As soon as the crispy meat was scraped off the first position, a small Pisces logo appeared.


"Oh ten times small Pisces! However, I have shaved a small Pisces this time, and there will be no 45 in this row. I don’t have such luck. "
She smiled at the camera and scratched the coating but didn’t stop.
The barrage brushed up "45" crazily
"Thank you, friends, for praying for me, but if we don’t have that luck, we won’t expect it. It’s not shaved and missed."
She didn’t even look at her scratch card.
The clerk brother held down her scratch card and pointed to the last row of numbers. "Isn’t this 45! You won the lottery again! Still ten times! "
Add the dozens of pieces just now, and this time, the crispy meat has hit more than 10 thousand pieces.
"Can’t you? ! I’ve never won the minimum guaranteed prize! It’s not really an idol who gave me a little luck to win the prize, is it? "
Before she touched it, Unicorn Chan patted her hand and looked at the barrage with a smile for a while. The barrage was to let her buy more scratch cards while she was lucky.
"If you don’t buy it, you can’t be so greedy ~ broadcast it first to catch the plane, friends."
When Xiao Crispy had a live broadcast on the mobile phone and happily went to exchange rewards with the clerk’s little brother, Ye Feng and his guests were preparing for dinner today.
Luo Yufei is still asking himself by innuendo, "What is the mysterious prize?"? How come it hasn’t been announced yet? "
The director is still smiling. "You will find out after dinner."
"Don’t be a disgusting thing again, because I’m afraid I can’t eat."
"Why? It’s a surprise that we’re not so wicked. Don’t worry. "
Luo Yufei wants to continue to talk to the director when she hears Chu Que calling him not far away.
"Brother Luo, have you washed cucumbers for so long?"
They are now in temporary home, afraid of leaving a bad impression on the new kid. Luo Yufei hurried back.
He can’t cook, and this time he will never overturn the cucumber and mix the fungus.
"Come on, come on, watch me shine."
Luo Yufei put the cucumber on the chopping board, took out his mobile phone and entered the word "recipe" in the search box.
The camera brother put the camera in front of his mobile phone and can clearly take pictures of the mobile phone.
[Laughing to death with cold dishes depends on the menu. My brother will do things.]
I overestimated my brother’s cooking, hahaha, or brother Jin is reliable. I just took a peek at the bacon.
[Brother just said that it is necessary to look at the menu to make cucumber mixed with fungus? 】
When Luo Yufei saw the camera coming, he felt that it was too much for him. He simply pressed the screen to give up looking for recipes.
It’s just a cold dish. Who hasn’t eaten it before?
He cut the cucumber into several sections boldly.
Chu Que looked at Luo Yufei’s jagged knife worker and said coolly, "Brother Luo, have you forgotten something?"
"How do I feel to soak the fungus first? You cut the cucumber and other fungus first, and the cucumber will not fade, right? "
"yes! I said, how can I lose something like fungus? " Luo Yu flew through the suitcase.
Luo Yufei was in a hurry. Ye Zaixi didn’t plan to cook at all because he couldn’t cook.
She’s an investor. The main program group can’t really be hungry for her.
Ye Zaixi tried to make do with Ye Feng and was stopped by Sunny Sunny.
"Sister Ye, can you help me look at this problem? I heard that my sister is a schoolmaster at school. "
Sunny and Ye Zaixi form the temporary home.
Ye Zaixi insisted that Qingqing call her sister.
"Mom"? Joke! She doesn’t want to be called mom’s leave so early!
Qing Qing called Ye Xueba in Xixi, which greatly satisfied her vanity. She took over the Qing Qing exercise book.
Although she didn’t understand the problem of convex lens, concave lens and magnification K, she pretended to solve the problem seriously and thought about how to fool Sunny for a while.
Sunny sunny while Ye Zaixi looked down at the topic Kung Fu, looking at them not far away, Unicorn Chan smiled and hid his fame.
Sunny can see that Uncle Ye and jiaqi hate this woman, so try to trip her up and stop this woman from bothering them all the time.
Unicorn Chan foolishly understood the meaning of sunny sunny, and he also returned to sunny with a sweet smile for the time being.
Just now, when Unicorn Chan was in the toilet, he whispered a story in his father’s ear.
Ye Feng told the baby not to worry, he would take care of everything.
In fact, Ye Feng didn’t think about what to do with Ye Zaixi. There are many ways to deal with Ye Zaixi. He still has a lot of evidence in his hand to send them to the station for tea.
But Ye Feng didn’t want to be so determined.
The family has always used him as a tool to make money, cheated him and sold him, but once gave him a year of home warmth.
Ye Feng is going to stay out of it, but the family doesn’t seem to want to let him go and disturb his quiet life.
If Ye Zaixi continues to bite off more than he can chew, he won’t care about old feelings.