Feng Li Su caressed the right eye mask "this won’t bother you! You have to remember that I always miss women and I will never agree to let you be together! Don’t forget my identity. I can give her the position of queen and give her the best love! I can afford anything she wants! And you? Just an idle prince. What can you give her? Do "


Give her the position of princess and give her absolute and only love!
It is these words that Feng Jiang Yi didn’t say, and he didn’t think it was necessary to say them to let the other party know.
Feng Jiang Yi didn’t feel angry because of his ridicule, and lazily leaned against the stone fence and laughed in a low voice. "My brother feels that my fair lady has been good since ancient times! If the emperor can win the favor of Acacia, what can he say is fair competition? It’s really impossible to let my brother go! After all, my brother has a crush on a woman for the first time! "
Paused phoenix crimson clothes smiling to cast a glance at him, "besides, the emperor is waiting for the identity of the harem beauty three thousand so many women bitter to another acacia? There is no difference between one more and one less, is there? "
"Do you think I will compare those women in the Acacia harem?"
"That is the future to know things. Who knows if you are interested in Acacia for a while? When this interest is lost, the harem girls are no different."
Feng Jiang Yi looked at a bit of a mess. Feng Li Su added, "Emperor, you dumped Acacia tonight. I’m afraid it’s not that easy. If Acacia slapped you just now, maybe she’ll feel relieved, but she didn’t dump you. It should be in her heart."
Acacia is an easy-to-hold-grudges little woman. You should know how long she ignored her when she kissed her.
Think of what I said just now when I was lovesick, and my heart is calm again. I love clean men, but I love him …
It’s already filthy.
Feng Li soda often lovesickness after that slap really began to regret, and he didn’t want to hit her, but at the sight of him hugging her like this, his jealousy burned up and burned his only reason.
That slap is not light, and it hurts to go with his palm.
Feng Li Su glanced at relying on the stone fence to laugh like a demon man and evoked a smile.
"I her if it’s not your turn to speak! By the way, I see that you really have nothing to do these days. Just in a few days, Laojiu will go back to the DPRK and can’t find any suitable candidate. Go and welcome him back! "
Feng Jiang’s clothes suddenly tightened his fist in the sleeve and it was clear that Feng Li Su decided today.
"Now that is the emperor decided to minister brother will naturally go to meet nine brother! It’s getting late. Why don’t the emperor go back to the palace to rest early, or let my brother send the emperor back to the palace? "
Feng Li Su turned and took a few steps and then stopped to look back coldly at Feng Jiang’s clothes.
"Eleven strange poison in your body. How long do you think you can accompany her? And I can accompany her forever! "
"I love one day as long as I live. I don’t abandon my brother. I should be grateful and happy! Besides, Acacia already knows the situation of my brother and is very distressed by my brother’s body. "
At this point, he smiled enchanting, and the night wind blew and encouraged him. His scarlet robe raised his long black hair. At this time, the phoenix-red dress was as beautiful as a demon.
Heart suddenly pantothenic acid Feng Li Su coldly stared at the demon-like man and turned away again.
The figure gradually disappeared in the silent night.
Feng Jiangyi quietly watched Feng Lisu disappear in the same place. Feng Lisu is indeed a strong enemy, but he wins by knowing something about Chang Ai-qing, and Chang Ai-qing has already started to acquiesce.
He is close
Today’s kiss is so sweet that people have a poor aftertaste. If it weren’t for Feng Lisu’s disappointing appearance, the two of them would still be bored together at this time.
Tap your toes and the magnificent figure disappears like a charm in the stone bridge and flies away in the distance.
The night is getting darker and darker, and the streets are deserted.
Walking back all the way to the river, there were no young men and women coming out to make a wish for lanterns, and even several stalls selling lanterns were withdrawn.
It’s a mess. Some trampled lanterns have been put out and lying on the ground alone.
A few lanterns in the river are still floating, and some of them are floating away in the distance with the wishes of young girls and men.
I often miss walking along the river, occasionally raising my hand and caressing my hair hurts my face. In my heart, I scolded Feng Lisu severely for several times, and the man actually hit her!
See you later …
Never see him again!
What is not an emperor?
Who did she hold with? What did she do? What did he do?
It’s the first time she’s been slapped by a man!
At the thought of this, she couldn’t wait to go back and slap him!
Acacia often hummed and walked quickly in the direction of Xiangfu, but I thought that Feng Jiang Yi was offended today, and Feng Li Su was afraid that Feng Li Su would not let him go so easily.
When I went back to Xiangfu, I saw Chang Xiang actually waiting for her outside Xiangfu’s gate in person. She was often lovesick and walked quickly. Her eyes were somewhat cruel, and her heart jumped, especially when I saw the traces of her face and some bruises on her white neck. Xiangfu’s eyes shrank tightly and immediately pulled her to the front.
"What happened? What … "
Acacia always knows that she can’t hide this. She also wants to sneak into Xiangfu to hide what happened today, but she can see Chang Xiang from a distance. There is nothing she can do to hide it.
At this time, not only did she have a slap mark on her face, but also the neck, even the traces of phoenix-red clothes pinching her neck were exposed, and …
I thought that in the end, he had a fierce bite and was afraid that he had left many marks on her collarbone.
At the thought of Feng Jiang’s enthusiasm in front of her clothes and her devotion, I often miss her face and feel a little irritable. Fortunately, her face was slapped, and even blushing at this time can explain the slap.
Seeing Chang Xiangsi’s silence, Chang Xiangxin fell a lot. "But … Emperor?"
"Dad, I’m tired. Go back to wash and sleep."
Said the break often tied turned into the house.
Chang Xiang naturally chased after her and grabbed her hand. "Acacia told Dad what happened and the emperor hit you … did the emperor bully you?"
He treats her like a treasure. If the emperor dares to touch her, he will do whatever it takes!
Acacia drooped her eyes, and the long eyelash brush cast a shadow. I couldn’t see that her mood was always clear. At this time, Acacia exuded a cold breath, so that the gas field had been practiced for many years, and she …
Eyes suddenly opened against the hanging lights, but there was no cold temperature in their eyes.
"Dad doesn’t need to worry about who made me feel bad today. I will make him feel even worse!"
Chang Xiangsi left Chang Xiangshou and walked in the direction of Qingyun Pavilion.
I often look at myself being thrown away, and I am a little stunned. Today, I often miss you, not as docile as I was in front of him. In fact, this is her nature!
It seems that he has a strategy to speed up at this time, otherwise it will become more and more difficult.
Often miss back to the room to see the clouds walking through the snow, but still stay outside the room. As soon as I saw her, I immediately rushed over.
"Lord, this is …"
I often miss shaking my head. "Go and prepare water. I want to bathe."
It’s not much to ask if you go through the snow. Go to the room and look at yourself in the bronze mirror. It’s an elegant little face, but at this time it’s like a delicate and charming rose. It’s a little less cold and cheerless on weekdays and a little more enchanting. It’s the chill in your eyes that can’t dispel the charm.
Feng Jiang Yi …
This damn phoenix purple dress kissed her neck again, and she had to chew him so hard that he didn’t dare to go out!
I often miss my face and stroke my five fingers. The left face is already swollen. She remembers this slap!
At this time, the cloud is ready to walk through the snow, and the bath water is always lovesick. Looking at the cloud coming out from behind the screen, it ordered, "I don’t need to tell anyone who is summoned by the emperor today."
In fact, she would rather set up a plaque outside, but only the emperor and dogs can’t enter!
Cloud through the snow immediately nodded "is white! The water is ready for the Lord to bathe. "