Empty layer, this is not a fight for life and death. "Emperor strange smile, and then layer must have been found … Otherwise, the emperor won’t call us. "


"Was found, that’s not right, we can in the name of adventurers …"
"Don’t be naive. Golden wind. According to the joint intelligence of civilization, for more than 1000 years, many countries in China have been bringing immigrants to the location of the dark and empty layer. The strangest thing is that those who have gone have never returned. What does this mean? It means that all the countries in the world have blocked that area. Unless we have another star road, the only way to enter there to complete the task of the Emperor is with Wyndell Dichinson. But obviously, we don’t have enough capital to compete with the soldiers of many countries in China. They all died in battle and can’t get there. "
"The emperor friends. If the joint civilization of the boundary and the sky sends an army into the boundary of Qiyuan, and the Simba civilization, together with several thunder and mars, sends troops in the thunder and fire world to the thunder and fire area of China, I think it is not impossible for us to sneak into that place. " The golden air duct is yinyin. "Moreover, if it weren’t for the emperor’s communication with Linghua, we would never know that there is a mixed yuan in the original boundary day, and the soldiers of all countries in Zhutianhua should be the one who made it. Don’t you want to win this place, so it’s so cheap. "

"Goldwind friends right, this piece of mixed yuan region must win. Not only does this area allow us to play the proper level of Taoists, but the emperor also said that this area is hidden with two chaotic continents of Yin and Yang leading to the upper bound of chaos. " A long-faced Taoist stood up and said.
"Two instrument mainland. Really? Dry air duct. " Twenty thousand Taoists were shocked.
"Of course it’s true, the emperor won’t lie to us. Think about it, as long as we win the mixed region, we can open the legal world. Cultivate the spare world, and after owning the world, you will go to the mainland of two instruments. And then rise to the upper bound of chaos, and achieve chaos and pick fairy industry … "
"Bullshit," said the Emperor, who was in chaos. Isn’t that great? If it’s great, why doesn’t the great emperor hang around in the upper bound of chaos, but he hangs out in the boundless world and plays with the idea of the star world? A group of naive chess pieces! However, the black and empty layer of mixed yuan is indeed a fatal temptation. Looking at the coveted strength of King Simba, the founder of Simba civilization has obviously been tempted.
Noisy, more than 20,000 Taoists are studying various schemes, and the emperor’s orders can’t be disobeyed. Plus, they can’t resist the temptation of mixed yuan. In a word, life can be abandoned, and the dark and empty layers can’t help but enter.
20,000 Taoists never thought about cooperating with all the countries in China. To tell the truth, if they make demands to all the countries in China, the top of all the countries in China will not allow them to enter as adventurers. The dark sky is so vast, without the "guidance" of the magical baby, even the heavenly heart will get lost, let alone a group of Taoists without the world. Their entry will only help to consume the mixed energy in the dark and empty layer. If the world is repaired outside, one world will be broken, leaving a burning chaotic shell and boundless starry sky.
Unwilling to cooperate with other countries, this shows the 20,000 complicated mentality of the 20,000 Taoists. Perhaps the secret revealed by Linghua, a messenger from Ziwu Dashi, is so great that the 20,000 Taoists don’t want to share it with other countries, or the Taoists who have established civilization want to seize the dark space, create an endless army, and then strive for hegemony in the astral world …
In a word, 20,000 Taoists lost their normal mind in front of profit and under the big stick.
Although the Emperor and the King of Simba are still a little clever, but twenty thousand Taoist priests have made up their minds. If the two kings don’t send troops to help them enter the dark space, the twenty thousand Taoist priests threaten to launch a campaign against the joint civilization of the Emperor and the civilization of Simba.
This threat directly killed the joint civilization of the emperor and the Simba civilization. Twenty thousand Taoists rushed around, and the two civilizations would become ruins without thinking. They didn’t have any spirit fighters who could resist the Tao. And even if they resist, they will still be finished when the emperor is angry.
There is no way to retreat, but there is still a glimmer of hope for freedom, so fight for your life!
The sky is howling and the earth is ringing.
The secret assembly of 20,000 Taoists may have been outwitted by the intelligence departments of the various countries in China, but the joint civilization of heaven and earth, the Simba civilization and a lot of thunder and mars have inevitably alarmed the various departments in China.
Regardless of whether there is a war or not, it is certain to raise the level of defense, and the Chinese Ministry quickly made arrangements.
A Lingqi Legion left behind in Daewoo Star City was dispatched to open a deep space between the original boundary heaven and the 36th boundary heaven, and each place was fortified with two Lingqi Brigade, 20,000 Lingqi soldiers and 100 high-order gods legions; Thunder-and-fire area has increased the defense of nearly 50,000 Lingqi Brigade and nearly 500 million Lingqi soldiers, most of whom are expected to fight against the starry sky that will be taken up sooner or later.
Deterrence, absolute deterrence.
Half of the legion’s Lingqi soldiers were mobilized, and no breath was hidden. Basically, when 500 million Lingqi soldiers moved, 20,000 Taoists, such as Emperor Jun and King Simba, would be lost. They had predicted the strength of the various countries, but they never thought that there could be hundreds of millions of weapon soldiers in the various countries, which was too different from their guess of 200,000 high-end forces. They thought that a Taoist would resist ten weapon soldiers hard, and that the joint civilization of the world, the Simba civilization and the thunder and Mars were not weaker than the armies of the various countries, so they could be caught off guard and provide an opportunity for them to enter the dark and empty space and complete the tasks of the emperor. But now …
Twenty thousand Taoists were desperate, and the Emperor and King Simba turned against each other even faster, and dispersed the troops in the assembly area. Joke: 20,000 Taoist priests rushed to the huge joint civilization and Simba civilization, and at most they washed the starry sky of the two civilizations to powder. If it is replaced by hundreds of millions of spiritual warriors from all over China, supplemented by all the countries behind Zhu Tianhua, it is strange that the two civilizations will not be annihilated, and the two founders will also escape the fate of petrochemical starry sky.
This is not a fight, but it is far less powerful.
Twenty thousand Taoists decided to feed back the information of the stars to the once-again Great Emperor Linghua, which would consume their spiritual power to some extent. However, it is more cost-effective to forget that a little spiritual power will never be lost than to vanish.
Infinite world, meridian emperor fell on this day. Twenty thousand Taoist news shocked him, and there were a large number of spiritual devices in Xingyuan world. This, this, this …
The Meridian Emperor basically determined that the reduction of the mixed energy in the dark and empty layer of Xingyuan was caused by Qian Yan’s demon king. When this conclusion came out, the Meridian Emperor suddenly felt uneasy.

Chapter six hundred and twenty God also reincarnation (below)
Destroy and reshape a new era of the universe. This is a chaotic universe in which God is reincarnated. It should have died out, but ascended a cloud to derive a spirit, which greatly weakened the mixed energy entering the Xingyuan world for more than 10 billion years, and only then did he come up with an idea to replace the central starry sky and seize the power of the universe. Unexpectedly, Xingyuan people also made a hero, doing great things under his nose, and stabilizing the power of the universe by reducing the dark and empty layers.
"Damn descendants of hung-chun, damn Qian Yan’s prince …"
The meridian emperor was furious at this moment. Was it easy for him? After billions of years of endless discussions, he couldn’t close at the last moment and fell into a robbery, which made him feel embarrassed!
Thinking of 20,000 Taoists, the Meridian Emperor hated his teeth even more. Taoists, they went to the Xingyuan world to mix so badly, "useless things!"
After scolding, the Meridian Emperor calmed down. As the saying goes, it takes a thousand days to raise a soldier, but it takes a while to fight. For billions of years, his family background is not comparable to that of the five immortals, buddhas, demons, ghosts and demon bosses. These guys are nothing more than a group of kings of the jungle who eat and die. They only know how to raise themselves and fight among themselves, but they don’t know how to enlarge their staff and make a great career. Otherwise, it is how powerful Qian Yan’s demon king is and how he can send them to hell in a short time.
Meridian emperor slowly filtered the power he mastered in his mind. For billions of years, he did make a small mistake, that is, he didn’t pay enough attention to the Xingyuan world, thinking that his previous settings for Xingyuan world were foolproof. Now it seems that it is a bit careless.
"No, no …"
The Meridian Emperor was shocked with a jerk. Although he set the age for the Xingyuan world far back, he made a lot of efforts and made many arguments. Qian Yan’s demon king actually escaped these settings. That’s either Linghui’s super-order or a wonderful fortune. What is hateful is that when Qian Yan’s demon king first appeared in the boundless airspace and the five realms of the universe, he mistakenly thought it was a little guy who leaked from the upper bound of chaos. Where did he think that Qian Yan’s demon king was produced by Xingyuan World, so he missed the best time to kill this guy.
In fact, it’s not that the Meridian Emperor was careless, but that everything happened suddenly.
Even if the Meridian Emperor is prepared in a thousand ways, it is estimated that Tianxin’s debut there is an invincible boundless cultivation in the Xingyuan environment, and he will not think that Tianxin has set a three-way method based on national development and cultivation. Invincible boundless Tao cultivation allows Tianxin to walk sideways in the original world, and the three-system system provides Tianxin with a blowout development speed of China. The two fit together, so the three forces of Tianxin are full of stars and planets in an interstellar year. And this time is just a reincarnation of the Five Boundaries of the Universe and the Blue Sky, which means that the Meridian Emperor will only pay attention to the Five Boundaries of the Universe and the Xingyuan World when the date of the Ten Thousand Years’ War comes.
It is reasonable to say that the new students in Xingyuan world can’t get away from the eyes of the Meridian Emperor at this time, but the problem is that long before this, Tianxin broke into the cloud nine, and not only that, the three systems were full of all spirits, less clear days and jade Qing days. Tianxin has also entered the outer world, that is, the most prosperous airspace of heaven and earth. Thousands of years without borders, building a well-off door will make a fangs army, achieve the body of a Yu-level Taoist, and finally set up the Lingqi Avenue in the five realms of the wild and the wild, and then return to the Xingyuan world through the blue sky. At this time, when the heavenly heart, which holds the body of a big brother, is cultivated as a non-infinite realm, it has been able to hide its breath in the breath of the stars, and the meridian emperor is far apart. Without wasting Linghua for no reason, I will cut my mind into the Xingyuan world and explore it carefully. Therefore, I naturally won’t think that Qian Yan, the founder of Lingqi Avenue, has "returned" to Xingyuan world, and I thought that Qian Yan’s demon king hid in the seclusion and meditation.
Throughout the rising process of Tianxin. Nothing more than a word "fast". It was really fast, so that the Meridian Emperor lost his chance. Who can imagine ten thousand endless years? A man without cultivation will grow into a big boss. Even if Hongjun Chaos Tower has done the preliminary work, it will directly raise the man’s cultivation to the level of Infinite Road. You can advance from the level of the infinite Tao to the level of the order Tao, then to the top-level Tao, and then to the big boss. In the meantime, how many barriers to break through, but also the environment, even if the environment is available, the strength is growing so fast, not to mention the problem of demons, only the physical body, no yogi can escape the death.
This is the reason why the Meridian Emperor doesn’t worry about being a figure in Xingyuan world. Besides, he has thrown so many Taoists in Xingyuan world, and Xingyuan world is a world of unparalleled talents. With so many Taoists to contain it, Xingyuan’s unparalleled talents will not be assimilated, but will also be contained until the end of time, which will not be bad for him at all.
It’s just a mystery
The Meridian Emperor, including Hongjun, did not expect the heavenly heart to encounter strange things, and skillfully acquired the ancient light-born mind tactic. This mind tactic was combined with the chaotic god tactic, and the nine hearts were three systems, which filled the inside and spread the outside, and finally gave birth to the heavenly heart with the realm of life. Under the influence of the divine baby, Tianxin has become more and more popular with adventurers in all fields, and it takes the system of everyone as the criterion. While expanding its internal and external strength without scruple, it has gone astray in the road of heaven, and it is in danger of demons and death. It can be said that before having a big boss, Tianxin expanded its strength anyway, and the realm of God’s baby was enough to take care of everything. In other words, the more the heavenly heart is cultivated, the more smooth his God-based everyone judge system will be, the stronger China will be, and the more healthy he will be. In a word, under the three systems, as long as it is an intelligent life, it can be brilliant, and the brilliant intelligent life can help the baby and replenish the internal energy set by Tianxin.
From this point of view, Tianxin is not a person practicing, but a person practicing. Even if Tianxin has no realm of Tao, it is impossible to maintain the needs of the baby, that is, the perfection of the realm of life. If a phantom baby grows up, it needs an environment suitable for survival if it wants to grow up healthily, not just nutritious food, but raising pigs. Therefore, Tianxin is always looking for a basic point that can support the most suitable environment for survival and development, from the initial enterprise group to the three-system sprouting, then the country was founded, and the three-system system was derived, until the three-system system was only implemented in the Ministry of Public Affairs, and then Tianxin only implemented the system of judges for all. The purification of each basis point not only increases the cultivation of heavenly mind and infant, but also increases the development potential of the three-system civilization. At last, many countries put forward that the three-system civilization has been derived to a new height. Basically, the system of everyone judge has been like that singularity, which supports the singularity of the universe. Under the unified bundle of this singularity. The carrier of the three-system civilization, China, is becoming more and more full of flesh and blood, and the more and more full China is also promoting the ability of the ultimate defender of singularity, Tianxin, to upgrade.
It is a step away from breaking through the realm of life and mixing and entering the last pole of chaos.
Overhaul for, big avatar.
The Meridian Emperor should not imagine that there is such a practice method in the world. Needless to say, the Meridian Emperor attaches great importance to the cultivation of power, but it will never truly realize the equal growth of intelligent life and the eternal end of the saying that there is a food chain between intelligent lives. When one day, the little bosses under the Meridian Emperor crushed a Wang to death. The Meridian Emperor will never stand up for Wang, even if he is bound by the system, he will try to exempt this powerful man. The three systems are different, and the ability orientation of the three systems is the gentleman’s self-coercion and the ability level system. Therefore, the small boss who dares to crush Wang’s final outcome is also crushed to death by the three-system heaven-holding machine. Wang is not a food chain of higher people. Give Wang enough time and a development environment, and Wang will develop the heart of self-improvement. With this heart, it is not impossible to become a small boss.
Kings and princes will meet. I’d rather have balls.
All bloody disputes since ancient times have been in these eight words. The three-system system has completed the bloodless interpretation of these eight words, so that talented people can always be at the top. So as to ensure that the three-system carrier China has fresh blood forever, and this process also allows China to spread its secrets in various fields, and the three-system seven-dry is infinitely strong.
The unity of heaven, earth and human beings is the reason why Tianxin has gained vitality, the reason why Tianxin’s growth speed is incredible, and the reason why Tianxin broke through the blockade of the meridian layers and made all the stars of the Meridian Emperor set up as furnishings.
When the Meridian Emperor understood where the heavenly heart of Qian Yan’s demon king came from, he couldn’t do anything about it. Maybe he has the means to control the heavenly heart, but in any case, this means will not be a "second kill."

"Unconsciously, the biggest enemy appeared. This thief is really changeable!"
The meridian emperor, who thought through everything silently, felt a little bitter in his heart. The stars are dark and empty, and he knows that it is Qian Yan’s heavenly heart that is making magical powers. As a Xingyuan person, Qian Yan’s demon king must of course resolve the crisis of deep cold and silence. However, this is in serious conflict with his plan to replace the stars with the stars and win the universe.
Such an important "life and death" moment. I have no "soldiers" available. Although there are a large number of people in their hands, these people are used to guard against the chaotic upper bound for picking fruits, and their ability may be strong. But it is not suitable for the five realms of the universe, let alone the world of stars and yuan.
The Meridian Emperor regretted throwing the chaotic devouring beast and the five-element alien beast early. If all the tusk troops in the boundless airspace were summoned to the five realms of the universe, and then the chaotic devouring beast and the five-element alien beast were put into the five realms, the five realms of China and the rest of the world would be the power of a thousand-Yan demon king, and it would be impossible to escape the annihilation ending of the five-element thousand-Yan Sect in Lingshi City. In order to save the five realms of China and many countries, Qian Yan’s demon king will definitely ignore the affairs of the Xingyuan world, and naturally he will not find the truth of the deep cold and silence of God’s reincarnation without preparation.
"Pa", the meridian emperor slapped his hand on the seat.
"Thousand yan jun, my carelessness missed the opportunity. However, don’t be proud. The emperor’s inventory of dealing with the bosses of the five realms and the guys with short eyes in the upper bound of chaos is enough for you to digest. The universe is my land and mine. "
Meridian emperor Xiao laughed.
With his laughter, several voices flashed out, and almost at the same time, the tusk army that fought fiercely with Xiaokangmen in the boundless airspace for thousands of years began to reduce the stove and stop fighting, and the little boss Mo Cen, a beautiful woman, sent an order to the tusk army branch in each heaven and earth airspace to meet the five realms of the universe.
The Meridian Emperor did have rampant capital. His tusk army was not the tusk army that entered the boundless airspace at the beginning of Tianxin. At that time, the tusk army was limited to the population, but it was only a few billion soldiers in the world. Then Tianxin created the Lingqi Avenue in the small five realms, and the number of soaring people in the small five realms increased greatly. The Meridian Emperor moved half of the soaring people in his territory of the demon realm to the base of heaven and earth in the boundless airspace. It is counted that during the nearly 50 million years when Tianxin returned to the boundless world, the tusk army in the boundless airspace was huge, measured by the legion compiled by one billion, at least there were hundreds of legions. In the ten million boundless years when Tianxin created the Five Realms of China, the Meridian Emperor launched a battle for heaven and earth in the boundless airspace, and at the same time put 100 trillion small five realms soaring into the boundless airspace, vigorously developing the world repair corps. Although the battle for heaven and earth is consuming, on the whole, the tusk army’s world military strength is still close to 200 thousand legions before and after the repair, and it is a hundred-battle legion. If there is anything wrong with these forces, it is that they can’t play their due power in the five realms of the universe, and the legion establishment has to be scattered … However, the number is huge.
"Thousands of years without borders, hey hey, thousands of years without borders, my army of fangs will show all the countries in the five realms of China a good look, and there will be thousands of demons. No matter where you hide and close your doors, my army of fangs will also blow you out."
The tusk army should be called the tusk team. The arms are very simple, and they are divided into two arms: the world repair and the Yuan Shen repair. The tusk country has never developed the arms and arms of the five kingdoms of China. Of course, it’s not that the Meridian Emperor didn’t want to develop, but it’s that the technology of Fang Kingdom is only comparable to that of civilian use. Even so, it’s a long way from the Kewu products used by all the Chinese people in the five realms in terms of exquisiteness and ease of use. In addition, with the development of the locked country, the Meridian Emperor repeatedly weighed it, and simply broke the idea of developing military equipment and arms. If it weren’t for the fact that the arms and services still played a little role in the necessary attack and defense, the idea that the Meridian Emperor was simply an arms and services would not have occurred.
What Meridian Emperor really values is world cultivation. However, he has not built less Yuan Shenxiu troops suitable for the five realms of the universe. Those who have not yet taken off to cultivate the world’s original demon land Yuan Shenxiu Meridian Emperor Department and those who have risen from the five realms of Fang’s elementary school have all been compiled into Yuan Shenxiu Corps. In terms of quantity, Yuan Shenxiu Corps is four times that of the world, that is, 800,000.
The Tusk World Army and the Yuanshen Army add up to one million legions, which is only one-fifth of the military strength displayed by the five kingdoms, but the Meridian Emperor firmly believes that they can destroy the five kingdoms with only a few hundred world divisions. Yes, Qian Yan’s demon king has the power of world cultivation in the boundless airspace, but when they react, the 200,000-tusk world cultivation army corps has leveled the five realms of China with the power of spiritual life at the height of the universe.