After a little hesitation for a while, Marten replied very much.
"I said that the Dark Tower is the junction of all worlds, all universes and all times at the center of everything. When you understand this, you will naturally find the location of the Dark Tower."
That kind of feeling is like telling some code word.
Pure riddle solution
Until a long time later
A long time passed.
"Roland" just want to white.
If you keep walking in one direction, you can naturally go to the center of the world …
of course
Even if we find the location.
If you really want to cross the poor distance and successfully reach the Dark Tower,
It is by no means easy.
It is inevitable on the way, and some special methods are needed.
Otherwise …
The long distance alone is enough to make people feel desperate.
It’s even more necessary because of many dangers and obstacles.
Words here [marten] don’t forget to show at the moment.
"Because you sacrificed little Jack earlier, you are bound to have three partners in the near future according to the rules [White Boundary] …"
And finally, finally,
End of conversation
After a moment of silence.
[Marten] Get up suddenly
Look serious and preach to [Roland]
"I hate to say this … but for your mother’s sake, I think you’d better give up some unrealistic goals."
"If you give up those unrealistic goals"
"Maybe you can enjoy your old age in a relatively safe world."
"… even if your mother is a stupid woman … but once I loved her a little …"
At the same time of discourse dissipation
The dark sky slowly turned white.
[Marten] The figure that just got up slowly dissipated in the shape as if it were some kind of phantom left behind.
in this regard
[Roland] is sitting still and thinking.
He knew that the other party’s previous words must be mixed with a lot of lies.
Because … [Marten] is a scumbag.
This is a certain thing.
But it doesn’t matter. It’s mixed with a lot of lies, and the other side also reveals a lot of truth.
What he needs to do now is to discriminate among them …
Chapter 1674 【 Card-Tate 】
A few months later,
Someone is in a smoky car
A large pink train somehow hit the platform.
Look around.
The thick and long body has turned over several cars.
And a carriage with four figures, a creature that looks a bit like a dog, is scrambling out of the distorted metal door.
A middle-aged male, a white man, a thin white young man, a black young woman who lacks legs and is in a wheelchair, a little white boy who looks a little overwhelmed and looks like a dog creature.
And this
Is [Roland] his friends or [destiny community]
Inside the world
This group is also called Ka-Tate.
White young man is a drug addict. He grew up in a single-parent family. His eyes are all dead. Lone Star in Dreadwind.
The disabled black young woman was the leader of the earliest women’s organization and also suffered from the symptoms of split personality.
The white boy was abandoned by Roland, and Little Jack was pulled back to the team by some force not long ago.
In that dog-like thing …
Think of it as a dog with slightly higher intelligence who occasionally jumps a few words of human speech.
You are welcome to say
This is a combination of many characteristics of the old, the weak, the sick, the disabled and the young.
And gay guys are all carrying BUFF.
But if you add another yellow man,
Then the basic BUFF is almost the same.
After that, we can consider obtaining the advanced BUFF [Animal Protection Organization], [Environmental Protection Organization] and [Transgender] …
Let your fighting power increase! Meng Zeng!
I have to say
The three-color team is one color short.
It’s a little bit small. It’s a pity …
of course
No matter how you look at it.
This array can be called the ultimate luxury combination, and the probability of successfully saving the world is still male silence and female tears.
Even the demented Alzheimer’s disease has to be called straight.
After barely climbing out of the pink train
[Roland] bluntly said