"Spacecraft? ?”


And a passer-by nearby looked at the sealed room and leaned out several people’s heads. The seal was in a broken state, and immediately his face changed slightly and he slowly retreated a few steps.
Especially after seeing Tang Zhi’s clothes full of different world styles, I think a lot of things.
Realizing that the passer-by silently pressed the alarm he was carrying with him.
Because blue star will come in at two ends every three days, some strange things will come in, and even the defense barrier can’t stop it because it is to detect them.
At present, the convenient small alarm has long been a necessity for the general public.
As passers-by report
Soon it won’t be even a second.
Taishong is always on standby with many suspended satellites, and the camera will be projected immediately.
And instantly collect a list of information such as the appearance and figure of someone in the place, and enter the resident information of the Ministry database for repeated verification!
[Information confirms that the target 15 people are all outsiders]
[Police Force Mobilization …]
[Too weapons have been deployed …]
[When the shuttle blocks the enchantment, the application is completed …]
Just two minutes later
More than 300 macho men in covered exoskeleton armor fell from the sky and directly hit them. They also discussed the countermeasures. Tang Zhi and them were caught off guard!
In the manor on the Thames
Even though times have changed, the British government and Buckingham Palace both died suddenly and became abandoned history.
However, it still remains the same here, and it has not been affected by the changes in the outside world.
Even if several nuclear warheads have been detonated in the vicinity!
In that live room decorated with various antique art
As the meal was over, Olga lay lazily on the sofa.
The maid in charge of take care of his daily affairs immediately looked respectful and hit the nearby imaging equipment.
With the screen flashing
A host with pure appearance and graceful figure appeared directly on the screen and looked serious and said
"Live news now"
"About half an hour ago"
"Near the B-1 area of Kailin Street, we received reports from enthusiastic people that suspicious people appeared."
"It was later verified that it was fifteen unregistered outsiders!"
"In the face of this serious situation, the local police immediately responded by sending a special police team to take the initiative to conduct on-the-spot investigation and research!"
"In the face of police search and arrest, they directly took a rebellious attitude."
"I even took the initiative to attack the police, but after the event, I intended to escape by sending the ability. The police showed a fierce conflict!"
"But fortunately, our [multi-directional defense body] once again showed a good effect and successfully contained the powerful offensive of the other party’s escape."
"Finally, ten minutes ago, many enthusiastic passers-by helped the local police to arrest them all, but there were inevitably many casualties among civilians near the police …"
"I really hope that they can soon …"
As each other finished their lines.
The screen lens has also moved from the viewing room to the real-time outdoor.
On the other side of the camera, there are more than a dozen guys covered in blood who are being taken to police cars with special handcuffs.
You can also hear someone swearing and saying something that means nothing.
"Lord God, I fuck you, Madeleine. I can’t even beat the police here …"
Fierce words and indignant tone!
The narrator is extremely unwilling.
But that’s nothing.
He was still taken with others to the police car with a large number of seals engraved on it.
Look at each other this pair of miserable Olga is full of lying on the sofa suck up the mouth casually rushed beside the maid commanded some things.