Three steps out in a row, under the vibration of the dead eye and Zhuge’s unlit footwork, Dugulian vomited blood, and the whole person flew out and fell into the lake.
Suddenly, the crowd around was boiling, killing the enemy in four steps. What a violent means this is.
At the moment, even the seats of the major factions can’t help but change color. In Tianchi, the eyes of the Tianchi Saint fluctuate slightly, revealing a dignified color in their brow.
The sword was red and frowned, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, not just thinking about something.
"What is the identity of this mysterious Sanxiu?" Cao Gou’s face also became ugly.
The faces of the elite disciples of all major factions are all complicated.
Only the Buddha in Daluo Temple, whose temperament is out of dust, is still ordinary, with a compassionate smile on his face, his hands folded, his head floating and spotless.
"Hua Lao, Hua Chi, is this your friend?" The Buddha smiled and looked at the words behind him and stuttered.
"Yes, he is not what he looks like now. He took the makeover Dan we gave him." Stammer and say.
"Hey, don’t you stutter?" I stutter when I stutter.
"Who said that?"
On Feixian Lake, Zhuge Liang frowned and said, "I don’t want to have any grudges with you, but I must take Su Xiaobai away."
"Hum, it’s not up to you to hurt several children of the Dugu family. Do you still want to leave alive today?" Dugu took a step forward, and the whole person’s breath suddenly became sharp.
In the face of Dugu Yifei’s aggressive eyes, Zhuge Liang was furious and said coldly, "If I really want to fight, I may not lose to you!"
"good! Ok! Good! " Dugu Yifei took a deep breath and showed a ferocious smile on his face. Suddenly, he took a step across, and when his palm turned, an ancient sword appeared in his hand, stabbing a sharp edge and forcing Zhuge not to shine.
Zhuge pinched the printing method without a bright hand, silently transported Gu Wu’s Upanishads, and punched. Accompanied by "boom!" Loud noise, Zhuge’s dull fist seems to have penetrated the void, soaking the attack of Dugu Yifei in the void.
"Nine swords!" Dugu flies and drinks heavily, and Gu Jian stirs up layers of firm but gentle, and the sword shadow is vivid, covering the whole sky of Feixian Lake.
Zhuge stood still like a rock before dawn. He didn’t want to be too conspicuous, but now he can’t decide, and Dugu Yifei obviously moved to kill.
Punch through the void, Zhuge rose before dawn in the sky, and shook the attack of Dugu Yifei hard with his fists.
In the whole sky, large pieces of sword shadows poured down. The sky above Feixian Lake has become a firm but gentle ocean. Zhuge was in the forefront of this firm but gentle ocean before dawn. Gu Wu Upanishads a seven-star treasure body of the earth, and every punch will smash a sword shadow.
At this time, Dugu turned into a sword rainbow and killed Zhuge Liang.
This trick is also the trick used by Su Xiaobai and Dugulian before. But this time Zhuge was not bright, but he dared not take it easily. Originally, the master in the face of the golden elixir period was under great pressure on him. If it were not for the seven-star treasure body and Gu Wu Upanistic backing, Zhuge would never dare to accept the challenge easily.
Zhuge roared before dawn, and blasted at the sword rainbow with one punch.
There was a huge wave over Feixian Lake, and Zhuge’s unlit body flew sideways, which was backed by the Seven-Star Treasure Body and Gu Wu’s Upright. Zhuge’s unlit half was still completely paralyzed.
At this time, Dugu Yifei killed again, and Gu Jian’s sword was high, but firm but gentle was like a real dragon roaring.
Zhuge, with his eyes wide open and his fists soaring to the sky, shouted, "Nine swords have a profound meaning-break! !”
Chapter one hundred and sixty-two I crazy for plank brick (on)
The firm but gentle dragon growled, rolled over and rushed to Zhuge.
Zhuge was not bright, his eyes were wide open, his fists were soaring to the sky, and he shouted, "Nine swords have a noble meaning-break!"
As soon as this statement came out, the whole Feixian Lake was boiling.
"what! How can he also have nine swords? "
"Impossible, there is no reason. The Upanishads of Nine Swords are the secrets of the Dugu family. How can everyone know them?"
At this moment, not only the practitioners around us are shocked, but also the people in the Dugu family have completely changed their colors. Dugu Yifei looked surprised, and even Su Xiaobai, who was seriously injured, could not help but change color.
At this moment, Zhuge didn’t shine like lightning, instantly deceived himself into the front of Dugu Yifei and blew it out with one punch.
Dugu flew for a while and shook his head, facing the blow. With a snort of stuffy, he vomited blood, tumbled in mid-air, stood firm, and said in surprise, "You didn’t just."
Zhuge Liang smiled and said, "Hey, I was joking. When I just said it, you just listened. How can I be ignorant of the nine swords ~ ~ ~"
"You have the urge to vomit blood.
"M, this boy is so rogue. Are you kidding at this time?"
"This grandson is too slippery."
"I said, how can this nine swords of the Dugu family be personal?"
The people in Dugu’s family are even more ashamed and resentful.
"Little bastard, I want your life!" Dugu Yifei became angry from embarrassment, his eyes were full of swords, and his sword stabbed Zhuge again.
Soaring firm but gentle explosion, like a flame, will be the surrounding air baked fuzzy. |
Amazing shock wave attracted the attention of all the people in the audience, and some elders who preached on the other side also turned to watch the battle here.
Accompanied by two heavy drinks, Dugu Yifei and Zhuge’s dim figure disappeared at the same time, and it was difficult for everyone to capture if they were running fast. I can only hear the "clanging" sound of swords.
Dugu Yifei is a young master of Dugu’s family. His understanding of the meaning of sword is longer than that of ordinary people. A long sword flies in his hand, and layers of swords stab Zhuge.
Zhuge Bu Liang relied on the Seven-Star Treasure Body and Gu Wu’s Upanish, and completely responded with a meat fist.
Zhuge didn’t shine and Dugu flew by, and between them, the void broke into a large piece, revealing a terrible space black hole.
Dugu flew back and chopped a sword, and the sword gave off a strong bloody breath. It is hard to imagine how many people were killed by this sword to show this murderous look.