Rebirth or crossing?


Section 621
She stood motionless and gawked at the palm tree not far away, and the man was at a loss as to where to put his hands and feet.
No, actually, she has a place to move
Her eyes are bursting with tears.
"Treasure and purity …"
Lengxiao didn’t stride over as usual, but stretched out his arms towards her.
With a handful of tears, Bao Qi flattened his flat mouth and ran quickly with his belly in his arms. The whole person buried himself in his arms and burst its banks with thick hoarse tears. "Uncle … Uncle …"
Soothed her, Leng Xiao choked. "I’m sorry, Baoqi, I’m sorry for scaring you!"
"Well, bastard, you scared me to death … you really scared me to death …" The joy of rebirth after the robbery made Bao Qi so excited that he couldn’t hold his hands and grabbed his chest and raised his belly against him, listening to his warm breath, smelling his body and feeling his temperature. She finally believed that Lengxiao was still alive.
Is really alive!
Not rebirth, not resurrection!
After the great compassion, there was great joy, holding him, and her tears were more like those of the dam, which could no longer flow uncontrollably. She sniffed, cried, laughed and hugged her heart for a while, and her hands stretched out again, caressing his face and scanning his eyes back and forth. "Uncle, that’s great! That’s great! But … Why are you still alive? As if nothing had happened, I saw that mean man hit so hard! "
"Silly girl!" Loving and hugging her, Lengxiao sighed and pulled her closer to herself again. "Do you want me to die?"
"No-bah, no more discouragement!" The palm of your hand covered his mouth and Bao Qi shook his head eagerly. "It’s so strange that I am. Are you all right?" He hit so hard-!"
"Nothing!" Spoiled caressed her face with a faint smile in the cold voice. "Have you seen the TV play? That’s called dynamic special effects! "
Special effects? !
Bao Qi swallowed her saliva and thought of the thrilling scene. She sobbed for a while again, and suddenly something was wrong with her brain, so she choked heavily at the tip of her nose and asked questions again.
"There are so real special effects? ! I’m too far away, even if you can fool me, I can’t fool the wild search near you … Oh, no! It’s his hand. How can I be confused about his own hand? Will he accompany you to play without knowing the weight? "
At this point, she suddenly paused and raised her head a little. "Maybe you two-"
Arms tightened. Cold owl tightly encircled her and looked down at her.
"yes! He cooperates with me! "
Wild search will cooperate with him?
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What wild hunter will cooperate with the cold owl?
She can’t figure it out.
Maybe Yexun has been playing in two organizations? No, it’s hard for her to accept that if that person is Kim, she can still think about it, except for the head of this evil mandala organization … it’s incredible
Gee …
Frankly speaking, it’s a slippery day!
For her question, Leng Xiao briefly hesitated to lock her eyes and twisted her two sharp eyebrows for several seconds before he sighed and took her in his chest.
"I am with him."
Cats and mice?
Cops and hooligans?
Bao Qi choked in her throat in a gasp, and her brain became fragrant. It was more like being caught by a door. When the line of sight was fixed, he couldn’t get it back. Gorgeous and gorgeous, she stood and looked at him. She couldn’t figure out the situation.
Don’t understand-quite!
At that time, all sorts of mixed emotions were intertwined in her spacious heart.
Tick-tock, tick-tock, three people stood and no one spoke.
There’s a sea breeze blowing in my ear …
It seems that it was a long time before she found her own voice.
"So Yexun showed me that the 23 vibration platform that was blown up in that video didn’t blow up, did it? It was just a cover-up for you to play with him, right?"
Leng Xiao’s lip angle moves slightly "Yes!"
Face suddenly a white treasure and pure closed his eyes and then opened them, and the bottom of his eyes was already a little angry.
"Sec. Uncle, I can’t think of what Shiro is looking for to be with you? It is impossible for a person to do something without a purpose. Now that he has me in his hand, he has the ability to threaten you. Isn’t he stupid to come and join you? It won’t be that simple, will it? "
She is clever, she is not stupid.
However, being too comfortable after pregnancy has locked in part of her IQ.
In fact, there are still some things in her words that she can’t ask, and she is afraid to hear the answer.
-that is cold owl will really in her?
The word "profit" is too heavy for feelings to bear.