Heaven and earth help seventeen slaves of the ghost king to challenge the three strongest slave teams, totaling 3,000 slaves of the ghost king!


Ice spirit’s decision, the other hundreds of "wrinkled" ghost king slaves were removed, leaving only the 17 ghost king slaves who used strange posture! And the other side, ice spirit also decided to let the other three teams at the same time.
Seventeen to three thousand!
News, so scattered!
Everyone in the viewing area, whether it is the ordinary viewing area or the monks in the ordinary VIP room, is sensational!
Fighting skill field, presiding stage!
"Fellow fellow, we help heaven and earth pass by here occasionally, just want to let a few capable men, go down and learn, hone! But now I suddenly have something to do and want to leave, but I was stopped by a dozen first-class sects, saying that we had caused them to lose money and wouldn’t let us go! We paid two hundred trillion soul stones to redeem my seventeen men, and they wouldn’t let us redeem them! We ice and fire brothers are not easy to bully, so let’s take this seven hundred trillion won now.
All on our seventeen men! We, the seventeen men, must have seen it. Seventeen to three thousand, we are really not sure! This 700 trillion soul stone, fellow travelers, you can take as much as you can! "Ice spirit said slowly, her voice heavy and indignation, like a big injustice.
"oh, no! They want to scatter the won soul Shi Quan! " Golden sword door main facial expression, a heavy voice said.
"Seventeen to three thousand! No wonder he did it. That’s the original plan! Alas-"
"This gambling game with obvious winning or losing, fools all know where to bet!" A young man, with a gloomy face, said that he is the patriarch of Shuiyuan Sect, the first-class sect in Kyushu!
"Once the gambling money is dispersed, plus his propaganda just now, the business will probably fall off in the slave war after the Xianyin Sect!" Fairy songs sent owners look pale said.
More than a dozen first-class sects operate together and won’t let them go after winning the money. Who dares to gamble here when this matter gets out?
Seventeen to three thousand!
As soon as the gambling started, the gambling money began to go crazy!
"Li Peng! To shorten the betting time to one third! " Fairy songs sent owners thoughtfully for a moment, ordered.
In this short moment, the gambling money on the three teams reached 800 trillion. And the gambling money on the 17 people in Heaven and Earth, in addition to the 700 trillion, has increased by more than 100 million soul stones! However, this 100 million, in the face of huge figures, is the same as not rising!
"eight hundred trillion!" More than a dozen Wang leaders, in the heart can’t help jumping.
"What should I do?" A dozen Wang owners looked at each other.
Zhang Xiaotian turned to look in one direction.
There is the place to bet. The two big rooms are filled with countless space rings, and each space ring is filled with countless betting soul stones!
Seeing the financial personnel who kept coming in and out, Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, couldn’t help smiling smugly.
At this point, the bet on the three teams has reached one trillion!
"Either sacrifice the three thousand people and bet the soul stone on the heaven and earth to help seventeen people! Or, put more soul stones on three teams and strive for the share of the 700 trillion soul stones! " A black old man, light said.
"The most important thing is, how to sacrifice the three thousand demons slaves? They don’t want to die! Moreover, if our 3,000 people are defeated by the heaven and earth to help the 17 slaves of the ghost king, it will undoubtedly be a slap in the face of the gambling game, which will make people doubt it. In that case, the Xianyin School, Bixiao School and Lingyun School will never hold this slave war again! "
"Come on! Without wealth, you can earn it again in the future! The reputation is gone, but it’s hard to recover! I decided to fight for the share of the 700 trillion soul stone! " The three heads of Xianyin School, Bixiao School and Lingyun School looked at each other and said. Say that finish, eyes intently, they looked at several other first-class factions wang eldest brother.
"Now that you have made a decision, let’s do it!" Nodded, others said. Although some of them are unwilling, or happy to see the reputation of the three schools of Xianyin decline, they also know that this matter cannot be decided by them alone.
After a dozen first-class sects made a decision.
Bet on three teams, also began to soar again!
The more you bet, the more you win! This is a sure thing, and everyone is vying for the share of the 700 trillion soul stone.
15 trillion … 20 trillion … 25 trillion!
Looking at the direction of the two big rooms where the bets were placed, Zhang Xiaotian’s mouth was slightly curved! This soul stone, but the more the better!
Zhang Xiaotian behind others, in the heart also kept pounding! Unexpectedly, the soul stone in the upper bound came so easily!
In order to compete for the 700 trillion soul stone share, more than a dozen first-class sects have spent a lot of money!
Five hundred trillion soul stones for each family, plus one hundred trillion soul stones lost in previous gambling, make a total of six hundred trillion soul stones! Even the wealth of their first-class sects can’t help but feel greatly distressed.
And the total bet on the three teams has reached 99 billion …
At this time, the number of soul stones is numb! In the eyes of Zhang Xiaotian and others, it has become a series of astronomical and astronomical figures!
Now, Zhang Xiaotian is calculating how long it will take to use up so many soul stones …
However, Zhang Xiaotian also knows that after one thousand years, he will soar to the celestial world and may never come back! Therefore, no matter how many soul stones, he can’t have too many.
The betting time is over, and the battle begins …
Fighting skill field.
Seventeen ghost fix eyes spread out sharp murderous look, at this time, they no longer have to hide their strength!
Posture, display!
Seventeen ghosts, swaying again and again, the figure is increasing!
Soon, the figure reached tens of thousands.
With a roar, he raised a long black knife! Han daredevil rushed into the enemy team and rushed at the enemy side neatly.
The original black beads are upgraded, and the quality of black long knives is not as fragile as before!