But soon the cruelty of reality made her excited.


Gradually fell silent.
The conventional method is to go to the Kingdom of God in this period.
Even if she is the owner and builder of the Kingdom of God.
From [a] Weili has blocked all roads and turned [Torrell World] into a semi-closed siege …
"No … there seems to be some hope for a certain road …"
The light flashed [Wojin] and he thought of an evil road that didn’t follow the usual path.
[Bottom Abyss (dnd Plane)]
A timeout area there naturally has the basis of connecting different times.
If you take advantage of the characteristics there and cooperate with your identity as [the master of the kingdom of God] to communicate with [the kingdom of God] remotely …
Then there is no chance to force a way to smuggle yourself back.
But even if I figure out a way [Woking], I still have some hesitation.
She is now in a state.
If someone sees something wrong when diving into the abyss (dnd plane)
That would be very unfortunate …
Just like a piece of fresh meat sent to the mouth of a wild animal.
Direct retreat becomes a dead end!
It didn’t take long to face the dragon pool and tiger cave [bottom abyss (dnd plane)]
Knowing that the risk is huge, she can still think of other methods according to her own agitation.
If possible
She really didn’t want to take that risk.
Of course, deep down in her heart, she still regards that plan as the final alternative.
If the situation is really forced to go the other way, she will take the risk.
It’s not impossible …
Chapter 1359 Inappropriate inquiry
Half a year later
From Outland (Yinji City), all kinds of "other creatures"
From [the bottom abyss (dnd plane)] all kinds of abyss creatures]
From "Nine Hell" and various "Hell Devils"
It comes from the guy who arrived in Torrell’s World with his arms around him in an attempt to "become a god".
Just like an endless stream of locusts
Has made a mess of the whole Torre’s world.
Has been [sunset mountain] foundation.
More than two million square kilometers of land in Fiona Fang have completely fallen into the promised land of abyss creatures.
Several formerly powerful kingdoms were destroyed as a result.
The vast international [falling into the Xinghai], less than one third of the area became the territory of the Gith Empire.
Before the absolute violence, thousands of intelligent creatures can choose to serve them.
Even the Pirate Islands, which was ruled by the unruly pirate forces, were beaten and called Dad’s name.
In 【 Lin Mokui 】 that group of guys who escaped from the seal at this time are fighting fiercely in the world and all kinds of 【 underground creatures 】.
Their notoriety has spread far and wide from the territory of "Spirit Absorber" to the territory of "Zall Elf".
Passing place
In addition to weeds can’t grow out of the ruins, there are mummies left behind.