"ah! ! !” Entering the moment, Jericho gave a ferocious roar of great madness and satisfaction.


He trembled violently in an instant.
His eyes turned white and his mouth foamed.
He felt that the kingdom of heaven was near.
And Le Fulan, her eyes seemed to have lost all brilliance, and her whole portrait changed from a living person to a puppet.
She closed her eyes slowly.
Before she completely lost sight, she vaguely saw it.
Behind Jericho, a huge shadow in the dark sky opened its scarlet eyes …
Really … Hungry.
It seems that someone is sighing so much to be continued.
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Page three hundred and sixty-nine Pain
Thurss looked at Isoriel and slowly said this sentence. In fact, there is no need to ask questions.
Is the answer really important?
Back to that day again.
Red sun setting day
When Thurss looked out the window at the end of the world in the whole war college
He’s behind the door
Someone came in.
Thurs didn’t look back, but he had guessed who was coming.
He said, "You’re finally back."
"I’m back at last," the man said. "It’s Isoriel."
Solidify at that moment
Outside the window, I still keep flying to fireball to do all the dust.
Red sun falling
A deathly silence lingered in the whole room.
No one spoke first, as if everyone was waiting for an opportunity
An opportunity to explode completely.
"You …" Thurs finally said a word.
A word for you
"I …" Isoriel replied a word.
A word I
The suffocation continues to rise, making the whole room look like a vessel about to burst.
"You go," Thurs finally finished a sentence.
But this sentence didn’t make the room sticky like a liquid.
Instead, it becomes thicker and thicker, like a volcano about to erupt.
"Why should I go?" Isoriel was unmoved.
"Because …" Thurss got excited in vain. He suddenly turned around and looked at Isoriel and said, "You are not my opponent."
"Really?" Izriel asked.
Then sears saw …
Back to right again.
Back to this moment
Thurss was tied to the scaffold in chains, and Isoriel was in front of him.
This time, what is this sentence that Izriel asked himself?
He talked to himself as if remembering something.
that day
When he step by step to bet Chen Senran finally.