"I want 40% in the first three months, and the remaining 60% is spent by gangs."


"By the way, I also thought of one thing. Maybe your position as Wang will be delayed."
"What Wang does not help Wang, as long as he is not hunted every day."
"I have a brother outside the room. His wish is to be a gangster. If this gang is mine, I will let him be the gangster for a while. When he doesn’t want to do it, you can be the gangster."
"Thank you."
"All we say and do is nothing."
"Wait for me to rest for a while, and then I will finish it."
"Those people outside have seen my kung fu and should be trusted. No one will risk their lives not to listen to me." Li Yi smiled and said.
"After talking for so long, I still don’t know your name."
"My name is Li Yi."
"Brother Yi, go out and talk to those people about our plan first."
This man, who talked well with me, has certain ability and should be trusted.
"Boss, what about that man?"
"Wake up, we will do something big later."
"Great things? What big deal? "
"Help your dreams come true."
"Help my dream come true? My grass, boss, you won’t let me be the boss of the gang? " Chen Ming is a little incredulous.
It’s like the girl you’ve been chasing for a long time, suddenly telling you that she likes you. Would you believe it?
"Bingo, you guessed it, you have to go." Li Yi pointed to the people behind Chen Ming.
"You don’t have to do anything when you go, just pretend to be imposing, and I will do it myself." This sentence, like a reassurance, makes those people feel at ease in an instant.
It’s not that they don’t know Li Yi’s strength. It’s sure to clean up a gang.
"Boss, shall we clean up that gang?"
"Just clean up my old gang." At that time, Huang Mao came out of the room.
"Huang Mao, do you mean to clean up your old gang?"
"Yes, my gang is next to a high school."
Next to high school? It’s not your own school, is it? Li Yi is a little skeptical.
"Fuck, you’re not three gangs next to the school, are you?" Chen Ming suddenly thought of three gangs next to his school.
"Little brother, how do you know there are three gangs next to the school?" Huang Mao was very surprised that a student had the luxury to manage several gangs next to the school.
"My dream is to be a gangster." Chen Ming said.
"Brother Yi, are you talking about him?" Huang Mao asked.
"Bingo, you guessed it, that’s him."
"Eldest brother, what are you talking about? Why can’t I understand a word? " Chen Ming listened in the fog and didn’t understand a word.
Chapter 32 Bald fat man
"That’s what I said before, let you be the boss of the gang." Li Yi said.
"Boss, I love you to death." Chen Ming suddenly hugged Li Yi.
"stop, I’m not gay." Li Yi’s words amused all these people.
"Eldest brother, really don’t go to school this afternoon?"
"The first time I missed class, I am looking forward to it."
"Huang Mao, take us and find a way to your old gang."
"Ok, Brother Yi." Huang Mao said with a little excitement.
When everyone was ready, Wuji said a very reasonable sentence.
"Boy, don’t you have any battle plans?"
"Old man, what battle plan do you want? Why don’t you just go up and hang up that new Wang?"
"Are you sure that gang has no guns? Your magic gas protector seems to be unable to defend against the power of bullets. " Wuji smiled.
Li Yi’s face changed a little, and she almost made a big mistake.