Three generations watched the two lights disappear from the horizon for a long time without saying a word. Naruto also secretly watched the two lights fly away in the same camp.


Before Watergate set foot on this battlefield, he chose to tell Naruto that they were leaving.
"Naruto, you have grown up. My parents are very pleased, but we still have to leave here.
I once told you that we all died once. It was you, Brother Shumao, who gave us some life span so that we could be saved. To be precise, we could never be separated from Shumao again. If we were separated for a long time, we would still die. Now, because of this war, Shumao has lost two members, and his members can no longer help us stabilize our lives. So we will go to the psychic world to find him!
Son, this war is up to you! "
This is the last time Watergate spoke to him. Now when I think of these words, Naruto can’t help crying.
"Mom and Dad, go all the way!"
Chapter 46 Lei Ying must die! ()
After Watergate and Gang Shou left, they didn’t expect to cause great trouble to Lei Ying and Shui Ying …
Almost yagyu’s ten soldiers turned upside down and his soul was taken away by a man named Da Yin Yang Shi Ma Cang Ye Yi!
"Oh, I didn’t expect that I could fight side by side with you in this way!" Yagyu ten soldiers who said to the side ODA nobunaga
"I didn’t expect such a situation, but according to the adult’s strength, he can really make two spirits at the same time, and your weapon is just right for us to kill each other!"
"Not according to my arrangement, you two must kill each other! Especially the soul of that old man’s happy village, I can’t believe I can’t get it back! This makes me very angry! " Ma Cang looked at Lei Ying at night and his eyes were red.
Sanada Yukimura’s position in his heart is really high.
Makura was almost killed at least three times in the night since Makoto was his guard. It was Makoto who pulled him back from the ghost gate, and it was Makoto who suffered more serious injuries every time. Otherwise, Makoto would not have supported him and let them be killed by the enemy at last because of the recurrence of an old disease.
On the contrary, he was very grateful that Makita had not been able to rescue Makita at that time. He really regretted that Makita had become a talking thunder spirit, but Tian Zhen left him, and they would never have a chance to meet again. So the thunder shadow must die!
At first, Shui Ying wondered why the main weapon would automatically fly to the division of Yin and Yang who fought with him, but soon she knew that he actually saw the soul of the former man with the weapon in the same state as the soul on his right!
There are two swords in Makura Night’s waist, one is Oda Nobunaga’s medium inserted into his left belt, and the other is Yagyu’s ten soldiers’ guard knife just now inserted into his right belt. Now he can make two spirits possess two weapons at the same time, which makes Makura Night’s attack a big step forward immediately.
"Nobunaga, Lord, has he practiced double knife flow?"
"Well, the Lord and I learned when I was a double-edged sword. Besides, Shinoda is also a double-edged warrior, but it’s nothing. Since his wife gave him a weapon and it broke, he has never been a double-edged sword again!"
"Oh, well, so the master double knife is to learn from you two?"
"You know that the road to success was not smooth sailing, but it was also growing up in killing, and Zhentian really had a great influence on him."
"What’s the main revenge of Maeda?" Yagyu soul asked.
"Well, I also want to take revenge on Makita," Nobunaga said lightly.
The communication between the two spirits helps them to exert their strength in the battle, so Ma Cang left them alone at night and didn’t know if it was because of Watergate’s "out of order" that he got a little rest, and sometimes it was this little rest that reminded him of the previous things.
It was the first time that he and Makita met.
"You little devil is the wizard I want to protect?" True field nostril very disdain asked.
This directly angered Ma Cang Yeyi. "I’m not a kid. I’m a teacher of Yin and Yang. I want to be a great teacher of Yin and Yang, and then I want to be a god-class teacher of Yin and Yang like Cheng Qing. I hope I can get a spirit!"
"Hum imp is imp say what big words? Really? Isn’t there anyone important to protect in the Macang family? I can win the important responsibility of protecting the patriarch! Why did you give me such a kid? " Makita is very wordy, which also has something to do with his bad mood.
At that time, he was chased by his enemy and had to be hired to hide his identity. When he was hired, he also told Ma Cang’s family that he was real. He wouldn’t say anything, but Ma Cang’s family would investigate him. It was better to investigate it. It was because they investigated his affairs that they decided to let him protect Ma Cang’s night one.
It was in this case that the two men met for the first time, which was a bit unpleasant, but soon Zhentian entered the role of bodyguard, protecting the young and vulnerable teacher of Yin and Yang almost all the time and helping him practice.
"Big? What will you do? "
"Kid, I will kill people! What about you? "
"I’ll catch ghosts! I can also spell and I learn to portray spells and forge instruments. "
Makita looked left and right. "I don’t like it. What do you think is a weak pheasant!"
"You …" Ma Cang night was really angry by this unappreciative guy. "Hum, can you kill people? I don’t think so. Why else would you hide in our house? Why don’t you just kill those people? "
Blocked back by his words, Zhentian changed its gains and losses, but Zhentian soon vibrated. "Yes, Laozi was indeed hunted down like a dog, and now it has become a running dog of your family, but Laozi will take revenge in a planned way and will kill all those people."
Now I just lack the time to grow up like that. After that, I will strengthen my exercise every day and practice for revenge!
I’m not like you, little guy!
The conditions are so good that I don’t know how to cherish and work hard. I will be killed like me, like a dog, but don’t be afraid. I will protect you until I die! "
Makita couldn’t have imagined that his words had caused a great touch on Night One, and he said that he had sat down in those things before he died. He really protected Night One in Makura!
It is precisely because of Makura’s stimulation that whenever he sees Makita trying to practice, he will never be lazy or make excuses, and he will start practicing with Yin and Yang very hard, and he will ask Makita from time to time for some samurai tricks when practicing!
They are not very afraid of Yin and Yang teachers, but very afraid of assassins. They are very afraid of samurai at night. These classes are really very successful. Tian Xin teaches you at night, not to mention their progress, which surprises the whole Asakura family
Chapter 47 Lei Ying must die! ()
Family is bigger than Maeda’s. Ask him to stay at night. "Do you have any confidence that the kid is bigger than you this time? I can’t. Let me help you. I’ll compete with your opponent samurai. I promise to kill him! "
At this moment, this kid has become a pair of nostrils and he is very impatient. "Okay, I know you are good, but this time I still want to go on my own. I want to get my lost face back!" "
"Hey kid you incredibly dare to talk to me in this tone today? Not bad, huh How about we practice it three times later? "
"Yeah, if I win, you have to practice six laps with me!"
"Okay, no problem. If you lose, get ready to practice until dawn!"
Generally speaking, players will participate in the family competition, but bodyguards will also participate. At this time, it is time to test the strength of bodyguards. After all, bodyguards have the strength to protect their masters’ homes. Even a family competition has a very powerful bodyguard.
Of course, bodyguards can compete with bodyguards, not with other young masters
That night, at a time, the guy opposite also played "Yo kid, are you still playing this year?" Don’t cry when I hang you again! "
"Hum!" The night was cold, and there was no fire from the other side. Zhentian taught him that villains died of words.
I think this sentence is very reasonable at night. Do you think the assassin will talk to you for a while when he assassinates? After all, just do it for a second while you’re on your guard. You’re their pursuit, and it’s their style to escape a thousand miles away.
Sure enough, the guy opposite the game was hanged after a night’s hanging. The heads of the clan of Makura were very happy to see that their son was so promising that he had recovered all the things he had lost before. After the game, he directly rewarded Zhentian with a large sum of money and rearranged a training venue for them.
It was through this big match that he saw the splendid martial arts, Yin and Yang, which made him interested in surpassing his opponent. In the end, all the elders jointly agreed to let him inherit the family, which made his father feel very gratified, so he often said that it was the most profitable business he did.