One of them threw down his sword and said firmly, "No! I quit! "


"Don’t argue with me, I quit!" Another bucket king sink a track.
"I should quit, I contributed the least in this battle!" The devil put away his staff and made a firm tone.
"This is your dream. It’s a rare opportunity in fierce competition, and I … I believe in my own strength, and I have opportunities wherever I go."
Chest trauma is not light, just a violent war moved interest, cold can’t help but corners of the mouth overflow blood again, but full of gentle smile on his face.
Maybe happen to coincide, maybe someone is one step ahead, but it seems almost the same time, all three people actually knelt down on one knee at Chen Han.
"Kevin, willing to follow your husband!"
"Rob, willing to follow your husband!"
"Tonks, willing to follow your husband!"
Two fighting kings and a demon king, both of whom have two talent increases, are considered high-level practitioners in the celestial world, and even chose loyalty at the same time after a battle.
They didn’t know each other before, and there was even a conflict of interest between them. In the previous assessment, after some competitors were eliminated first, the rest of them had already drawn their swords and chopped people, but they actually made the same choice, which was unprecedented before.
A master at the level of King Dou and Devil Wang is loyal to a low-ranking practitioner, but no one laughs at them, even full of envy and jealousy.
The whole process of that World War I was vivid.
The miraculous man, who fought against hundreds of people by himself, created opportunities for the so-called comrades. He brought up the butcher’s knife and killed the quartet as if the gods had come to the world. He was almost equal to the word "invincible", and then when the last chance came, he actually gave up the quota to his comrades who clearly had conflicts of interest. What a mind and boldness!
I don’t know how many people envy and hate at the scene, how many people have nowhere to vent their passion, and how many people want to be one of the three people kneeling on the ground.
"You’d better stay."
Chen Han smiled like a spring breeze, and then turned and walked out of the enchantment.
"My husband doesn’t want to stay, and I won’t stay. Rob is only willing to follow my husband in this life!" The early bucket king caught up without hesitation.
"Me too!"
"Me too!"
"Sir, can you let me follow forever?"
When the three men left the enchantment, the soldiers in other enchantments followed, and some people chased them out, and knelt down directly in front of Chen Han. This is the gesture of the followers of the celestial world who vowed.
Like a chain reaction storm, more and more people rushed out from the enchantment, and in a blink of an eye, the dense crowd knelt down in front of Chen Han.
"My Lord, this … these guys are so rude …" The deputy around the assessment officer was furious.
"Are you jealous of him?"
The examiner put on a mysterious smile and whispered as if to himself, "Well … I thought I overestimated him, thinking that he was just a reckless man. It seems that I underestimated him too much. He can win people’s hearts in such a short time and let so many people follow him voluntarily. His imperial skills and personal charm are simply terrible. Coupled with his qualifications, it would be a pity if such a person can’t be used by me. It would be a disaster for the enemy if any force got him. "
"My Lord …"
"Tell Marshal Lie exactly what just happened."
Without waiting for the deputy to say anything, his figure flashed from the distance to Chen Han, and he laughed aloud: "The rule is that the dead are alive. There are four places for seven-star soldiers now. Do you still want to go? You don’t want to be with these comrades, these people who have fought together? "
Chen Han suddenly looked apprehensive and excited, and the examiner naturally gave him an order, so the competition of other levels of arms continued in his name, but those people seemed to be possessed, just like good babies.
"Sir, we …"
"I’m just a soldier, but I can’t be loyal." Chen Han shrugged his shoulders helplessly and looked at the bitter king and devil.
"Who said no?"
The examiner patted him on the shoulder with a smile on his face and said, "From now on, you are the captain of the palace guard. Although I am not qualified to grant you a higher position, the captain can still make decisions, so that you not only have the power to lead a team of 100 people, but also have no more than ten followers. Remember! If anyone asks, you can say that you majored in magic, and wizards need followers, which is equally effective in the official! "
What a big olive branch!
Pigs all know that this inscrutable examiner is obviously taking the opportunity to woo Chen Han, but who can refuse such wooing?
Suddenly, Chen Han has a strange feeling: he is obviously here to steal things, and the other party has been treated with courtesy. What should I do if I am really embarrassed to do it at last?
Chen Han was taken away by another deputy of the examiner, and at the same time, three people who vowed to follow him were taken away. However, what puzzled Chen Han was that they did not bring themselves into the palace, but flew to another place, and finally a group of people appeared in front of a huge mansion in a spacious street.
Marshal’s house!
I’m clearly here to apply for the palace guard, and I should be sent to the palace. How did I get to Marshal House?
The original plan was to spread false news to disturb people’s hearts, then sneak into the palace to find out where the dragon eggs were released, and then release other news that had already been prepared, so that people who had been ambushing in other places would create an illusion, and finally take time out of the high-order forces in the palace to steal the dragon eggs while the palace was weak.
However, as the plan to sneak into the palace changed, Chen Han found that things had developed in another direction that could not be grasped …