Playing these weird equipment is far from what I’m wearing now. Therefore, I don’t pick up anything except money. Three wolves are the busiest people, no matter what they explode, they will be the same.


Pick it up and go to the NPC to sell it.
The days of brushing blame are extremely dull and boring. The equipment was broken, so I helped them repair it. When there was no potion, they went to replenish it. After a few days, we all got two grades.
On the seventh day, the black thief couldn’t resist this boring life. He said to me in tears: "Crazy, this kind of life is really impossible. Brush strange leveling, fuck it, rise
It’s boring to speak so slowly! I want to get out of here! "
"Hey hey, old thief, is your hand itchy again? In the past few days, you thieves and robbers have stolen all the money earned by the three wolves. Haven’t you had enough? Going back to the mainland
To steal? "
The thief and his wife nodded at the same time, and the thief said, "Crazy, we really can’t hold back. We have to find someone to sneak in. Stealing money from the wolf brothers is no longer going back, we are just joking.
Your brother is just joking, three brothers, don’t mind. "
Three wolves looked at their bags, and in the blink of an eye, all the stolen silver coins came back, and no one had any complaints about them.
"What do you want? Go back? "
Five people actually nodded at the same time!
"Do you think we can beat the painter now?"
Five people shook their heads at the same time.
"That don’t have to! If you can’t beat it, then settle down and train. It is estimated that when we can beat the painter, our level will be quite high. There is food and clothing on the island, you
What are you worrying about? "Sometimes hit a better material, I will give five people made a suit of armor.
Five people said nothing.
"Murphy, do you want to commit suicide?"
Five people are neatly nodded.
"Dizzy, I took you. If that’s the case, won’t all our efforts in the past few days be in vain? Go back to death, thanks to your thinking! If even this little silence
I can’t stand the loneliness. How can I grow a walker in the future? I think you’d better leave before it’s too late! "
"Crazy! The old thief won’t leave the walker! Neither will a thief! Three wolves, what about you? "
"Neither will we."
"Then what exactly do you mean?"
"Crazy, there is only one way to get out of here. If successful, we would rather go out to kill people than blame them here, and the escalation of murder has risen much faster! "
"Why, you also want to become a red man like me? Tell me, what method? "
"We teach you the theft, and then it’s up to you to steal the operator of the painter. Because you can be invisible, it’s the only way at present. If we succeed, wouldn’t it be right for us to come here to train later?
Much easier? "
"It was not you who went to die, but me? Forget it, who let me be your boss? I’ll tell you the truth first, I’ll only do it once. If you don’t succeed, be good.
Stay on the island and practice! "
"As long as you are willing, there is nothing wrong with it. Go and find a safe place to teach you. "
Chapter 185 How to be a thief
My people are not stupid, but the thief taught me for several hours before I got a clue about the theft. The reason is actually very simple, because I am not a thief, so it is naturally difficult to learn.
"Ha ha ha ha, I didn’t expect my old thief to have an apprentice, ha ha ha ha!" When he finally finished teaching, the thief couldn’t help laughing loudly.
"Slice! Honey, thanks to your smile! You are not ashamed to have an apprentice with such a dish? "
"shame? Thief, do you know? What an honor it is to be a madman’s master? Honey, how could I be ashamed? Although this apprentice’s craftsmanship is really not good, I am glorious, ahahahaha! "
"All right! Stop it, all of you! Lao tze if it weren’t for you this group of rabbits, killed Lao tze don’t learn what bird stealing! MD, learning is learning now. If things can’t be done, I will slap the BOSS and die. Then you can cry! " Look at their pride, I really can’t stand it.
"Hey hey, crazy, you just go ahead, big deal, let’s take it back to that smelly BOSS, hey hey!"
"MD, I hope I can’t die!" I started flying angrily and swept away to the hinterland of the nameless island.
"Brother Black, will he be in danger?" The thunder wolf looked at my distant back, worried about the tunnel.
"I said brother Wolf, you really don’t understand or pretend not to understand? As far as his ability to steal things is concerned, he can’t even steal things from us, let alone that sly BOSS? "
"Then why did you encourage the boss to go?"
"Hey hey, who will go if he doesn’t go? Will you go? Don’t forget, the madman will still be invisible. If he can’t steal it, won’t he run away? Well, don’t worry, a madman is a madman, and Ji Ren has his own nature. He will be fine! "
"I hope so! What should we do? "
"Hey hey, do nothing, find a place to sleep. I’m exhausted from being tossed around by a madman these days. Ah … Ha … "The black thief went to find a place with haha. The thief followed the wind. The three wolves didn’t want to find it, so they rested in place.
If I had known these guys were doing this, I wouldn’t have stolen any return symbols. I can’t help it. I’m their boss.
The closer you get to the hinterland, the more strange grades you have. It doesn’t matter if it’s strange to attack near, but it’s more troublesome to meet those who attack by magic and are remote. I almost got killed by those monsters several times, after all, the grade difference is too great.
I figured it was almost time, so I stopped moving forward. You know, the location of BOSS is basically very quiet, and now, my surroundings are really horribly quiet.
I checked my physical condition and found that it was just some flesh wounds, which didn’t matter much to casting invisibility. My hanging heart was a little relieved.
After a short rest, I felt almost better, so I carefully started flying and searched for painters.
It’s so quiet around here that you can clearly hear the wind brought by flying skills. I didn’t go far before I found the painter. That guy is snoring.
"Painter, level 80 green BOSS, prevention? Attack? ….. "My appraisal technique can’t fully see its situation. From this point of view, it is normal for him to slap me to death. If only the painter were strange, but he was human. People feel much more sensitive. I looked at him from a distance, thinking about how to steal the return symbol from him.
It’s no use thinking. I really can’t think of anything to do except stealth and that lame stealing technique.
I calmed down and paid close attention to the painter’s movements. With my short stealth time, it is not enough to steal anything from it. Now that I’m here, I’ll try anything. Wouldn’t it be better if I stole it?
Fortunately, the painter made no movement and still snored.
Invisibility+Stealing, I got them all out in just a few seconds.
In the blink of an eye, there seems to be something in my hand. I am happy in my heart and fly away from the painter like an arrow. When I reached a safe range, I hastily spread out my palm and lay in it with a yellow wrinkle.
"Beauty charm: it can instantly improve the appearance of the character by 10% for 300 seconds, which has unexpected magical effects." Oh, my god, is there such a symbol? What’s the use of it? I just wanted to throw it away, and just wanted to do it. When I suddenly remembered something, I put it in my bag and continued to be a thief.
This painter can really sleep. I’ve stolen it several times, and it hasn’t woken up yet. Unfortunately, my stealing skills are so crude that I didn’t steal anything after coming down several times.
Once again, I got another character in my hand.
"Transfiguration curse: You can randomly transform into a monster. You can’t attack or be attacked when you transform. It lasts for 30 seconds. " Strange, why is it not a return sign? Can’t you give me a return sign for the symbol you stole so hard? No, I can’t keep stealing like this. While the painter is not awake, I’d better call the thief and the thief to steal, so the success rate will be higher. I put the transformation spell in my bag and turned on the black thief.
"Why, did you get it?" The black thief made me a little angry with his haha voice: "Good old thief! I’m here to steal from you, and you’re sleeping! Call your thief and come to me quickly! Speed! "
"Crazy, did you hang up?"