesh became his foundation. Well, he naturally won’t want to. Therefore, he only used his own distraction to enter for control. The rest of the strength, is fully used to impact then.
After the distraction, the day spirit closed, and then the body of the fiend opened its mouth, and the whole body of the corpse demon Lin Zhao was all from here, surging in, instantly swimming around the whole body and rushing in the space of the abdomen. At that moment, in the abdomen space of the corpse demon Lin Zhaoxin’s new body, there appeared a blurred phase of then.
Mana. When it’s like a torrent, it rushes into the abdomen, and then, it bets on the imaginary phase of then. Before long, the resin demon Lin Zhao’s own collected vitality turned into yuan force, which was completely consumed. At this time, the virtual phase of this elixir, although much more textured than before, still seems illusory. At this time, the resin magic Lin Zhao naturally won’t have the slightest stint, and his mind will move. The tall and incomparable Xuan Tian The Hunger’s banner was shaken at that time, and between the flags, the size of a washbasin was braving the thick lotus flower meat ball, which was released from it. Then, it was swallowed by the resin magic Lin Zhao’s new body and completely swallowed up. It was quickly transformed into yuan through blood pregnancy.
Then the imaginary phase got this share of help. At that time, the illusory phase weakened a little, and the texture became thick again. However, this bloody meat ball didn’t last long, but it took more than a minute, and then it was completely consumed. At this time, The Hunger, the mysterious day, was under the control of the resin demon Lin Zhao, and immediately released another one. Then, it was swallowed up by it again, transformed into force, and added to the virtual image of then.
Next, for nearly three days, the corpse demon Lin Zhao spent it in this cycle of swallowing, transforming, filling, swallowing again, transforming again and filling again. This process is boring and tasteless, but the mind of the corpse demon Lin Zhao is always high, without the slightest wavering.
People outside the courtyard, especially Pang Yu’s disciples, are quite impatient. As for this impatience, how much is derived from jealousy, and jealousy will form an extraordinary elixir, that is, people will drink water and know themselves well.
It’s dusk again.
In the Chamber of Secrets, The Hunger’s banners flying high shook again, but this time, there was no red meat ball flying out of it. At this moment, resin magic Lin Zhao without the slightest hesitation, hands serial action, pinch out a handprint, toward the xuan day The Hunger complications through a press. Time, xuan day The Hunger complications of the whole 1 of "bang" collapsed, turned into a very sticky, like a river of blood lotus flower, toward the resin magic Lin Zhao swept up.
At this time, the corpse demon Lin Zhao was full of holes, and the light was shining, and a lotus flower was transmitted. The twisted void presented a tiny vortex. In an instant, the lotus flower of The Hunger’s complications in Xuan Tian was wrapped up in it as a whole, just like a giant egg, and it was let loose and smoked.
Not enough, even so, it didn’t last long. After more than an hour, the blood eggs wrapped in the corpse demon Lin Zhao disappeared completely. At this time, the resin magic Lin Zhao once again showed his hands-on tactic, and produced another method of printing. With a loud explosion of "bang", the mysterious day’s white bones were scattered and turned into a mass of Bai Gujing gas, which wrapped the resin magic Lin Zhao up again.
The achievement of resin magic solution lies in the spirit of flesh and blood, bone marrow, which is the source of hematopoiesis. Therefore, this Bai Gujing spirit also contains a lot of flesh and blood essence. Although, it is far from being able to compare with The Hunger Zan, a pure flesh-and-blood polymer, it is better than nothing.
Moreover, the extra pure bone qi will not be wasted, but it can supplement the present bone body, which is also considered to kill two birds with one stone.
When these Bai Gujing qi, after being swallowed up again, the expression on the resin magic Lin Zhao’s face remained unchanged, and his hands were above, and the method tactic changed repeatedly. With these gains, his original vigorous and strong body began to loosen up immediately.
Look at this situation, who mowgli and others all understand that the preparation made by the previous resin magic Lin Zhao is still not sufficient, otherwise, where is the need for such a self-mutilation body? However, at present, there is no good way for them to help him, and they can only let him put it to good use. Anyway, as long as then succeeds. Physical consumption, as long as it is not fundamentally damaged, can still be made up by various means in the future.
The night is getting deeper and deeper. When the bright moon is hanging high in the air, the body of the corpse demon Lin Zhao is completely withered, and it can be said that it is skinny and thin. At this moment, who mowgli and others, in the heart are worried, and resin magic Lin Zhao, but instead of the slightest this kind of mood, it is very happy.
Because, in the abdomen space of the corpse demon Lin Zhao, more than half of the marble-sized elixir has achieved substance. This elixir of his is very different from the ordinary elixir, but it is red and black, half of which is each. At this point, the black side has completely achieved the essence and is extremely solid, while the red side has also materialized a small part.
Although it is said that there are still many places where the half of the red color is empty, Lin Zhao, the corpse demon, doesn’t care. Because, he is very clear, this is because the flesh and blood he swallowed is not enough.