Mo Ximen took a deep breath and showed a sunny smile: "I said this beautiful woman, you’d better change a table. My friend … has a bad temper ~ ~ ~" And Mo Ximen pointed to Zhuge Liang.


The girl looked at Zhuge strangely, and her eyebrows slightly wrinkled, which seemed familiar, but she would never have thought that this person in front of her was the big devil who was passed down from the other two domains. After all, the big devil had no friendship with Zhong Li, so how could she suddenly appear here?
"No matter who you are, you must follow the rules of our fallen leaves and flying flowers pavilion." The girl has a strong momentum.
"Well, I can’t help it, Brother Zhuge. It’s up to you." Simon ink helplessly stand stand hand.
Zhuge didn’t smile easily and looked harmless. He crossed the girl and went straight to the banquet of the three young people sitting at the top. This banquet is obviously much higher than Zhuge Liang’s, and the delicacies on the table alone are not of the same grade.
"pa pa ~ ~"
Zhuge came to the three men before dawn, patted the table and said with a smile, "I’m sorry to disturb you."
"Who are you?" One of the young people said impatiently.
"What sect are you from?" Zhuge asked without light.
"Bixiao Holy Land." The three men looked up at Zhuge, and their brow showed a disdainful color. It seems that this sacred place of Bixiao is the supreme religion in the western regions.
"I don’t think I’ve heard of Bixiao Holy Land …" Zhuge thought secretly, then glanced at the three men and said, "I’m sorry, I’ll give this position to you."
"hmm?" Three people are one leng, don’t understand who this suddenly jumped out of the goods.
"Sorry, this seat is given to me." Zhuge said again before it was bright.
"unbridled! Do you know who you are talking to? ?” One of the hot-tempered youths stood up directly, pointing at Zhuge and not bright.
But the next moment, the young man’s intuition saw flowers at the moment, and a strong force came. The whole person flew out directly and slammed into the distant post, and 1 of "poof" spit out one mouthful blood.
"You …" The other two descendants of Bixiao Holy Land also stood up quickly, and looked at Zhuge with alert.
"I said I was sorry ~ ~ ~" Zhuge didn’t light up.
"What a wild boy, dare to find trouble with our Bixiao Holy Land and win it!" One person immediately shouted, and then two descendants of Bixiao Holy Land jumped at Zhuge without light.
Two flips, accompanied by the figure flying backwards. Zhuge directly rewarded the two men with two fists when Zhuge was not bright, but both fists controlled the strength, only wounded them, but could not be killed. Otherwise, according to the insolence of Zhuge’s flesh and the cultivation method of the ancient bronze gate, this punch will break their bodies.
And this side of the emergency also attracted the attention of all in the hall. At the moment, everyone’s eyes are looking at Zhuge’s unlit side.
"Who is this man? So overbearing ~ ~ "
"It’s really overbearing. Even the people in Bixiao Holy Land don’t pay attention to it. They just shoot."
"How do I feel that this young man is familiar? It seems that I have seen him somewhere."
"Elder, don’t you think this man is like Zhuge, the great demon king who was passed down from the east to the south?"
"Psst ~ ~ ~ What do you mean like, it’s him!" The speaker gasped and said, "I’ve been to Fuxianling a few days ago, and I’m all too familiar with that strange magic weapon in his hand."
"It’s the devil. Who invited him?"
In all the doubts full of amazement, Zhuge Buliang sat directly in the position of a descendant of Bixiao Holy Land.
The girl who showed Zhuge their faces before was scared silly, and even didn’t hear the buzz of those people around her. She didn’t expect anyone to dare to start work in the fallen leaves flying pavilion, and the object of starting work was the people who opened the blue sky holy land.
Simon looked at the girl and smiled, "Do it yourself, have plenty of food and clothing. ~ ~ Sister Wang, let’s sit down."
Chapter 632 The challenge at the banquet
Chapter 642 The challenge at the banquet
The three seats were seated, and Mo Ximen was not at all polite. He directly took a glass of wine on the table and gulped it down, smashing his mouth and saying, "That’s what happened …"
"Hmm …" Three groans came from behind, and the three descendants of Bixiao Holy Land struggled to stand up. Among them, the young man who was first punched out by Zhuge Liang stood up. Among the three people, it was obvious that this person had a hot temper and angered: "You … how dare you attack us? You know we are from Bixiao Holy Land!"
"I have already apologized ~ ~" Zhuge Liang said innocently.
But at the moment, his face is so badly beaten in everyone’s eyes. Is this an apology? This is an obvious rogue.
"Bastard!" The three men drank together, but they dared not go forward again.
Zhuge frowned and said, "Don’t insult others too much. I seldom apologize for hitting people."
The three of them were dark-faced, and the hot-tempered teenager looked at the girl in the fallen leaves flying pavilion and said, "What do you care about such outrageous behavior?" ?”
The girl was drunk before she came to her senses. At the moment, her brain was completely confused, but she still knew that she couldn’t afford to offend the people in Bixiao Holy Land, and immediately walked towards Zhuge Liang.
"This is not your place, please …"
"Hoo ~ ~ ~"
Before the girl’s words were finished, Zhuge raised his hand directly before dawn, but it didn’t hurt her. Instead, he wrapped the girl with an invisible force and threw it directly outside the palace. Far away, everyone heard a sound of "splash". Obviously, the girl fell into the lake.
But before Zhuge died, a golden figure flashed in front of him. A man in a golden robe suddenly appeared in front of Zhuge, flying out with a golden sword and beheading him.
Zhuge sat back in his position before dawn, and punched without looking up. The sword was shattered under Zhuge’s fist, and the boxing wind directly forced the man in the golden robe back out.
"Is this how you treat guests in the Falling Leaves and Flying Flowers Pavilion?" Zhuge is not bright and frivolous, and said lightly.
Golden robe man face rigorous, just that one punch, golden robe man has felt the oppression of the other side.
"I don’t welcome rude people like you in the fallen leaves and flying flowers pavilion!" The golden robe man said.
"Are you in charge here?" Zhuge gave him a dull look and said, "You are not qualified to drive me away."
The imposing manner of the golden robe man suddenly hardened. This is a practitioner who is almost about to enter the realm of not being too empty, but the general cultivation still stays in the realm of Taoist rhyme.
A golden ghosting descended towards Zhuge Liang, and Zhuge Liang shot very quickly. A wave lifted the sniper rifle behind him, just aiming at the golden robe man’s head. At the same time, a powerful momentum oppressed the golden robe man, and he could not move for a moment.
"Move again and break your head." Zhuge didn’t light a gun and pointed it at the head of the golden robe man, only one foot was on the table, showing his overbearing momentum.
"get out!"
Mo Ximen, sitting next to Zhuge Buliang, lifted a foot and lifted it on the golden robe man’s abdomen, kicked it out, and wiped the ground and rolled out dozens of meters away.
A pair of eyes full of amazement all gathered on the two people in the banquet. At this moment, everyone can see that these two people are furious.