The waiter quickly ran over and said with trepidation, "Minister of the Army Hofbeter is waiting for you outside. It’s important military information!"


Nicholas II didn’t mean it, but what good news came? While the servant waited on the dress, he said, "Well, let Hofbeter come in."
Hoff Peter hurried in and whispered, "Something happened to this, this front line …"
Nicholas II was shocked, huh?
"What’s the matter?"
Nicholas II asked.
Hofbeter handed it to the past and whispered, "In front, the Chinese revolutionary army raided Bayan City at night and blew up all our grain depots and ammunition depots. The commander-in-chief Gamoshenko was attacked by Cang Lang and died on the spot …"
Nicholas II was surprised. What? Gamoshenko is dead! The grain depot and ammunition depot have all been taken over by others?
Nicholas II kicked aside the servant who was dressing himself. He opened the newspaper and read it carefully. It was clearly written that Bayan City was attacked at two o’clock in the morning on June 22, 1977. The ammunition depot was blown up one after another. Commander-in-Chief Gamoshenko, Major General Moshe, was killed on the spot and suffered heavy losses …
Nicholas II flew into a rage and roared, "Waste, a bunch of waste! Gamoshenko, a loser, will he fight or not? Hundreds of thousands of people can’t keep a little Bayan? Schrotten! Bastard! "
Hoffpeter is sweating profusely, but he dare not speak at will at this time.
Just then the squire came in in a hurry and said, "Mr. Tosyev, the undersecretary of the War Department, asks for an emergency report!"
Nicholas II Hoffpeter was shocked and shouted together, "Let Tosyev come in quickly!"
Tosiyev rushed in and said, "Chief General Tosstorff, the chief of staff in front of you, urged the Russian army to besiege the Chinese Revolutionary Army and failed to withdraw. On the way, he was ambushed by reinforcements of the Chinese Revolutionary Army and suffered heavy casualties. Now he is retreating to Bayan, where ammunition and food are scarce. Please make a decision as soon as possible and support him as soon as possible!"
Nicholas II is going crazy with anger. It was a great situation. Only a few days ago, the whole battlefield situation department was reversed!
Hoff Peter roared, "Tusiyev, we still have 200,000 troops there. The whole Chinese Revolutionary Army and all the troops in the north together are only 200,000 people. Where did they come from? So many troops are heavy casualties? They are all fools! "
Tuosiyev wiped his forehead and replied with a cold sweat, "The chief commander of this war, the Chinese Revolutionary Army, sent a powerful tank division, a voyage brigade, excellent weapons and strong fighting capacity, and our army’s equipment was too poor …"
Nicholas II roared, "Just this army, we have allocated nearly 10 artillery regiments to Gamoshenko, and there are not 300 light heavy artillery regiments. Even if the other side has tanks and planes, it will not be so disastrous so soon! Send me a telegram immediately and shoot Tosstorff on the spot! Teachers general removed … "
Hoffpeter was startled, but he didn’t play like this! Tosstorff will be shot on the spot, and all the generals will be in charge of the war ahead. Who will command the remaining army and not be swallowed up by the Chinese revolutionary army?
Hofbeter said at once, "No way! If we kill these people and withdraw them, who will lead the remaining army without the general’s command and fear that the remaining 100 thousand army will be wiped out by the Chinese revolutionary army in an instant!"
Nicholas II shouted, "What do you say?"
Hoff Peter is also a little dumbfounded now, but the supreme commander of the army still has some level. Hoff Peter sinks: "There are two ways. First, order Tosstorff to immediately withdraw its troops from Bayan and return to the imperial environmental protection strength as soon as possible; The second … "
Hoff Peter hasn’t finished yet. The serving officer can’t help but chime in. "The chief of the Chinese revolutionary army has surrounded Bayan City now …"
In a rage, Hoff Peter poured a foot on the waiter and kicked him down. The waiter just struggled to get up …
The waiter had a hole in the eyebrows, and the body fell abruptly.
Nicholas II’s pistol was still smoking, and he cursed, "It’s the crow’s mouth of * * * * that deserves to die!"
Hof Peter Dostoev was so scared that he was so scared that he couldn’t breathe.
Nicholas II shouted, "Hofbeter, go on."
Hoff Peter swallowed a mouthful of saliva and replied, "The second order is that Tosstorff leads the army to stand by and then orders the Russian army in the northwest to rescue Bayan at night …"
Nicholas ii unhappy way "stick to waiting for help? The distance from Yili in the northwest to Bayan in Mongolia is at least 2,000 kilometers. Even if the starry night journey is not nearly 20 days, it will never reach Bayan! "
Hof Peter Nye said, "Now we have no other way. In this World War I, we have almost transferred the Siberian army. Recently, it is the imperial army in Yili …"
Nicholas II shook his head and said, "If you can’t root, you can’t come. Now Bayan is short of grain and ammunition, you can’t last that long, and you can only support it for ten days at most."
Hof Peter Shen replied, "Then there is the first way to let Tosstorff break through Bayan and then journey to the south retreat into Siberia to protect its strength!"
Nicholas II’s eyes were blazing, and the war was humbled. The other day, he laughed at Britain and France for being fools. Two hundred thousand mercenaries were beaten out of the water by a regiment of Zhang Xiaohuai. Now it seems that his Russian army is no better than two hundred thousand mercenaries!
Retreat! There’s a retreat now!
Suddenly Nicholas II’s eyes lit up and said, "Hofbeter, if we attack directly to the northwest now, is it possible to win?"
Hoff Peter shook his head acerbity way "positions Ili region army is out to contain the Chinese revolutionary army where now there is a regiment plus two cavalry division troops don’t we even can’t get now we have a way to withdraw …"
Chapter one thousand four hundred and seventy-nine A bloody battle Bayan
Hof Peter thought it was very naive, causing so much loss to the Central Strategic Corps. Now if you want to run, you should ask Wu Peifu and Zhang Yihu if they promised or not.
After the battle, Zhang Yihu came to Wu Peifu headquarters.
Seeing the honor of Chen Hai, Wu Peifu, Zhang Yihu couldn’t help bursting out with a burst of laughter. "I said that you are too embarrassed. What a shame! It’s really embarrassing. It’s not certain that you can return to Beijing alive if you don’t come here. How did you become a bear’s gall after seeing jade for a few days?"