The old guy took the flaming thunder symbol in his hand, and slowly retreated, while staring at Xi Fangping tightly, with a smile on his face: "Xi Daoyou is really a smart man. A smart man won’t take his own life as a joke. I’m not sure that I can kill you at one stroke, and you are not sure that you can hide from the flaming thunder symbol. Then, you and I will go our separate ways. I hope to meet Daoyou in the future, and you and I will become friends."


Xi Fangping was also on the alert, and slowly retreated, but said in his mouth, "It’s best to meet you in the future. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you."
Seeing that the distance between the two sides has reached forty or fifty feet, Xi Fangping’s face showed a sneer. He can be sure that the other party will not leave immediately, and he will have to get the storage bag of the young fool before making plans. And about thirty feet away from the young monk’s body, two Sanwu snakes are hiding in the grass, waiting for his order. Sanwu snake is a fourth-order monster who is good at disappearing. The old guy has no way to detect their existence.
Watching Xi Fangping retreat slowly, he has retreated to sixty or seventy feet away. The old guy just breathed a sigh of relief, took back the fire LeiFu, and walked towards the young monk’s body. However, he still released all the gods and locked Xi Fangping tightly in case something happened to him. You know, now Xi Fangping has a wind escape sign on his forehead, which is very fast, sixty or seventy feet away, and can be killed as long as he takes a few breaths.
Just bent down, the old guy’s expression moved, and there was a sudden movement in the grass on both sides. The old guy didn’t want to think about it, so he immediately took down the shield and kept his whole body, only to look into two grasses. I saw two millstone-sized snakeheads suddenly emerge from the grass, their mouths slightly open, and two five-inch-sized white fireballs spouted from their mouths, hitting themselves left and right. The old guy was surprised. He naturally saw that it was a white fireball that could only come out during the gas condensation period. Its power was similar to that of the fire in his storage bag, but it was faster.
"Fourth-order monster beast!" The old guy’s head only had time to flash these four words, and he didn’t know anything. Two fireballs struck him like lightning, which not only blew his body to pieces, but also his temporary shield for insulation was blown to pieces. Two fourth-order monster beasts attacked a friar who was trained on the fifteenth floor of the air-entraining period, and they used the method of sneak attack. This is simply bullying people and doesn’t even have time to respond to the old guy.
With the explosion, Xi Fangping went straight to Sanwu snake with the fastest speed. He had to put Sanwu snake into his belt at once to prevent other monks from arriving, and now he revealed the secret of Sanwu snake. He is not worried that the old guy will be bad for himself. Under the sneak attack of two fourth-order monster beasts, the fate of the old guy can be imagined with his toes.
Just a few breath, XiFangPing arrived. He immediately called Sanwu snake into his belt, and he was secretly relieved. Next, even if some high-ranking monks arrive, he will not be afraid. Zhang Zhang once gave him five fire thunder symbols. Few people know about it, but how many can explain how the two bodies on the ground were killed by Xi Fangping.
Looked at the scene, XiFangPing gently shook his head. The old guy’s body, nature has been blown to pieces, even the young monk, dead also can not be safe, combined with the blown only a few bones, however, two storage bags are still there, which is justified.
Checked the storage bag, XiFangPing skimmed the pie mouth, mama of, always add up to just seven hundred pieces of LingShi, especially the young monk, is poor, there are less than one hundred pieces of LingShi in the bag. Xi Fangping is a monopoly now, and his horizons are much higher. He thought that under normal circumstances, an ordinary disciple has dozens of Lingshi in his bag, and he is already rich. The reason why the old guy is a little more is just that when he left the snake cave, he handed in a snake gall. Although he couldn’t get condensate Dan, he could get 500 pieces of Lingshi.
As Xi Fangping had expected, whether there are any snake gall handed in in the two storage bags always adds up to as many as twelve, of which the old undercover has as many as ten. The bottom code pair is estimated to be ready to go back to his own clan to change the condensate gas Dan, but now it has become Xi Fangping’s thing. In addition, the Zhang Huolei character that the old undercover just took out to scare people was also taken away by Xi Fangping.
In addition to lingshi, snake gall and some Dan medicine, Xi Fangping also showed two things, both of which were in the old guy’s storage bag. One of them is a jade card with three small characters of Chicheng Mountain written on it. That is to say, these two guys are undercover sent by Chicheng Mountain. No wonder all the disciples of Yunmenjian were attacked by the monks of Chicheng Mountain in the Snake Cave, but these two guys were still able to come out safely. It turns out that they are a family.
Another one is a piece of kraft paper with a rough stroke on it, and at the same time, it indicates the general terrain. Next to it, it is marked with three small characters of Yunmeng Mountain, and in the corner, it is marked with a black circle. Yunmengshan, Xi Fangping meditated several times. Xi Fangping of this mountain knows that it is about a thousand miles away from Yunmenjian, which belongs to Yunmenjian’s sphere of influence. It is estimated that the old guy has found something in Yunmengshan, especially wrote it down and marked it. However, Xi Fangping can be sure that the old guy is not something to boast about, otherwise, he would have reported it to the head of Chicheng Mountain. Guess the old guy didn’t think it was worth reporting, so he left it in the storage bag.
Xi Fangping stuffed everything, including the brown paper, into the storage bag. He didn’t intend to visit Yunmeng Mountain. For him, nothing is as valuable as the immortal beast. Even if there is any magic weapon in it, Xi Fangping doesn’t take it to heart. Besides, Hunyuanzong, a place like a small celestial body, is completely in the hands of Xi Fangping. It is necessary for him to find something else. Besides, what good things can the old man find when he is a monk with bleeding period?
The only thing that puzzles Xi Fangping is that there are still three red flowers in the old guy’s storage bag. The three red flowers are small and the color is not good. Even if they are given away, Xi Fangping will not want them. Just, red flowers, the role of monks is not very big, in particular, the role of air-entraining monks more than ten layers is not very big, the biggest role of red flowers is as an auxiliary material for refining condensate gas Dan. Maybe, the old guy thinks about smelting condensate gas Dan himself? Joke, condensate gas Dan can’t be refined by anyone who wants to.
As far as Xi Fangping knows, the refining of condensate gas Dan is not a big secret in the field of repairing truth. Many sects have prescriptions for condensate gas Dan, and they have not taken much confidentiality measures for the prescriptions. However, in the kingdom of Wu, except for the top ten schools, there is no school that can refine Ningqi Dan. The reason is quite simple. What is needed for refining condensate Dan is no ordinary fire, even the three flavors of true fire of high-ranking monks are not needed, and only spiritual fire can be used.
Ground fire comes from deep underground, which is one of the best flames for refining Dan medicine. If it can cooperate with Yuding furnace, the effect will be better. There are only ten places where there are earthly fires in the realm of Wu, which are just occupied by ten sects. The reason why the ten sects have ruled the realm of Wu for thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years has a great relationship with their occupation of earthly fires and their ability to refine condensate pills alone. Xi Fangping has heard that the ground fire in Yunmen River is located in a place as deep as a hundred feet in the clan, and covered by numerous prohibitions, there are ten rotor heads in total, and a large number of Dan medicines, including condensate gas Dan, are all refined by those ten rotor heads. If the old guy wants to refine condensate Dan by himself, it’s a pipe dream.
After Xi Fangping put everything into the storage bag, he found a clearing in the dense forest, dug a big hole with a giant sword and threw all the pieces of the bodies of the two guys in. Now Xi Fangping has four kinds of high-order instruments in his hand, such as wearing a cloud bow, a dragon sword, a fire thunder shield, a yu fu and a black hammer, and they are all the best high-order instruments. For him, the giant Hui sword is just like a chicken rib, and it is useless to put it away. Unfortunately, he can only wait for an opportunity later and take it out to change some lingshi. However, this thing is long and wide, and it is quite convenient to dig a hole. If Huang Jiang is still alive, you damn fool, seeing that his beloved weapon has only been put to such use, it is estimated that he will die several times with anger.
After all this was done, Xi Fangping returned to Tianfennel Rabbit, grabbed the two biggest Tianfennel Rabbits and walked towards the Tiger Lion Animal Cage. He knew that this time it was because he didn’t put the tiger, lion and beast into the spirit beast bag that the two guys dared to attack themselves. If XiFangPing side with a tiger, lion and beast, kill them, they also dare not to XiFangPing crooked brains. However, it’s all right, not only gave Xi Fangping so many things for nothing, but also let Xi Fangping have a good fight. You know, there are not many opportunities for the monks to fight with each other. Playing more games is always good for their own experience.
When they got to the tiger-lion-beast cage, two tiger-lion-beasts were lying there fast asleep. The tiger lion beast cage is far away from the fennel rabbit breeding farm, which is just outside the scope of the god knowledge of the five-order monster beast wings. Otherwise, the two tiger lion beasts would not be so generous to lie down and sleep. They would have broken out of the cage and come to support. The two bastards must have been prepared for this, and the ambush site they chose was quite good, just a few hundred feet away from the knowledge of the tiger lion beast, so as not to disturb the tiger lion beast, and they didn’t know how to die. Just, they calculate thousands of calculations, but they don’t count on it. In addition to the tiger, lion and beast, Xi Fangping has three black snakes, two truly fourth-order monsters.
After waking up the tiger lion beast, Xi Fangping threw two fennel rabbits into the cage. The two tigers, lions and beasts burst into cheers and jumped on the Anise Rabbit in high spirits. Seeing the voracious tiger lion beast, Xi Fangping was quite dissatisfied. The fennel rabbit here was too small and the taste was not very delicious, which wronged the tiger lion beast. It seems that I have to go back to Hunyuanzong as soon as possible to practice for a while.

Chapter 52 Chaos
Half a month later, Xi Fangping met Zhang Zhangmen and asked him to go out for training. In this regard, Zhang Zhang is very dissatisfied. Xi Fangping has only been back for less than half a year, and he will go out again. Isn’t this a hotel where Yunmen Stream is free to come and go? However, considering Xi Fangping’s great contribution this time, and he also wanted to know what it would be like for the tiger, lion and beast to advance to the sixth order, he had to agree to Xi Fangping’s request. To this end, Xi Fangping also assured Zhang Zhangmen that once the tiger, lion and beast advanced successfully, they would immediately end their experience and return to Yunmenjian.
After returning to Hunyuanzong, Xi Fangping immediately released the tiger, lion, three black snakes, red bees and spirit snakes, and let them live freely. Subsequently, Xi Fangping put his idea on Xuan Yinzhi. However, in Hunyuan Zongnei, there were not many cool and humid environments suitable for the production of Xuanyin Zhizhi. After searching for several days, Xi Fangping found a cave about five miles away from Hunyuan Cave and planted Xuanyin Zhizhi in the deepest part of the cave.
For five years, Xi Fangping never went out of Hunyuan Cave again. With the best lingshi and the terrible fairy spirit in the cave, he raised his cultivation to the fifteenth floor in one fell swoop. In fact, after four years of practice, Xi Fangping reached the fifteenth floor. However, he failed to impact the condensation period five times. For Xi Fangping, the gas condensation period is just like enough paper, transparent enough paper, and Xi Fangping saw the scene over the window, but he couldn’t break the thin layer of paper. After the first impact, Xi Fangping took the condensate Dan. However, it is estimated that his physique is different from ordinary people, or the efficacy of the condensate Dan is not too strong. After Xi Fangping took the condensate Dan, it was not as recorded in the book, but he just felt that the abdomen was hotter than usual, and the rest did not feel anything. When the fifth impact failed, Xi Fangping sighed and gave up the second impact. It seems that, with his qualifications and physical characteristics, the efficacy of a condensate Dan is still a little less. If you can get five or six condensate Dan, the possibility of his impact on the condensate period will increase a lot. However, unlike Huang Jingdan, Ningqi Dan can be bought casually in the field of repair. Every sect regards Ningqi Dan as a treasure, and there is no place to buy a lingshi. It seems that we have to find another opportunity.
When he came out of Hunyuan Cave, Xi Fang was flat. Not only did the tiger lion beast have advanced to the sixth order, but both wings were full. Moreover, he was able to fly freely in the air. Even the Sanwu snake advanced to the sixth order, and the degree was much faster than that of the tiger lion beast. Also, Sanwu snake is a fourth-order monster beast, and its lineage is much purer than that of Tiger, Lion and Beast. With the help of Reiki, the natural advancement will be faster. After all, the tiger, lion and beast have lived for decades at most, while the Sanwu snake has lived for five hundred years.
And the red bee, in more than five years, there are at least a thousand red bees advanced to the fifteenth floor, while the four queen bees have advanced to the fourth order, with a length of about one foot. However, the number of red bees has not increased much. Also, the red sun flowers here are enough to eat, but there are not many places suitable for building nests. In this regard, Xi Fangping is helpless. The size of the red bee is constantly increasing, and the size of the nest is surprisingly large. Those shelves made of scrap metal have long been unsuitable. However, there is no other place suitable for building nests in Hunyuan Sect. King Kong Wood is only three feet high and useless. It seems that we have to get some trees from the outside that can support the weight of the hive and grow fast and tall. Otherwise, it is too wasteful for such a large Hunyuan Sect and such a large area of red flowers to have only tens of thousands of red bees.
In addition, the growth of the snake is also quite good. The dozens of snakes brought back not only have twelve levels of cultivation, but also breed a lot of new snakes. To be honest, Xi Fangping doesn’t care much about the snake and the rabbit. These two monsters are just used for food, and they don’t listen to Xi Fangping. Xi Fangping doesn’t need to care too much at all. Of course, with the improvement of spiritual snake cultivation, the spiritual power contained in its body will naturally increase, and the Sanwu snake who lives on it will also benefit. Anyway, the growth of the snake doesn’t need food at all, and it lives entirely by absorbing aura. The lush aura in Hunyuan Sect is not comparable to that in other places. The snake can live quite comfortably in it, of course, on the premise that it has not been swallowed by Sanwu snake.
Xi Fangping went to see Xuan Yinzhi again. The situation of Xuan Yinzhi is quite good. Not only is it growing well, it is a whole inch bigger than before, and the pale yellow pattern on the top is more obvious. Moreover, beside it, five or six Xuan Yinzhi, which is only half an inch in size, have grown. Thus, it is also very useful to be immortal in Hunyuan Cave and to target such negative grass as Xuan Yinzhi.
In addition to Xuanyin Zhi, other exotic flowers and herbs grow quite well, such as red sun flowers, fennel, red fruit, and other miscellaneous plants, all of which survive very well, and there is some spring in Hunyuan Sect. However, the Hunyuan Sect is too big, and these flowers and plants can only occupy a small corner of the Hunyuan Sect, which is far from the scene of exotic flowers and plants that Xi Fangping imagined.
In particular, the Hunyuan Lake, whose area has expanded a lot, is the most nerve-racking for Xi Fangping. Xi Fangping always wanted to find some exotic aquatic plants, but he never found them. If only we could find colorful lotus, such as the colorful lotus in Hunyuan Cave, whose efficacy is strong enough for high-ranking monks to break their heads. However, although the colorful lotus is half dead in Hunyuan Cave, it is a rare thing in the real sense in the field of repair. Xi Fangping has seen records about colorful lotus in Yunmen River. It seems that colorful lotus disappeared in the field of repair thousands of years ago. Maybe there is still a little colorful lotus in an unknown corner, Xi Fangping thought, maybe at some time, Xi Fangping can get back a few colorful lotus or other aquatic exotic flowers and plants.
Xi Fangping specially called the winged tiger, lion and beast, and let them carry themselves on a flight in Hunyuanzong. At this time, the tiger, lion and beast, with a body length of two feet and a pair of wings each with a length of one foot, can fly for about a thousand miles in an hour, much faster than the average monk at the end of condensation. In particular, sitting on the tiger, lion and beast is comfortable and secure, and there is no need to worry about falling. It is much more comfortable and faster than stepping on a little black sword. If such a tiger, lion and beast is brought back to Yunmenjian, it is estimated that Zhang Zhangmen will lose his teeth.
Wanted to think, XiFangPing picked two hundred fifteen-story red-sun bees, and put them into the belt together with two three-black snakes, and then put the winged tiger, lion and beast into the spirit beast bag. Although up to now, Xi Fangping has not used red bees, but with them, Xi Fangping just feels at ease, and he is not afraid at all when facing a monk who is taller than himself. Also, this is a third-order monster beast with only 15 floors, plus their terrible attack mode of fighting to death, and its overall combat effectiveness is more terrible than two three-snake snakes. With them, with two Sanwu snakes, even if he meets the monks in the early days of Jiedan, Xi Fangping has the strength to fight. Of course, if the tiger, lion and beast can be completely taken as their own before leaving Yunmenjian, then he will dare to fight with the monks in the middle of Jiedan.
Xi Fangping rode a tiger, lion and beast back to Yunmenjian in a very cool way, and caused a sensation again. Also, there has been no tiger, lion and beast with full wings in the fix true world for nearly a thousand years, and it only took Xi Fangping more than ten years to make the third-order tiger, lion and beast rush all the way to the sixth order, so fast that no one would believe it. Zhang Zhangmen was overjoyed and immediately appointed Xi Fangping as the deacon of Yunmenjian, becoming the first deacon in Yunmenjian history. Of course, this deacon is just a cover. Xi Fangping doesn’t have any power in his hand, and he is still only responsible for breeding tigers, lions and beasts. The only difference is that he is no longer under the jurisdiction of Huang Shang. If necessary, he can directly ask Zhang Zhang’s head, and he has the right to attend the meeting between deacons.
After reporting for duty, Xi Fangping rushed to Tibet Baiwan # Small for the first time! Say. Sure enough, after advanced to the fifteenth floor, the knowledge of gods has improved a lot. Although it is a little worse than the real monks in the early stage of condensate gas, it is enough to see jade slips. Xi Fangping read ten pieces of jade slips in one night, and he didn’t feel tired. At this rate, he can read all the jade slips on the second floor in less than two years. Originally, Xi Fangping only needs to look at the part of jade slips that records the allusion to fix the truth, but after careful consideration, on those jade slips that record the achievement method, the origin of this achievement method is generally briefly introduced, and so on, and maybe you will get the relevant information of the axe. You know, there are many methods in the field of repairing the true, which were created and handed down by Kaitian School. Hunyuan Sect, Kaitian Sect and Tianling Sect were founded at the same time. However, Kaitian Sect stood at the peak of the fix-true world almost in a short time. Although its glorious time was not long, its influence on the fix-true world was extremely far-reaching. After more than 100,000 years of circulation, their methods have long been absorbed and utilized by the major schools in the field of repair, but most schools don’t know that their methods are from Kaitian School.
At dawn, XiFangPing this just left the Tibetan hundred ~ ten thousand # small! Said, although there is no harvest, but, XiFangPing has been quite satisfied, at the very least, his knowledge of god has grown to such an extent that he doesn’t have to stay in Yunmenjian for too long. Just got out of the Tibet Hundred ~ Ten Thousand Small! Said, XiFangPing now, Wang Lei and other seven brothers sitting in the hidden hundreds ~ ten thousand # small! It is said that there are several jars of wine on the front steps, and it can be seen that they have been waiting here for quite a long time.
See Xi Fangping walking out of Tibet! Say, Wang Lei shouted at once: "Brother Xi, you have finally finished reading the book. We learned that you were back last night, and we made an appointment to find you. I didn’t expect you to have entered the Tibet Hundred ~ Ten Thousand Small! Say. You guys think, your boy is a bookworm, and once you get into Tibet, it’s a hundred to ten thousand small! Say, I don’t like being disturbed by anyone, so I just wait for you here. "
Xi Fangping was deeply moved and bowed to the seven brothers: "Thank you, seven brothers, for waiting so long."
Wang Lei patted Xi Fangping on the shoulder indifferently and said carelessly, "Come on, we guys are still polite. Come on, this is the good wine I bought from Yunmen Town specially. You guys can find a place and have a good drink. Shit, we didn’t show up until we closed our doors. Brother Xi has gone out for a whole five years, but I miss you guys so much. "
Xi Fangping gave a sweeping look at the seven elder brothers. He was pleasantly surprised to find that Wang Lei, Sima Jinru and Meng Haoran were already monks in the gas condensation period, while Zhang Yi, Chen Youbin, Jian Chen and Lin Jian failed in gas condensation, and they were still repairing for the fifteenth floor of air bleeding. Xi Fangping bowed to Wang Lei and other three arches and said, "Congratulations to the three advanced successes. According to the tradition of the fix-true world, should I call them three predecessors?"
Wang Lei slapped Xi Fangping on the shoulder and said seriously, "Come on, Brother Xi, don’t give me that. If there were no brothers, we wouldn’t be able to hunt so many snakes, get condensate pills, and even advance the condensate period. You guys used to be brothers, but now you are brothers. Even if we advance to a higher level in the future, we will always be brothers. Don’t talk to you guys about your predecessors, or your brother will be in a hurry with you. Oh, by the way, Brother Xi is now on the fifteenth floor, and the advanced condensation period is just around the corner. "
Xi Fangping smiled bitterly: "It’s just around the corner. I took that condensate Dan a year ago. It’s just that my constitution is not the same as others, and it doesn’t matter if I take that condensate pill. I thought I was unlucky enough. Unexpectedly, the four brothers are just like me. Hey, the advanced gas condensation period is so difficult. "
Eight people holding wine jars, talking and laughing, found a place where no one sat down and drank comfortably. On the way, Xi Fangping listened to Wang Lei. Eighty-one snake gall obtained five years ago was refined into eighty-one condensate pills by Yunmen River, which were taken by dozens of elite disciples with fifteen layers of air bleeding. Only, there are only thirty-two truly advanced ones, plus Wang Lei and other three people. Within five years, there are only thirty-five advanced gas condensation periods in Yunmenjian, which is less than half compared with the previous opening of Snake Cave.
When drinking, Xi Fangping obviously felt that the faces of the brothers were worried, and the wine was not very happy. Xi Fangping was surprised and asked: "Mr. Wang, is something wrong?"
Wang Lei asked with a dignified look, "Brother Xi, do you still remember the trip to the Snake Cave five years ago?"
Xi Fangping nodded: "Of course, if it weren’t for the trip to the Snake Cave, I wouldn’t have known you guys."
"Yes, that’s the fate of you guys," Wang Lei looked relaxed at the end: "During the trip to the Snake Cave, all the major sects sent quite a few monks into the cave, and only we Yunmenjian sent the least. Among them, Chicheng Mountain sent 400 disciples, and even 150 or 60 disciples went out of the cave, and the loss was relatively small among the major sects. It is said that the disciples of Chicheng Mountain brought out more than 700 snake gall in total, and made more than 300 monks succeed in the air-entraining period. "
"More than three hundred?" Xi Fangping’s expression tightened: "That is to say, there are at least 600 monks in Chicheng Mountain at present, and their number is more than twice that of Yunmenjian."
"Yes," Zhang Yi accepted the topic: "Chicheng Mountain and our Yunmen River have always been incompatible, but in the past, their strength was only a little stronger than ours, and there was no certainty of winning. But now it’s different. Although the two factions of the monks in the Dan period and the Yuan infant period are basically the same, in the gas-condensing period, their strength has soared, and they have far surpassed us, even worse than the last five factions. Over the past year, disciples of Chicheng Mountain have been harassing our disciples of Yunmenjian, and there have been many conflicts between the two sides, each with casualties. It is widely rumored that Chicheng Mountain will attack our Yunmen River in the near future, so as to settle the grievances of the two sects for thousands of years. Nowadays, Yunmenjian is in the midst of wind and rain, and many ordinary disciples have started their career. Within one year, dozens of ordinary disciples have withdrawn from Yunmenjian. Brother Xi, have you noticed that Zhang Zhangmen has aged a lot after five years? "
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XiFangPing nodded, he didn’t notice yesterday, but now that I think about it, it happens, Zhang Zhang seems to be several decades older. As a monk in Shou Yuan who can reach 400 years of condensation, Zhang’s age is not big at all. Arguably, it is impossible to get so old at once.
Reminiscent of the two undercover agents he killed, Xi Fangping knew that what Zhang Yi said was true. It’s not a year or two since Chicheng Mountain planned this operation. As early as fifty years ago, they sent undercover to Yunmenjian. However, until now, the strength of Chicheng Mountain has soared, and they have the confidence to completely solve the two grievances. Moreover, although the strength of Yunmenjian is not good, it can be regarded as one of the famous schools. If Chichengshan can swallow Yunmenjian in one gulp and zhan has Yunmenjian, the strength of Chichengshan will be greatly improved again, and perhaps it can squeeze out one of the five schools and rank among the top five schools. Among the five schools, the worst strength is Yingyue Palace, which is good at double xiu. If Chicheng Mountain can swallow Yunmenjian, its strength is not much different from Yingyue Palace, and it is entirely possible to replace it.