The lady in purple clothes said, "Chaos is just a force, and there is no real entity, so he needs to find a tripod furnace. The seven-star treasure body is called the supreme body, which is the first choice of chaos. However, because the immortal emperor knew about the attempt of chaos earlier, he took back the seven celestial alien stones in the body of the first man, the Seven Stars Treasure, and placed them in the hands of the Heavenly Palace and the Demon Ancestor respectively. When Chaos learned about this, he went to the Heavenly Palace to destroy it, and took away seven star stones. It took more than ten thousand years to finally unlock the seven sealed alien stones, and made the second Seven-Star Treasure Magic Kill Luo, and placed him in Kyushu to grow up slowly. The magic slayer Luo grew up step by step, which can be said to be arranged by chaos. Finally, under the guidance of chaos, the magic slayer Luo entered the outer battlefield and learned the truth of the matter. The magic slayer Luo was also the third person besides the immortal emperor and the demon ancestor who knew the whole truth. However, he didn’t waste the treasure body as Chaos wished. In order not to let Chaos get the seven sacred points, he implanted the sacred points into his son’s body, hoping to send his son back to Kyushu to avoid the pursuit of Chaos. The demon killer Luo met me in the process of being chased by chaos, and told me all the truth. But there was nothing I could do to save him. In the end, the magic killing Luo was still doomed, and the seven god points were finally obtained by chaos. "


"Seven acupoints can recognize the Lord. Once the Lord is recognized, unless he can practice the treasure body, even if he takes out seven acupoints, he can’t be implanted into another person. Chaos has spent thousands of years. In the cracks of space, I found the ghost of the son of Luo, helped him to reincarnate, and implanted seven acupoints in his body. This person is Zhuge Liang! "
"After putting the seven god points into Zhuge’s unlit body, and implanting the array chart that he has developed for ten thousand years to restrain the seal of the immortal emperor and the demon ancestor into his god points, he arranged Zhuge’s unlit step-by-step growth path, so that he successfully released the masters of the hundred families and the people of eighteen levels of hell."
The words of the beautiful woman in purple clothes struck people’s hearts like a heavy hammer. They never thought that the truth of 20 thousand years ago was so tortuous.
"So … Zhuge’s dim betrayal is also …" The ancestors of the hundred families whispered.
"Yes, that’s part of the chaos plan." Purple clothes beauty road.
The ancestors of the hundred families suddenly realized, saying, "I see. At the beginning, he told Zhuge Liang that Zhuge Liang should bear the name of a sinner through the ages, take refuge in chaos, and bring out the last strong man behind the scenes. In fact, he wanted to make use of Zhuge’s lack of brightness to make him fit in with his doppelganger, so that the siege of Zhuge’s lack of brightness could stimulate the array method that remained in Zhuge’s lack of brightness. Euphemistically speaking, it is used to suppress chaos, but in fact, it wants to use the strength of everyone to activate the array chart to restrain the seal left by the immortal emperor and the demon ancestor! So … "
Beauty in purple nodded faintly: "Yes, Zhuge Liang is actually his pawn. And it is the most critical piece of his success! "
At this point, everyone suddenly realized that the eyes were all gathered on Zhuge’s dim body, and their hearts could not help but be awed. Even some demon monks with high spirits have become somewhat respectful when they look at Zhuge’s dim eyes. It turned out that the reason why he betrayed everyone was to deal with the strongest behind the scenes. He would rather bear the name of being reviled as a sinner through the ages and choose to do so. It must be said that his mind is admirable. Although this was just a conspiracy of chaos, Zhuge Buliang didn’t know it himself. Although he knew that even if Chaos was finally killed, his name as a sinner would not be erased, he chose to do so.
"Psst ~ ~ ~" The ancestors of the hundred families took a deep breath and said, "Since all this is true, the person who put me in the tower of Xianjun in those years …"
"It’s me, too." Purple clothes beauty said.
"Splash ~ ~ ~"
At this time, the immortal emperor raised his hand and patted it a few times. It seemed that he looked at the beautiful woman in purple clothes with some appreciation and said with a smile, "It’s really hard for you. These past events have been excavated by you. It is worthy of being a confidante of the demon ancestors. "
The lady in purple sneered: "For 20,000 years, I’ve been searching for the truth of that year, and finally God pays off."
"Really?" The immortal emperor was mutilated, or should be called chaos at the moment. He smiled and said, "Do you really think this will solve everything? So what if you expose what happened in those days? It’s a foregone conclusion, my true self has been summoned, and Zhuge Liang is under my control. Isn’t the final result the same? " As he spoke, chaos has slowly floated up to the sky and stood under the huge head with a bunch of eyes.
"Son of a bitch, it turned out that he was playing tricks on everything, and he actually passed my eyes." The Buddha gnashed his teeth, and the monkey’s eyes shone with gold.
At this time, Zhuge was not bright, but he didn’t show any surprise. After learning the truth, he was extremely calm, but his eyes became dull, with no expression at all, and his body was still in place.
"Shit, Zhuge’s dim mind has been controlled!" The ancestors of the hundred families said.
Chapter 737 Commitment (End)
Chapter 746 Commitment (End)
Ps: A chapter of 8,000 words is presented, which is the final finale.
"Ha ha ha ha ~ ~ ha ha ha ~ ~" Chaos stood in the sky. At this moment, his body began to collapse. From above his head, a milky white brilliance floated out. In that brilliance, there was a chaotic and unruly laugh: "It’s a foregone conclusion! I will become the master of the new era, and all of you will become the dust of the past! "
Say that finish, that Guanghua floated directly and merged into the beam eyes above the huge head. At this moment, the originally dull eyes of the bunch of eyes suddenly became bloody and full of ferocious and killing. Finally, from that void crack, the real body of chaos completely emerged from it.
It’s a snow-white animal that looks like a frog, but its head is bigger than its body, and there is a bunch of eyes on it. Huge maw, and there are a pair of dragon whiskers on both sides.
The next moment, the huge body of chaos completely turned into a milky white chaotic gas, which was instilled into Zhuge’s dim crown. The milky brilliance occupied the whole sky, and Zhuge’s dull body was completely submerged in it.
"This ….. he wants to be completely possessed by Zhuge Liang. What should I do?" There is no doubt that the most anxious thing at the moment is the dark dream glass. If Zhuge’s unlit body is occupied by chaos, there is no doubt that Zhuge’s unlit body is equivalent to disappearing into this world.
Everyone seems a little anxious, even the ancestors of the hundred families and the Buddha and Saint are both dignified.
"Trust him!" Purple clothes beauty just light said, didn’t speak again.
It’s just a blink of an eye, and the chaotic brilliance like the tide has all poured into Zhuge’s dim body. When Zhuge is not bright, the whole person seems to be made of perfect white crystal, crystal clear, and even the blood vessels and meridians in the body can be seen clearly.
In Zhuge’s dim body, there seems to be a rolling Hong Tao in a turbulent general, surging and overwhelming, as if to burst out of the body.
The next moment, Zhuge Liang has opened his eyes, and his pupils are completely occupied by white, without any feelings.
"It was … it was …" Everyone was horrified.
At this time, the beautiful woman in purple clothes suddenly waved her hand and seemed to have a handprint. I saw that the seven acupoints on Zhuge’s chest suddenly burst into dazzling brilliance. At this moment, seven caves burst out of the body and were displayed on Zhuge’s dim head, forming the shape of a big dipper.
Seven beams of light fell in succession, forming a Beidou array at Zhuge’s unlit feet. I saw a series of starlight rising from the Beidou array, criss-crossing, completely blocking the space where Zhuge was unlit, and the starlight spread, covering all within several kilometers of Fiona Fang, forming a vacuum space and an independent little world.
"ah! What is this! " In Zhuge’s dim body, there was a voice of chaos and surprise.
Then, white light poured out from Zhuge’s unlit body and turned into chaos. The eyes were full of horror and looked around. I saw a series of staggered patterns, closing all the surrounding space.
Chaos suddenly rushed up and crashed into the ban hanging around, but a purple starlight spread out and chaos was bounced back.
"A Zi, what are these?" The ancestors of the hundred families asked.
The lady in purple clothes smiled faintly: "This is specially prepared for chaos. Twenty thousand years ago, after the immortal emperor and the demon ancestor learned the truth of chaos, they transformed the seven sealed star stones, and each star stone contained a special array to restrain chaos. It was only at that time that the first treasure body had died, and it was impossible to re-cultivate the new seven-star treasure body temporarily, so we had to give up. "
"That is to say, this is an excellent weapon left by the immortal emperor and the demon ancestor to deal with chaos?" One hundred ancestors suddenly way.
"Not bad!" Purple clothes beauty faint nodded.
"ah! !”
Chaos roared, and the eyes were full of unwilling color. Just now, he instilled more than half of his strength into Zhuge Liang. However, the seven acupoints in Zhuge’s unlit body suddenly rioted. Although Chaos withdrew from Zhuge’s unlit body as soon as possible, most of the power of chaos in his body remained in Zhuge’s unlit body.
Moreover, in this sealed world, Chaos feels that the only remaining forces are still disappearing a little bit, being deprived by the Big Dipper.
"Ha ha ha ha, very unexpected, isn’t it?" At this time, Zhuge raised his head in the dark. At this moment, his eyes were not dull, but full of wise light.
"You … you should have disappeared!" Chaos is unbelievable.
Zhuge smiled and shook his head, saying, "Chaos, you’ve tried everything, but you’ve neglected one thing … that is, I’ve been passed down by the Eye of Heaven!" As Zhuge said this, he left the flesh of his brow and a pair of golden eyes appeared on his forehead.
"This … this is!" Chaos exclaimed aloud.