Rammed into the trap wall and trampled on it.


This time, trepidation stopped chasing along the canyon.
Knock, knock, knock, kick, step on the right mountain peak, jump, and several jumps have reached the right canyon peak, face upwards, roar, and two degenerate feet flap their robust * * * * swinging their huge tails, suddenly and violently rushing to the right mountain peak, and several monks are chasing them violently.
Although the thought of terrorism will be very powerful.
Chi-chi also made full plans and rehearsals, but when we really fought against terrorism, everyone had an intuitive feeling about the overlord of the giant wilderness.
A friend with a huge body and great strength can push down the mountains on both sides of the canyon if he wants to.
The defense is more powerful, and the side is huge, and the impact force is huge. It seems that it is all Mao Mao rain for it, and those restraint means in the trap set by everyone are even more worthless
The only drawback of trepidation may be that you can’t fly.
Chapter nine hundred and forty-two Kill trepidation (2)
This can’t fly too high. It seems that it’s not a big problem to bury the ruins of heaven.
And the evolution of terrorism should be the most perfect in the wilderness of great fear.
When you are straight and then wield a huge head to attack, the height of trepidation is very close to the height that you can’t fly, that is to say, even if the monk can fly and the height is not high enough, it will attack the range.
There is almost no weakness. Stronger than terror.
Of course, wisdom and stupidity choose to fight terrorism in the canyon, and naturally they have wisdom and stupidity to consider and plan.
On the right side of the mountain peak, the fear of violence accelerated, and it ran faster and faster. When chasing the small ants in front, I suddenly found that the small ants in front had flown across the canyon.
The canyon is wide and scary, but the body is not short, but it can’t reach the monks across the canyon.
Unwillingly, I roared in the sky, and I was afraid to trample on the canyon and rushed to the left bank from the right.
Before accelerating the impact, I found that the little ants had reached the right side of Qi Fei.
The canyon has two banks separated by a canyon that is not very shallow.
If you want to pursue the monk, you must cross the canyon terrain, and the speed can’t be fast.
Violent unwilling to suddenly and violently fear a face upwards roar.
If it was an ordinary prey, it would have lost interest in pursuing and gone home.
However, the Terran Friar in front gave him the feeling that he had to pursue and destroy. Although he could not pursue it, he would not leave it at that.
After running a few laps on both sides of the river, I finally found it impossible.
Simply panic no longer runs to both sides of the canyon, but accelerates the impact of the valley as if it had just entered the valley.
Friar Terran may have some arrangements in the Valley.
However, trepidation doesn’t think these things can resist the Terran monks’ fear of fleeing from both sides of the canyon. If it is, trepidation will make them happy. Once they leave the canyon and enter the great fear wilderness, it is not impossible for them to run and catch one or two Terran monks.
The panic in the canyon accelerated and the head was raised high.
In the Grand Canyon, a huge panic ran wildly.
Ten monks on both sides of the strait fled forward as if they were shocked.
From time to time, in the roar of terror, twist a head to the two sides of the strait to take a bite or hit one
Chasing all the way
Splash flying dust all over the sky
What makes trepidation more depressing is that whenever it just starts running, it can chase the Terran Godsworn at sight, and there will always be traps on the ground at the right time to disrupt its rhythm and make it unable to run.
As when mating, he was interrupted by his male fear. He was very upset and kept looking up and growling, threatening to bite the homicidal monk.
The power of terror is far beyond the monk’s imagination. When the monk spent a lot of time laying traps, he could not trap the big guy. The only effect was to interfere with its rhythm and make him unable to go crazy.
It is also expected to calculate the legacy.
However, the reality is more cruel than he expected, and he is not sure whether his plan is in charge now. If not, then there will be a re-use of the secret technique to cover up the blood breath and lead everyone to escape
Terror flies by when it is pursued violently.
Fierce and violent fear shows terror, extreme physical strength, continuous running, still full of energy and no fatigue.
And the long valley is coming to an end.
Zhichi quickly made a gesture of action, and the monks running on both sides of the strait waved their arms qi qi to show that they received it
The speed of panic is getting faster and faster, and you will rush out of Taniguchi at a glance.
Boom, step on the ground, crack, and fall forward involuntarily
Therefore, I am afraid of violence and try to support my body.
Suddenly a beam of light from the sky shone on the forehead of trepidation.
The body was slightly stiff and the huge tail failed to make the violent fear slightly confused and suddenly swung. The head beam was shaken and scattered, and the feeling disappeared instantly.
But it is this moment when the absence has made its whole body involuntarily rush into the trap, and the huge head slammed down and fell a dog to eat shit.
Even if the defense is super strong, even if it is fierce and powerful, it will fall into a panic, and it will be a bit dizzy if you can’t react at the moment and lie down in the trap.
With a wave of his hand, the sapphire sea halberd rushed out of a blue water curtain and fell into a trap.
The huge trap quickly filled with more than ten feet of water like a rising tide.
Chi Chi and Yue Dayong also cast spells, and the soil fell from the sky.
Fear of being rushed by the cold water attribute spell is a bit return to absolute being, and the limbs are staggered from the trap with a jerk. In the roar, the giant swings and flies down bursts of soil.
Shashasha mud falls into the trap and melts into the water. Geng Keji drinks "magic mud swamp" in his mouth.
The soil and sea water quickly merged into a dark and sticky swamp that covered the middle of the calf of the panic.
And Sun Hao is also a binge drinking "Aoki cage"
All the vines flew out and turned into a big net to wrap around the tail of terror.
Wisdom, delusion, unified coordination, and the whole team quickly took action to rank then, and tried to trap the panic.
Panic shook his head and found himself in the mire. His huge tail seemed to be firmly entangled in something and he couldn’t shake it.
Fly into a rage, panic, roar, and prepare to attack with their heads thrown.
I didn’t wait for it to swing its head and suddenly get a crisp drink. "Look at the legs, big guy."
Before suddenly and violently, I woke up, and the fighting capacity was not fully recovered, Zhu Ling boldly rushed up and raised a leg in the * *.
Bang bang bang …
A series of crunchy leg shadows severely split the head of trepidation
The angry roar of trepidation turned into a cry "Ow …"
Zhu Ling’s leg kung fu is extremely powerful. Although it can’t be fatal with one blow, it’s not easy for trepidation. The huge head was hit and hung down, and trepidation was a little dizzy again.
Zhu Lingyu is full of trepidation, and her head flies back after one.
Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly, suddenly, suddenly, I looked up and chased Zhu Ling.
On the bank of the canyon, Wang Yuan’s forehead appeared straight, and he set up a strange eye and looked at it leisurely.
Panic seems to be back to being a cub, and I feel that my body, limbs and head are not so bossy and the command is not very smooth.
Shake your head, wipe Zhu Ling with a jerk, and then knock it down in a trap, splashing mud all over the sky in the swamp.
Anger, head-shaking, forced expulsion, discomfort, panic, fear and roar
Two short front paws kept patting themselves * * * * It’s very damn that the little ant damn the Terran Friar actually made it suffer a lot.
The tail was pulled, and the power was not small. Terror dumped it for a few times, and he couldn’t move it. He simply lifted his huge foot from the mud and Terror flew up to the trap wall.
The giant foot stepped on a cloud and flew straight up, stopping the giant foot in front accurately and mistakenly.