"OK!" Pi two dog went to the woodpile and moved out of the firewood. He set up a fire in the living room and burst into flames for a while


Liu Yuemei tried to speak several times, but she was afraid that two dog couldn’t stand a fashion. "two dog, you look like a man!"
"I am not only a man but also a big man!" Pi two dog’s eyes drifted at the big millstone way
"There is no way for a dog to want to do bad things!" At some point, Liu Yuemei left with a dress and got the rotor to bake. The steam filled the air.
Pi two dog rippled his nose, cooled it and touched it with a nosebleed.
Liu Yuemei saw that the timing was almost right, and then she revealed the truth. "two dog, I have something important to talk to you about. Do you know that your object has been pried by a bully?"
"If it’s going to rain Niang wants to get married, just let her go. It’s not her fault that she’s a mother raising money!" Pi two dog has matured.
"Bully cavity rich you have no money! Hey! "
Sister Mopan dried her clothes, put them on, patted her ass and went back.
Looking back, Sister Mopan threw a sentence, "two dog, when you are ten years old, go out and make money. A man has no money and can’t marry a wife!"
"I know, but I can make money without going out!" Pi two dog’s heart says Sister Mopan is right. If you are ten years old, you can’t wave. If you wave again, you will be single in the future!
"You a dog calf this bird does not defecate poor mountain village hair didn’t see a which come to earn money? If you want to learn from the seven old bachelors in the village, just stay at home and wave! Think about my words. See you later! " Mopan elder sister said that the door was gone soon.
"Old bachelor!" There are a lot of old bachelors in poor Da Nai Village. Few of these people really go out to work and plan food in their own fields. If they have money, they will go to the town for health care, or they will go home alone after drinking, and ugly women will not marry them.
"How can I be a bachelor? Wait, when I earn a lot of money, I will marry a beautiful woman as my wife! " Pi two dog secretly swore.
The next day, Pi two dog was basking in medicinal materials in the courtyard of his home, so he listened to the bang and burst the door.
When the gate opened, I fell into a plump body, not others but Liu Yuemei.
Pi two dog saw that she was surprised and said, "Big millstone, what are you doing?" When I looked at the woman, my mouth watered and my mind sprouted.
Chapter 2 Collecting herbs with wang hong Shang.
"two dog’s bully is crazy again, insisting that I robbed his business and drove me to fight!"
As soon as he said it, he understood that the two stores were separated by a village road, fighting for customers and quarreling for several years.
"I’m afraid of what evil dogs are coming to fight!" I was so angry that I thought that Zhao Tu had robbed my object, Pi two dog.
"You are a dog calf!" Sister Mopan was really afraid that he would twist his head and leave.
Pi two dog pulled the big millstone back and said with a thick neck, "It’s my business to stay here!"
Two dog!’ Liu Yuemei has a thick peach and a bright plum, and her two mouths touch each other and kiss each other.
Suddenly I heard a loud bang from the courtyard door "Bang!"
Then a huge roar almost didn’t overturn the broken gate "big millstone out! Nima Lao won’t sign up today. You’re not surnamed Zhao! "
"What about two dog?" Liu Yuemei’s legs trembled with fear and she sat down with a fart pier.
"I’ll send him away!" Pi two dog reached into his pocket and fished out a French seal. This is the seal of the city god. According to the information flow of the brain, the seal of the city god is an instrument for calling ghosts and asking gods.
Zhao Tu is a fierce and powerful man. He said that no one dares to call him the first.
Cheep! The gate of the courtyard opened, and Pi two dog flashed out of the door. When the enemy met, he was particularly jealous. "Village bully, you are a dog!"
"Nima, you dog idol didn’t kill you! You are the dog! Hand over the big millstone quickly! " Zhao tu eyes a stare way
"Give it to you!" Pi two dog clung to the seal of the city god and wondered whether to stamp it first or beat it first and then stamp it.
"two dog, you son of a bitch always want to levy her. Will you pay her?" Zhao Tu’s strong body moved in the previous step and heard the ground vibrate.
"two dog, you don’t know the pain, right? I just robbed your date. Believe it or not, I took your leg off, too? " Zhao Tu shouted at Pi two dog, whose eyes seemed to say that you weren’t enough for me to plug my teeth.
"I know, look at the legs!" Pi two dog’s body that gas comes and goes like the wind flows into his legs, and his legs suddenly become overbearing.
Kick bully nakamura’s belly, and he’s as strong as bully Niu Cun’s parry and fly seven meters away!
Bite a mouthful of mud in the mud, and the village bully’s face twisted and groaned in pain.
Flowers at the moment will see two dog with a seal fast village bully forehead cover a.
As soon as the seal was closed, it immediately released a white virtual shadow that instantly disappeared into his forehead!
Soon Zhao Tushuo’s big body twitched like a touch.
The village bully will become a lost soul when he gets up again, and he will grin and giggle and jump and jump and go home.
Looked at Pi two dog and turned over his heart, saying Niang Xipi turned out that the seal of the city god was so fate!
Seeing the bully’s cavity wither, Liu Yuemei said with a blindfolded face, "Oh, my God, what happened to the bully’s cavity in two dog?"
"Sister Mopan, this village bully won’t be rude to you!" Pi two dog smiled to reveal a row of white teeth.
Liu Yuemei still has a face of disbelief. "Oh, my God, how did you do that? I saw you kick the village bully away! "
"I don’t know. I seem to be getting stronger!" Pi two dog stared at Liu Yuemei and drooled face to face, dragging her into the door and kissing her mouth to mouth.
Willow month eyebrow flustered off his way "you! Come on, there’s no one in my supermarket! "
Looking at the woman ran off, this two dog didn’t have a good time, and his eyes were bigger than his eyes.
I want to make money, make money, make money, have meat to eat, and have women!
This ya saw it at noon, so she brought a hoe and a snakeskin bag from home and hit the door.
All the way to the entrance of the village, two dog suddenly remembered a person coming, that is, the village substitute teacher wang hong Chang.
Wang hong Shang is a recognized village in Da Nai Village. Hua Fang is twenty years older than two dog, but she looks white and tender, with an oval face and a pink lotus neck.