Chapter six hundred and forty-six The plan of the emperor beast (on)
No hurry, no hurry. "As laughed.
Tianxin is really not in a hurry, and there are more and more powerful beasts in the mainland, which has formed a situation of "man and beast competing for survival" In this case, whatever legend is too big to survive, no matter how big the dispute between them is, in the face of the beast king beast, they will eventually unite to cope with the disaster of survival together.
Therefore, different people have different opinions on all kinds of rumors about the army in the central land of the fantasy space, and they can ignore them. Tri-system Ascendants are not less knowledgeable aborigines …
Tianxin’s mind has always been focused on the emperor’s beast, Kun Peng, and the mainland of mixed yuan Ling Tianli Yu keeps pouring into the black and white beast. Needless to say, this cargo is also cheating.
"What does it want?"
The land troops in the central part of the fantasy space will continue to be sent out, and the mixed yuan Ling Tianli Yu mainland will never be allowed to become the breeding base of emperor beast Peng, and the mixed yuan Ling Tianli Yu mainland full of soaring people will never be allowed to become the hunting ground for advanced powerful beasts and king beasts.
In fact, it is very strange that people and animals compete for survival on the mainland.
The black-and-white beast that emerges from the black-and-white world is basically not close to two places, namely, the fantasy space and the cloud nine. Moreover, when the black-and-white beast is hunted by the rising, it seems that it is not willing to be captured alive, but is willing to be solved by the rising. The strangest thing is that it is clear that the powerful beast generated from the herd that is never black or white can kill the soaring, but it just won’t let go of the dead hand and only fights with the soaring.
Then there is the siege.
The Beastmaster beast is either black or white. Every once in a while, he will launch a tidal attack on the soaring and spiritual space around the cloud nine. Compared with the release of water to adventurers, the siege herd is very fierce, in the air and on the ground. Underground, every animal brain can think of tricks, all use, that malicious, Notting have is to prepare the opponent to the dead.
All kinds of behaviors of black and white beasts also embarrassed millions of mixed immortals. No matter where the black or white beast is captured by the mixed fairy, it will fight to the death. During the battle, the powerful beast is generated well, and the black or white beast will fight with the mixed fairy in an orderly manner under the leadership of the powerful beast. If there is no beast, the whole black or white herd will explode collectively.
To sum up. Emperor Beast Peng is fighting wits with mixed immortals and soaring people, and the basic point of this battle of wits is how to make use of the opportunity to grow and grow in the battle.
With the passage of time, the animal disaster in the mainland of the mixed yuan spirit is gradually becoming a tide. The efficiency of producing black-and-white beasts in the black-and-white world is much higher than that of producing soaring animals on the lower side. While the powerful beast and the king beast are also changing their shapes in the fighting with the mixed immortals and the soaring ones, and there are flying beasts, earth-boring beasts, land beasts, horned beasts, dragon beasts and poisonous beasts. The higher the level, the bigger the size.
By the 34500-year interstellar calendar of the Earth’s Nine Extremes, the soaring people on the mainland of the mixed-yuan spiritual space have all been forced into the spiritual fantasy space, and the cloud nine has also lit up a crystal wall of 100 million light years. Keep all kinds of powerful beasts out of the crystal wall.
The mainland of mixed yuan spirit and heaven force entered the era of beast attack.
Tianxin is busy. After the quasi-fall of the mainland of Yuanling Tianliyu, almost all the powerful beastmasters in the world are either black or white, heading for the magical space of Fiona Fang, one trillion light years away. The sky is dark, such as dark clouds, volcanic eruptions, and tsunami.
This has brought great pressure to Tianxin. At this time, although Tianxin has been able to freely introduce the mysterious brilliance of the baby into the spiritual fantasy space from the cloud nine, it has become a display of the power of God. However, the attack of the Beast King is endless, which makes Tianxin have to control the release of power. I had to, and I released my strength at once. It’s all right if the Beastmaster beast is either black or white. Before they break into the central land zone, they can recover with all their strength, but the problem is. What if the Kun beast strikes when the strength is exhausted!
In the current situation of the mainland, the chaotic upper bound of millions of mixed immortals is absolutely helpless. By this time. As everyone knows, if millions of mixed immortals dare to enter the mainland of Liyu, their unattended heaven-opening space in the upper bound of chaos will be attacked by the emperor Kunpeng. To some extent, it is the greatest help for the mixed yuan immortals to keep their own open space …
In the year of 34911, it was the most difficult time for the fantasy space.
Kunpeng, the emperor beast, made such a huge noise, and its purpose was to participate in the world fruit. After the Beastmaster beast is black or white, all the soaring people are driven into the spirit space, and after the soaring people have to gather to deal with the influx of Beastmaster beast, the Emperor’s beast, Kun Peng, made a move and rushed towards the mixed yuan spirit day. His sharp claws released the brilliance of the sky, and he planned to turn his huge hands into a sneak attack on the spirit space before millions of mixed yuan immortals hit the brilliance of heaven.
This palm does not attack ascended a cloud, ascended a cloud naturally without induction. Moreover, after learning the lessons of the previous two losses, Emperor Kunpeng’s huge palm has a very small and accurate attack range, and only locks the spiritual fantasy space to gather in groups to soar around the world.
Ascended the heavens and failed to respond to the enemy’s brilliance, and the heavenly heart, whose knowledge of God was released to the outside world, changed greatly.
Purple iron opens the heavenly sword to the sky to offer sacrifices, and the inner energy can turn wildly. The mysterious and micro-brilliance of the gods and babies of various countries in the lower plane pours through the mysterious and micro-brilliance of the gods and babies in the cloud nine and the cloud nine, and then, a group of trillion light-years-long brilliance pestle condenses over the magical space, and after purple iron opens the heavenly sword, it hits the giant hand of Kun beast, which has rushed to the magical space and is 5 trillion light-years away from the earth.
The wind and cloud are crazy, and the world changes color.
The central land belt of the fantasy space has operated tens of millions of silos in tens of thousands of interstellar years, and each silo also simultaneously volleyed ten ninth-generation super-power positive and negative matter bombs into the boundless air.
What happened at a height of tens of billions of light-years didn’t know what was happening in the space of spiritual illusion. They only knew that at this moment, all directions outside the space were powerful, and the Beast King and the White Beast poured in. The domain owner also swept out the red and white cathode and the Yang and the Second Sword, which were not easily used, and the goddess scattered flowers to cull the black and white beasts and the low-level beasts. The hero’s magical beasts were more and more constantly hidden among the red and white swords.
The baptism of blood and fire, the test of life and death.
At this moment, more than two billion soaring people forget everything outside, and only devote themselves wholeheartedly to the fight against the resistance of the Beast King. Among them, the army of the Central Committee of Spiritual Illusion, under the leadership of nine women, flutters like a dragon in the whole spiritual space …
And 3 trillion light-years high, at some point. The purple iron opens the heavenly sword and first confronts the giant palm of Kun beast. Purple iron opens heavenly sword will not be huge this time (3 trillion light-years Fiona Fang.
The beast’s huge palm was cut in half. Only this time, this huge palm is not made of flesh and blood, but the brilliance released by the claws is condensed. Therefore, after the giant palm was cut, it continued to fall, and in the process of falling, it was condensed into a palm again, only a little smaller.
The giant hand of Kun beast Guanghua, which was a little smaller, was then found by the Guanghua pestle condensed by the power of God after the purple iron opened the heavenly sword. The sky resounded through the huge earthquake, and the stars and flowers splashed around, and the mixed spirit was beyond the sky. With a snort of stuffy, Kun Peng, the emperor beast who had already become one with millions of mixed gods, opened the sky. Blue eyes, naked eyes, and sudden shooting.
In the magical space, the heavenly heart plays the magic formula of controlling power, and the one yuan is repeated, the two instruments are yin and yang, and the three yang are enlightened …
In a short while, the glory of the divine baby spread and changed, and it hedged with the giant hand of Kun beast.

Fengyuan’s physical strength is indeed better than that of Qingxu Daoli. In terms of size, the baby’s Guanghua pestle is only one-third of the giant hand of Kun beast Guanghua in Fiona Fang, which is 300 billion light years away. In terms of density, it can’t be compared with Kun beast’s Guanghua palm, but it will resist it. And then further diffuse, and Kun beast Guanghua huge palm stalemate. It won time for the re-exhibition of Zitie Kaitian Sword.
But … The huge palm of the beast Guanghua obviously embodies the will of the emperor and the beast Kun Peng. Although it is blocked and injured, it undoubtedly continues to press down, and when it becomes a palm, it will gather and close …
Seeing this situation, Tianxin sacrificed the purple iron to open the heavenly sword with the method of refining the blood of all souls, and let it drill into the giant hand of Kun beast Guanghua and pound it.
Unexpectedly, the giant paw process of Kun beast Guanghua is divided into two parts, one is against the baby Guanghua pestle and the purple iron opens the heavenly sword, and the other is infiltrated, forming a giant claw with the size of about one trillion light years below, and continuing to fall towards the fantasy space.
The heavenly heart can’t stop it.
For a while. Emperor beast peng did Sarah laugh.
With a snort of cold, Tianxin started the nine-day Hualien teleportation, which appeared at the height of trillions of light years, and hit ten thousand ninth-generation super-power chaotic thunder with the method of stabbing the giant claws. Then, for nine days, Hua Lian returned to the fantasy space.
Emperor beast Kun Peng didn’t expect this change. Even if he did, it would be too late to change the direction of his paws. Ten thousand ninth-generation super-power chaotic thunder pierced the sky. Silently, the detonation mode is triggered. Before being touched, the giant claws of Kun beast could not have been ambushed. Being quick-witted in the face of war is undoubtedly much more dull than the heavenly heart.
Most importantly, this battle, the emperor beast Kun Peng is away.
The beast’s claw quickly triggered ten thousand super-powerful nine-generation chaotic thunder. The ninth-generation super-powerful chaotic thunder has not escaped from the explosion range of 20 billion light years, but the strike density in the area has more than doubled compared with the eighth generation. The huge claws of the beast Guanghua, which was trillions of light years in size, were suddenly blown into countless pieces, and Guanghua lost three hundred trillion light years on the spot. When the Kun beast Guanghua, which penetrated the explosion force field of chaotic thunder, was solidified into a claw, its state was only 500 trillion light years.
After mixing Yuan Ling, the emperor Kun Peng, who received this muffled blow, looked ferocious. Obviously, the Kun beast’s Guanghua claw lost not only Guanghua, but also the ability to condense Guanghua.
What really makes Emperor Kunpeng crazy is that although he was careful afterwards, he was the main attacker, and the main attacker faced the enemy’s defense, which was an unavoidable hard-shaking confrontation scene. When the Kun beast’s Guanghua claw was finally in the air of 10 trillion light years, it volleyed hundreds of millions of ninth-generation positive and negative matter bombs with the central land of the spiritual illusion.
One hundred million ninth-generation bombs of positive, negative and yin-yang matter were fired in ten rounds with ten million bombs in each round, that is to say, ten cross-section shock waves were formed. The attack range of each cross-section seismic wave is hundreds of millions of light years wide and trillions of light years high. Such a range of attack, Kun beast Guanghua claw has been on the spot again how can circuitous, it is impossible to escape from the explosion force field.
In this way, the Guanghua claw of the 500 trillion light-years-old Kun beast was annihilated in the space of 10 trillion light-years in the ten-wave attack. What’s worse, it was affected by the explosion force field of the positive and negative matter bombs, and ascended a self-defense brilliance.
Ascended a sky with boundless brilliance, which made heavenly heart happy. Without caring about the space of spiritual illusion, it started the nine-day Lotus Teleportation and landed on the top of ascended a sky. After that, it could make a crazy turn from the first section to the Fengyuan section, and then manipulated the brilliance of ascended a sky to sweep the space of spiritual illusion, and hit the emperor Kun Peng who was mixed with the spirit of the sky.
Kunpeng, the emperor beast, can’t keep up with his IQ, and he also thinks that the nine-sky Guanghua is a passive one before. Just as it was still angry at the annihilation of the stolen Guanghua giant palm, Guanghua, the nine heavens manipulated by Tianxin, had struck.
In the past, the brilliance of ascended a sky was a continuous attack against the emperor Kunpeng, and the power of ascended a sky was only revealed when the attack of the emperor Kunpeng was close. But this time, Tianxin only prepared a blow, making every effort to turn the passive nine-sky Guanghua into an attack on Guanghua, and it was the same three tricks, namely, one yuan to start again, two instruments of yin and yang, and three yang to open Thailand.
Kunpeng, the careless emperor beast, lost a lot this time. After facing it, the Nine Heavenly Glory turns into a weak and soft posture, which is as straight as a sword stabbing its body. When encountering resistance, it explodes to form a two-pole brilliance of Yin and Yang to continue the attack. When encountering resistance again, the two-pole brilliance of Yin and Yang collides to form a three-phase attack of heaven, earth and human beings.