Long Xiaofei, of course, what do you mean by Bai Liujiang’s words? Now that the lantern is gone, it is dark all around. Long Xiaofei feels terrible pain behind him, but he knows how much he is hurt.


A ray of light pierced the darkness. It turned out that Liu Qiangshen was still carrying a hand tube.
"Let’s see what happened to Ma Chao first. I didn’t feel his breath just now." Looking at lying flat, Ma Chaolong Xiaofei was in a tight heart.
Ma Chao was livid and quietly lying motionless, with no ups and downs in his chest.
Liu Qiang frightened his mouth and murmured, "Don’t scare your brother, stinky little stinky little …" Then he ran over and tore open Ma Chao’s clothes to see if he was injured. Ma Chao was dyed red all over like soaked in blood. Liu Qiang washed his blood with some mineral water and carefully examined his body.
Chapter 213 Ghost flavor
Liu Qiang repeatedly checked several times. It seems that Ma Chao’s body was scratched by some thorns, and there were no bites and scratches. This made Liu Qiang difficult. "There is nothing fatal to the boss. What happened to Ma Chao?"
Long Xiaofei was dazed, and even he was overwhelmed by the melee just now. He didn’t see how Ma Chao fainted in the face of the unconscious Ma Chao, and he could do anything.
At this time, Liu Jiangzhen was in a hurry to stretch out his fist, and Ma Chao slammed a punch on his chest. "Don’t play dead for your brother, smelly little boy."
"Oh …" This punch has reflected that Ma Chao suddenly woke up with a sigh of relief and turned around.
Liu was so happy that he almost shed tears. "I told you that your life is harder than a stone guy. You won’t be so easy to open your eyes and let your brother see." Say that finish and stare straight at D and still keep your eyes closed.
Ma Chao’s eyelashes shook for a while and suddenly he stared at Liu Qiang roundly. Liu Qiang was startled and stepped back several steps.
Ma Chao, holding his forehead and face, said sadly, "Brother Qiang, you haven’t practiced throwing. It’s so big. A bottle swished from more than ten meters away. You practiced with my head as a target."
Even Liu Ye, who has always been cold-faced, couldn’t help laughing. Long Xiaofei also returned to normal. Liu Qiang’s face flew up and there were some angry excuses. "How do you know that I threw the bottle at you and it wasn’t Liu Ye’s eldest brother?"
Liu Ye hurriedly defended himself. "His strong elder brother has always been that you threw me but beat thugs aside. Who knew you were so cruel that you even smashed your own brother?"
Liu Qiang scratched his head and giggled, "I was in such a hurry that I didn’t see the target clearly."
The sky gradually lit up, and the fog dispersed a little. The tree weirdo tried to climb several times, but he failed, and he was a little frustrated. When he came, he slowly walked back to the city.
A moment ago, I could see some gray-black rooms in the distance, but now they are fading a little. As the strange people in Guishi returned to the city house one after another, the strange people dispersed with the fog.
Ma Chao exclaimed, "What’s going on here? It’s an illusion. When you fight, you touch your body and get hurt. It’s all real. It’s an actual thing, but at dawn, everything disappears like a mirage."
Liu Qiang also nodded. "Yes, it’s incredible."
Just then, a scream suddenly came from the darkness next to Kung Fu. It was Liuyuyin.
Everyone turned around and found that Liuyu was shivering in the corner of the tree house. Fingertips were pointing straight at Long Xiaofei’s back. Everyone except Long Xiaofei slowly turned to look at Long Xiaofei’s back. Long Xiaofei’s forehead braved the cold sweat and pressed the bass and asked, "What’s the matter? What do you see on my back? "
Liuyushan said, "Officer Long, there is a bloody handprint behind you, which is terrible …"
"Does the boss hurt?" Liu asked and walked over to help Long Xiaofei deal with the wound.
"Don’t go there!" Liuyu a miserable shout sharp end some broken listen to very harsh.
Liu Qiang or "it’s just a handprint. What do you mean I have to help him with a wound?"
"Don’t go, don’t go, don’t go …" Liuyuyin broke into tears and shook into a ball.
Lu Ye pointed to Liu Yu with a wary face and said, "Who the hell is this woman? You saved her desperately. Why didn’t she let Officer Long help her heal?"
Long Xiaofei shook his hand at Liu Ye and said, "Brother Liu, we just came to Xishan to save her. There must be a reason why she was scared like this. Don’t worry, let her speak slowly."
Liu Ye walked beside Liuyu and asked, "They walked so far just to save you? Who are you? You’ve been with those things in Guishi for so long. Why didn’t those freaks kill you? "
Facing Liu Ye, Liuyu was shivering in the corner with tears in her eyes.
Long Xiaofei felt a little reluctant to pull Liu Ye’s arm and said, "Dude, I can assure you that she is not the same as those things. Look at her eyes carefully. Her eyes are vivid, but those ghost market things are not. Their eyes are scattered and it seems that they can’t focus."
Liu Ye still don’t believe "GuiShi those weirdos what can allow her to mix? If she were normal, wouldn’t she have been bitten to death by those freaks? "
Liu Yu, what is Bai Liuye afraid of at this time? She said timidly, "I am a normal person. Yesterday afternoon, two other partners and I visited this mountain. Unfortunately, we met a hungry black bear. When the black bear chased me, we ran away. I ran to a cliff in desperation, but I was forced by the bear, so I jumped off the cliff."
Liu Qiang asked, "What happened later?"
Liuyu caressed her forehead and blocked her eyes. "At that time, I was stunned. When I woke up, I found myself lying on a heatable adobe sleeping platform. The whole house was in a state of ruin. There was no door. There was dust and cobweb roots hanging everywhere. It was not like living in human beings. I saw an old lady sitting next to the stove from the open door."
Ma Chao said, "Did she save you?"
Liuyu nodded "well! She saved me, and I struggled to thank her, but she smiled coldly and said that although she saved me now, she may have hurt me because their place is called Yin Yang Tun, which is a place between the dead and the living. People living here can’t be called the living, and it’s not really the dead, but the living and the dead. "
Lu Ye said dismissively, "It’s simply nonsense to say that the living is the living and the dead is the dead. Who is it?"
Liuyu looks up at Liu Ye. "Didn’t you see this eldest brother just now? There really are people who are neither dead nor alive, that is, people who attack our ghost market weirdos! "
Liuyu’s words are true. Those people were really different from the living just now.
Liuyu went on to say, "They didn’t hurt me because I bought the old lady. I wore a piece of ancient jade around my neck and changed her old clothes. It is said that this dress has been worn for decades without the smell of ghosts …" Say that finish, Liuyu pulled open a set of outer coats, which really revealed a slanting gown, and the color was too dirty to see clearly, emitting a strange smell …
Chapter 214 Yin and Yang Tun
It’s finally dawn. Liuyu’s mouth is still talking about "blood fingerprints"
Last night, she was able to keep calm in the crowd in the ghost market. When she saw Long Xiaofei’s "bloody handprint" behind her, she suddenly felt like a different person. It was really incomprehensible that Liu Yu finally curled up in a corner and fell asleep.
The tree house looked around to make sure that the ghost market had completely dispersed. Long Xiaofei finally breathed a sigh of relief and turned to Ma Chao and said, "We’d better have a rest after all this trouble. When the sun is full and the fog clears, we’ll be out of the forest and go to hell."
Liu Qiang walked behind Long Xiaofei and said, "Boss, take off your clothes and let me see your back injury."
Long Xiaofei nodded and got out of the army’s green coat. He took the coat to his eyes. Sure enough, he saw a five-finger bloody handprint. Long Xiaofei compared his palm by face. The palm of his hand is almost the size of his mother’s finger, and his little finger is bent badly. Together with his name, it is a capital letter D.
Liu Qiang applied some anti-inflammatory and analgesic ointment to Long Xiaofei. Liu Qiang has been trained in professional rescue so that he always carries the ointment with him.
Liu Qiang smacked his mouth and said to Long Xiaofei, "Boy, how much effort is this? The whole back is swollen with a palm-shaped bag of purple and purple, which is scary to watch."
Long Xiaofei smiled so-called and said, "At the beginning, my Guishi weirdo would bite me raw, and the pain was really like a tooth bite. Now it seems that those people are so powerful that they must have slapped me hard. When they first climbed the tree, their backs were still painful, but now they are gradually numb and don’t feel any pain."
Long Xiaofei got dressed and lay in the hay in the tree house, and gradually closed his eyes.
At 9: 30 in the afternoon, Long Xiaofei was woken up by Liu Qiang. He stretched a sore arm and turned over very hard. There happened to be a hole in the roof. The sun shone through the hole directly into his eyes. Long Xiaofei suddenly felt his eyes hurt and his head was a little dizzy. He consciously avoided the sun. Liu Yu, who was staring at her all the time, saw it. Her eyes were full of fear.