Anne always carries this sword with her.


Many times she could feel that the sword was alive.
Especially when her astrology is getting closer and closer to success.
She can almost capture the light of that sword.
Therefore, in the last siege, she chose the white sword to go to the doomed tragedy mage tower.
She just hoped that the little light in that sword would reappear and cut all the thorns together.
Unfortunately, she didn’t succeed at that time.
And now it has rushed into the sky by itself.
It was …
Just then the sky suddenly sounded a slight sound.
At first, it was not big, but it gradually became clear. It sounded like someone was chanting a spell that people could understand.
The mantra chanting is getting faster and faster, and at last it has completely covered up the terrible rupture that overflows in heaven and earth.
As that mantra gradually resound through heaven and earth, the emerald sword isolated from heaven and earth also exudes a vast and broad atmosphere.
A figure slowly appeared in the breath.
A long-lost figure
Long time no see, easy
"Teacher" Chen Senran feels that from that long sword, it is constantly vast and full of breath, slowly with respect.
Although he has been with this man for less than a month, this man has given him too much.
Enough for him to respectfully call a teacher.
"Ensenran, you didn’t let me down." Yi Long-lost Yi spoke slowly in the soaring emerald brilliance.
His voice seem to have dispelled that dust in the edge with all the strength in the spell that has not been exhausted.
He held that emerald sword and faced the turbulent darkness independently of heaven and earth, like the last patron saint of this sad world.
"La Livache," he said in a poor and complicated tone.
"Yi …" It seems to be so deep that there is no end. In the darkness, there is finally a second sentence that is different. A word that says "long time no see" than an obscure voice.
"It’s been a long time." Easy to use a long sword, his breath enveloped the whole war college that had fallen into death.
The virtual dust that slaughter that whole city crazily was finally suppressed.
Those who leave the city have to flee faster in the direction of the city gate
While other people who escaped the robbery cried like crazy.
"Back off, La Livache" Yi raised his sword in his hand and spoke a forbidden word to the hell in the edge screen.
"Yi, this world doesn’t belong to you anymore." In the darkness, La Livache said slowly in a rebuttable tone, forcefully forcing the empty breath towards this fragile world again.
"From" Yi mercilessly wielded a sword, which caused thousands of emerald sword mans. The sword mans directly and virtually blew those scarlet pupil eyes back a long way.
The piercing roar fills the whole world like magic sound filling the brain.
This is beyond mortal combat.
Real struggle between gods and demons
"Yi … can you still …" Although I was injured by Master Yi’s sword, La Livache’s voice was calm and indifferent. He said slowly, "How long will it last?"
"Hold on enough to completely dust you." Master Yi was unmoved. The sword in his hand swung out firmly again and blocked La Livache’s attempt to attack.
But secretly Chen Senran is heard a sound.
Master Yi’s voice rang in his ear.
"New, you listen to me. My body has roamed in the sea. It’s just that I left a little mental projection. I don’t know how long I can stop him. It’s his hard work to take you away from the city war college as soon as possible. He can’t really destroy it. If you leave the city, he can’t take you anymore. Because .."
Before Master Yi finished, La Livache suddenly launched a terrible offensive as if he had discovered something.
This time, his pupil eyes are surging together with a terrible claw condensed from emptiness.
"Let’s go! ! !” Master Yi has spare time to say more about his sword to be continued.
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